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She was barely fifty years old* when she took her first – a contract handed out in Everlook, though how she’d ended up in that godsforsaken ice-sheet she couldn’t be sure. It was a simple thing to kill the woman listed on the paper she had signed. Anryl had no idea what Telwae Lightsorrow had […]

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I Need Your Help, Internet!
comment 3 Written by on July 1, 2008 – 8:24 am

letters Dear Internet:

I’ve had a few questions lately about my Be A Shamanistic Genius While You Level post (both from friends and from you, wonderful Internet), and I’m beginning to put together a Part 2 for that post.

BUT!  I don’t want to do it, and find out a week later that I missed a question because either a) I forgot someone had asked or b) you didn’t use the Contact Me form to tell me that you were curious about something.

So here’s your chance.  If you have questions, suggestions, additions, comments or things that you think I need to clarify about my guide to leveling as a brand new shaman, let me know either here (in the comments) or by using the contact me form, or you can find me on AIM at TooManyAnnas – or use that handy Meebo widget over on the side (if I’m not at the computer, I might not respond, but I’ll still get the questions when I return).

Much love to you all,

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3 Responses to “I Need Your Help, Internet!”

  1. Thanks god, I’m coming up on 20 fast! *winks*

  2. I think you should address ways of conserving mana as a questing/leveling shaman, because that will always be an issue — regardless of your build. Between bandages, mana spring totems, pots, spells and their mana costs, other totems, and so forth — there could be a lot of ground to cover there! Thanks for putting these great posts together!

  3. I would like some suggestions for talents. I’m not necessarily looking for a full “at level X take talent Y” breakdown. Something along the lines of “Talent A is very useful because of B. Talent C is not no useful due to D” would be helpful. Thanks for all your efforts in writing these – your earlier article has been very helpful in leveling my shaman (now 38 and full enhancement).

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