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The morning of the all hands summon to the Blasted Lands, Aely went for a walk. The late fall air was clear and cool, and leaves crunched under their feet in the less-traveled parts of the streets. She and Roger took the long way around Old Town, south through Tanner Circle and down Bulwarks, across […]

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Q: What do you enjoy about the class you play the most?

Hrm. Ok that’s a hard question. The class I play most is a Shaman (Draenei variety). Annorah is a restelemenhancement shammy. Meaning that I like all three specs, have played all three specs, and have (more or less) decent gear for all three specs, but not enough money lying around to hit the respec button every few days when I decide I want to do something else. So currently, since her raid needs the uber chain heals, she’s resto.

What I like most about the class, honestly, is how much fun I have playing it. I just enjoy being a shaman. I like the way the class works as a healer and as DPS, and I take a great deal of pride from the fact that no matter what’s going on, Annorah is always useful. I love that i can, even as resto spec, bring an extra 20% DPS (at least) to a melee group, or a mana IV drip to a bunch of addict mages, and still perform well in my primary role as a healer. I really enjoy that kind of functionality and usability, and I miss it when I’m on my priest or hunter. I also really like the synergy of the enhancement tree right now, and while I’m not going to say that there’s *nothing* that needs fixing, I’ve really enjoyed the time I get to spend applying winfury directly to the forehead of Maulgar and his buddies.

From a lore standpoint, I love the background of the Shaman, particularly Farseer Nobundo and the Draenei Shaman. Yes, I know it was something of a retcon – bite me. If you’ve not read Unbroken, the story of Farseer Nobundo, it’s a great read and brings a lot of depth to Draenor lore that happened pre-Burning Crusade. To have a race so intimately tied to the Light, but yet to experience a connection to the elements is really kind of fun and makes for challenging character development.

Also. TOTEMS – IN – SPAAAACE! ’nuff said.

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