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It didn’t take long to get from Thunder Bluff to the Echo Isles – Ankona took advantage of a wyvern so she could think and plan before getting to her destination. She had information to confirm with the spirits – was Gromnor dead? Was he really in the northern part of the Eastern Kingdoms, somewhere […]

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Matchy Shaman isn’t Matchy
comment 9 Written by on September 5, 2008 – 7:57 am

Getting upgrades is fun!  Unfortunately, my personal sensibilities are to be more excited when said upgrade not only *is* badass, but also *looks* badass.

As we’re progressing steadily on Archimonde, and knocking out other Hyjal-ish bosses, Annorah has picked up a few really tasty upgrades – several that are best in slot (pre Sunwell, which… well, I won’t be seeing).  Unfortunately every single one of them clashes.  Not just with her previous gear, but with each other.

I give you Annorah – the rodeo clown:annorah3

From head to toe –

I don’t have her cape showing, but it’s apparently blue and pink – I’m not a fan of the way capes drape over Annorah’s adorable Draenei tail.  Also, you can’t really see just how electric blue the gloves are in that shot.

I prefer the look of a tabard over pants (I want my kilt back!)- especially since her chestpiece is red and gold.  My guild tabard is also red and gold.  The Aldor tabard is pink and purple… maybe I could wear that and be even worse?   I’ve tried an Illidari tabard, but unfortunately I have the purple one, not the green one, so it doesn’t match either.

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9 Responses to “Matchy Shaman isn’t Matchy”

  1. I call it “being thrown up on by a crayola set”. My warrior is familiar with that look. *nods*

  2. Yeesh, maybe it is best that your other half is color blind.

  3. You should get a set bonus to your dodge rating when fighting Tauren =)

  4. I always keep an arsenal of tabards to cover up the worst of Blizzard’s poor armor designs, but for some things, there’s no help! WTB a tradeskill that lets me paint my armor any color I want.

    By Sydera on Sep 5, 2008 | Reply
  5. Oh, I think this beats it: http://wowblog.grimmlabs.com/2008/03/17/seriously-im-not-kidding/

  6. I just simply love mail gear, especially on shamans. In my opinion it is the best looking gear in the game in general. This is also true for arena sets… although maybe not s4 🙂
    Pop by my blog if you fancy it – Wow Blogger

  7. I have the same problem right now. I went from wearing 4/5 T5 on my paladin, to having almost all brown gear, except for my bright pink gloves! ><

    By Athryn on Sep 5, 2008 | Reply
  8. Personally I am quite enjoying my colourful looks – I’ve almost always played leather-wearing classes and found that most of their gear is relatively dull and smooth.

    The scaled, belted, furry-edged shamany mail is usually pretty nice, if eclectic. I’m actually wearing almost exactly the same as you and, like you, I also kinda want my kilt back! Though, the sun-touched leggings are one of my favourite trouser textures.

    If you’re looking for green there’s always the CE tabard (would work well with all the brown you have too) or the LC one.


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