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It didn’t take long to get from Thunder Bluff to the Echo Isles – Ankona took advantage of a wyvern so she could think and plan before getting to her destination. She had information to confirm with the spirits – was Gromnor dead? Was he really in the northern part of the Eastern Kingdoms, somewhere […]

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In which Annie Mae does some target practice…
comment 10 Written by on September 24, 2009 – 8:40 am

Annie Mae shoots a tin beer* can off a fencepost…. DING 60!

And after a very successful run into BWL with the nostalgia raiding group last night, in which they practically rolled her in loot, she’s looking very stylish in her… uh… hot pink boots.  She’s already complaining.

Either way though, I’m going to finish out the Plaguelands before I send her to Outland, because I can still get XP from the Argent Dawn quests, and because it’s kinda fun to facesmash my way through there so successfully.

Being a prot warrior might be good for tanking?  But it’s also definitely good for leveling, as long as you can handle keeping up with gear upgrades.  I’ve found leveling a ret paladin requires a really good weapon upgrade every 5-10 levels, but leveling a prot warrior is more about the entire kit as a whole.  Sure she dragged along with her Aegis of the Scarlet Commander until she got her Draconian Deflector last night on the BWL attunement run, but overall I’ve kept her gear pretty current, and it’s been awesome.

She doesn’t always work FAST (though Sword and Board helps with that quite a bit), but she’s pretty much indestructible if I don’t pull more than 3 mobs at a time.  And, well, I’m having fun.  Which is what counts, in a game, right?  I’m not planning on being a tank; in fact, I’ve not yet actually tanked anything.

About the only thing I’m not happy with is the state of her professions. I know I’ll kick myself if I go to Outland and can’t mine Fel Iron (especially since it’s kind of everywhere), so I’ll be spending some time grinding my mining skill up past the evil, awful, dreaded, horrible “small thorium vein” stage before I crank back into full leveling mode.

It can’t last that long, right?


*It is Brewfest, after all!

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10 Responses to “In which Annie Mae does some target practice…”

  1. TAAAAANK! 🙂

    Seriously, you’ve found the secret that I’ve been trying to reveal over on Panzercow with the “Latisha Experiment”…leveling prot nowadays is actually very fun and easy if you’re willing to accept the fact that you don’t vaporize things. You don’t hit like a rockslide, you’re more inexorable like a lava flow–stuff disappears from in front of you either way.

    Latisha’s 55 and I haven’t decided if I’m taking her through the Dark Portal the second she turns 58…I probably will, but then again, Zeth’gor and some other HFP areas can be really nasty at 58-59.

  2. @Lin – I’ve always avoided Hellfire until level 60 solid, simply because leveling in Azeroth is really not that crazy like it was, and Hellfire destroys melee at level 58. Things hit HARD.

  3. That Thorium grind isn’t too bad. I ran my DK around Burning Steppes, Un’Goro, and Silithus once a day for just a few days and I had it done. I used Routes and GatherMate to help me out.

  4. I went straight to HFP on my death knight at 58 and she pulverized the place…but, y’know, lol death nugget. It probably wouldn’t be so easy on another class, even a prot warrior, especially since she’s not exactly dripping in blues.

  5. @Lin – Yeah, Death nuggets are different. Rirri pulverized HFP at 58 too, but Annorah (then, an enh shaman), Angoleth (hunter), and Annylais (feral druid) all had a lot more trouble going there at 59/60 than Aely did as a ret paladin starting there at nearly 61. *shrug* may just be a play difference though.

  6. Oh yeah. Leveling a prot warrior was awesome fun.

    I took mine to Outlands at 58 and did fine. Deranged pigs die just as well as skeletons and give more XP. (not to mention to outrageous loot upgrades)

    Gobble gobble.

  7. I took my feral druid to HFP at 58 for the intiial stupidly OP quest rewards, intending to take him back as soon as they were done. I blinked and was 61.

    Sadly, questing in outland, like northrend, doesnt hold my interest, so hes stuck at 65. I shoulds try this new fangled AV levelling.

    As a side note, I wanna run mac through BWL again sometime to see if I cant finally get those bloody judgement shoulders he never got and finally complete the set.

    By Mac on Sep 24, 2009 | Reply
  8. My little shadowpriest just got to Outland, she is 58 and I wanted to hurry up & get her there. Of course, it helps that she has a pocket tank to help her out (lvl 80 death knugget ftw).

    On the other hand, my hunter pair that I’m duoing did wait til 60 to go, partly because I wanted to do Zangarmarsh first (which I’m now rethinking-there are a ton of good upgrades in HFP).

    My prot warrior was a ton of fun leveling thru BC stuffs and the beginning of Wrath, although I wimped out and dual-specced him arms. He’s actually not much squishier and kills stuff ridiculously fast now. And he still has his prot spec for tanking instances or the trickier group quests. Which I like to solo as much as possible- /flex.

  9. All my alts seem to stop at Outlands now. I got a gnome rogue, belf retri pally and belf mage all parked in Inns and stuck between 60 and 63. Dunno about your server but on SWC its just soo empty of anyone.

    Never enough to form a decent group for any of the instances and no one to grind those dull levels with til 66-67 and the end and jump to Northrend comes in sight.

    By Annael on Sep 25, 2009 | Reply
  10. I agree that Dk’s just blender hellfire and other melee classes have a hard time. What I tended to do (back when I had alts at that level) was at 58 I would hit hellfire for the first 6 or 7 quests and get those ridiculous rewards for instant gear upgrades then head back to Azeroth until 61. The new OP gear let me buzz saw my way through mobs and level faster in Azeroth and the first few quests in Hellfire (for alliance anyways) are cake.

    By Melryn on Sep 25, 2009 | Reply

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