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It didn’t take long to get from Thunder Bluff to the Echo Isles – Ankona took advantage of a wyvern so she could think and plan before getting to her destination. She had information to confirm with the spirits – was Gromnor dead? Was he really in the northern part of the Eastern Kingdoms, somewhere […]

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I think the RNG is trying to tell me something
comment 9 Written by on March 4, 2010 – 10:16 am

A short story, in three acts.

Act 1: When I first leveled Annorah, the RNG tried to tell me something.

I’d leveled her as elemental, and was happily an elemental shaman, until one day in Karazhan I realized I had a full mail healing kit and 3/4 of an enhancement set – both of which were better than my elemental gear. So I went enhance… and then found TRI, went Resto, started a blog, and the rest was history.

Act 2: So then, when I was leveling Aely, in the last 8-10 months of Burning Crusade, the RNG tried to tell me something.

Just like Annorah wasn’t goign to be a healer, Aely was not going to be a healer either. I was pretty dead set against it. She was for the hawt holy facesmashing retribution deliciousness. I had two healers at 80 already, and didn’t need a third. And so I ran some mid 60’s dungeons as I was leveling, and got nothing but healer loot. And then Pallyzhan happened (the same day she hit 70, actually) and I was supposed to go ret, since I couldn’t actually do any harm as a noobshat ret pally. Healer loot again.

And now I’m a professional Holy Pally. Go me.

Which brings us to Act 3: Annie Mae

I leveled Annie Mae as protection, but I never ran any instances. I leveled as prot because it meant I never died, and there was very little that I couldn’t handle all by myself. My intent was to go dual wield Fury at 80, and be a tiny spinning top of DOOM.

I tanked one Utgarde Keep run, one Nexxus run, and one Azjol’Nerub run before I hit 80. Since then I’ve learned a few things, (among them that leveling prot means my highest 2H weapon skill is… 53) but I’ve not really done a lot of actual tanking, despite being rather committed to it gear-wise. Last week the raid weekly was Patchwerk, and the TRI 25 man raid snagged Annie Mae to tank it so our tanks could bring their offset DPS alts.

He dropped the Hero’s Surrender. I danced.

So then earlier this week, after a failPUG in CoT:Stratholme (normal) that managed to hit every single bad-DPS-in-a-PUG stereotype, a few TRI/Cowbell friends convinced me to go run a daily heroic random. I had a fantastic healer, so I wasn’t too worried. My gear at that point had me at 26K health and 548 defense, unbuffed, and I had tank gear in every slot except my trinkets (WOOO! Look at me tanking with Chuchu’s Tiny Box of Horrors!)

We draw Azjol’Nerub.

The Essence of Gossamer drops. I do a little squee-happy-dance, and we finish the instance with no problems.

I tanked a real heroic! And I have a real tanky trinket!! YAY!

And then last night, while waiting for RPz to happen, I queued my small and spiky self for a random, normal level 80 dungeon, thinking it’d do me some good to stay in practice and I’m overgeared anyway so who cares.

We draw Halls of Lightning, and after cycling through three healers (who joined the group, zoned in, and then quit), we pick up an awesome disc/shadow priest with a pretty fail name (Xpriest-Stormscale, if you ever see this, you’re an awesome healer, but “Xpriest”?) and proceed to mostly 3 and 4 man the instance, after the warlock afk’d to offline. We eventually picked up rogue and blasted through the rest of the place with no trouble.

Pwnt Loken in the face… and the Seal of the Pantheon drops.

So yes. This week I ran two random dungeons, drew the two dungeons that drop the pre-raid tanking trinkets, and had the trinkets drop. (Every single other drop in Halls of Lightning was caster cloth though…) This coming immediately after my only 25 man tanking experience nets me a new shield off a one-boss gank run for badges.

I think the RNG is trying to tell me something.


(also, to all the tanks (including Spaceship Hubby) who ran normal HoL for months and never saw the trinket, please don’t hate me…)

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9 Responses to “I think the RNG is trying to tell me something”

  1. Sometimes it is just meant to be. I feel the same way with my new mage, in the past week (since 24 Feb), I’ve picked up 15 pieces of 226+ loot according to his WoWArmory loot feed. That boggles me after spending months raiding w/o a single drop for Shield. Hell, I hit 80 six days ago and already have T10 gear. Sometimes the RNG gods are just trying to tell you something and I believe you will be a lot happier if you listen.

    Even though I’m writing an article about how much I hate it, enjoy tanking. Someone has to do it. =)

  2. Please tell the RNG that Tarelyn needs a shield.


  3. Since you are such a good friend of the RNG, could you explain to it that my shaman will NEVER be a healer, no MATTER WHAT AWESOME HEALING WEAPONS AND TRINKETS DROP FOR HER?

    Also that it pisses me off when my second and third string alts pick up better weapons than my raiding main has? I’m sure my fourth string alt would also have a better weapon if I ever let her into an instance.


  4. @Nahyomi – Oh make no mistake, I am not very much friends with the RNG. Aely went into ToC with a shield that had not two weeks earlier dropped off of KT in a badge farming run. Before that, she was using the Badge of Heroism, ilvl200 shield. All the way through Ulduar. It seems the RNG is only suited for giving me gear that I’m not really sure I want. (I’ve only become truly resigned to/excited about tanking in the very recent past)

  5. I for one welcome our gnomish tank overlord! 😀 Congrats on those trinkets, by the way — hard ones to find, if early LK tank fussing is to be believed. 😀

  6. I don’t hate you for the tanking trinket drop. It dropped for me on my first run too 😀
    And you were quite easy to heal as well. I think you are going to make an awesome warrior tank.

    By Melryn on Mar 4, 2010 | Reply
  7. This sounds similar to what a friend went through. His feral druid tank kept getting healer loot, all through Kara, and Naxx as well. The guild had much ‘lolz’ at his expense. (<3 you Drac)

  8. Just as an update, I let my fourth string alt into an instance last night and she ended up with a Battered Hilt. I have forced her to send it Nahyomi, because no WAY is my fourth string alt going to have a 251 weapon while Nahy is still running around with a 219 mace.

    Rheyna didn’t seem too happy about it, but that’s the way the dice roll when you are the fourth string alt.


  9. Pitch has had this problem in the ICC 5-mans. The few times I’ve gotten him in there, the only leather gear I’ve seen drop has been caster gear. Or it’s been caster mail, but at least he can’t use that.

    I leveled Shaurria as feral since day 1, and her first time in Hellfire Ramparts at 60, we had all caster drops. Between that and a few quest rewards she had almost a full healing set, and no healing spec. Har har har.

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