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It didn’t take long to get from Thunder Bluff to the Echo Isles – Ankona took advantage of a wyvern so she could think and plan before getting to her destination. She had information to confirm with the spirits – was Gromnor dead? Was he really in the northern part of the Eastern Kingdoms, somewhere […]

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Personal NPCs
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One of the ways that RP gets “expanded” is through the use of personal NPCs; characters that you create with a bit of story and personality, whose sole function is to work in or with your major characters inside of a plot or story.  Villains are often of this variety, as are assorted family members/friends from the days before your character was an adventuring sort.

Occasionally, if you have the need for in-game interaction, you or a friend can roll up a level 1 alt to “play” that character, but in most cases they don’t get leveled.  They’re there for a function – either to advance a plot or complicate things or just be an innocent bystander for the bad guys to murder. (Most recently Bertrand was one such NPC)

I’ve got quite a few NPCs in various places that get used for different things:

  • Mrs Elizabeth (Lizzy) Cross, the wife of Bryan Cross, and co-proprietor of The Silver Shield.  Mrs Cross is a big, buxom woman that can swing a blacksmith’s hammer as well as a frying pan.  Aely and Phileas rent the walk-down apartment under their shop, and she’s taken quite a liking to the two Northerners.  She also has adopted “Lady”, the mother of the puppies that Aely was trying to get rid of a few months back.
  • Randolf Crebain, one very bored, very grumpy Argent Crusade member who has been “temporarily stationed” in Stormwind for the last 9 months.  He’s losing some of his hair, has an unruly beard, and is utterly fastidious about the two messengers in his employ, holding frequent inspections.  He’s basically a glorified errand boy, and he knows it.
  • Amber Brightraven, an elf who rents a room in the Cantrips and Crows in Dalaran’s underbelly.  She doesn’t look like a whore, but it’s hard to tell with the folks she’s constantly bringing in and out.  She’s too clean and too blonde to really fit in at the Cantrips, but doesn’t seem to ever leave. Always accompanied by a powerful looking, wolfish dog.  They say she spends a lot of time betting on the Arena matches.

The Riders also have a full component of Underbelly and Pig and Whistle NPCs that get used in various guild events, particularly the Langston family.

Do you have any NPCs?  How do they interact with your character or other characters in your guild/RP group?  Do you have shared NPCs that anyone has dibs on?

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12 Responses to “Personal NPCs”

  1. Reading your posts make me want to start an RP character again!
    .-= Lodur´s last blog ..Of Heroes and Villains Part 3 =-.

  2. @Lodur: DO EET!

  3. Well, there’s always A Dwarf Named Clunk. 😀 Clunk was a well-meaning but ill-mannered dwarf with whom Ovistine went on a blind date. Any horrible-sounding beer you can think of probably has had a release at Clunk Brewery. ^_^

    Other than that, Nancie Lighthammer’s younger brother, Brandur Ironhammer, is a paladin trainer in Ironforge (apparently hammer-swinging for the Light runs in the family!). There are also non-character shared-RP things that have made appearances in RP for me, such as “Ultrasafe” (as in the Ultrasafe Transporter) being a brand name and not just an item (the Ultrasafe Toaster Oven is a thing of legend), and the Barking Murloc is a highly upscale restaurant in Ironforge that has a legendary nine-course tasting menu with beer pairings for all its dishes. 🙂
    .-= Teuthida´s last blog ..The Shadoweave Knitting Circle =-.

  4. @Teuthida: I’m totally stealing the Ultrasafe branding idea thing. That’s awesome!

  5. Pretty much all of my characters have multiple family NPCs. For the most part, they make their appearances in my written forum RP or in dialogue references to “off-screen” encounters with my characters. However, every once in a while, I’ve RPed them in-game around other people. Usually, I do this through what my friends and I have dubbed “dual-wield RP,” in which one is logged onto the PC involved in the scene but does emotes and dialogue for the NPC(s), as well. Because many of my characters have formed close bonds with other characters (marriages, adoptive family relationships, and the like), a lot of my NPCs get shared a fair bit; for example, my huntress Lakena’s mother served as midwife for the birth of Lakena’s sister-in-law’s daughter.

    I try to avoid actually rolling up my NPCs, because I get way too attached to them to delete them after the RP is concluded; two of my current characters (including the first character I got to level 80!) started out as NPCs for existing characters’ plotlines and just got too interesting to stay that way. The same thing has happened to several of my other friends, as well; consequently, most of us no longer have free character slots to do the “level one alt NPC” thing anymore. Hence the dual-wield RP!

    By Corise on Jul 23, 2009 | Reply
  6. Annalea has the creepy stalker villain Aumery Fane. She also has an immensely fat white cat named Harvey that she and Cylinn own.

    One of Threnn’s oldest friends is a soldier named Kaven Howell. He’s the bastard son of a bastard son from a noble House of Lordaeron, and since everyone with a legitimate claim either died in the Third War or succumbed to the plague, he’s also, technically, its heir. He has the signet ring, but has never (and probably will never) actually make the claim.

    Both al’Cair women grew up with the Bell twins, Robert and Will and consider them as close as brothers. They’re really fun NPCs to write, and they’re pretty much available for anyone who wants to use them. Tarquin wrote an excellent scene with them and their father, John. Bricu and I keep intending to write up the day Bricu met the Bells (“Are you good enough to be dating our Threnny?”) and realized that Robert had backed him in a barfight once upon a time.
    .-= Lauren´s last blog ..Mistakes: Not Just Another Fucking Growth Experience =-.

  7. The Prophecy of Light has a secretary name Fabrio Sunsworn.

    He’s the cousin of the Grand Master, a somewhat older elf that tries his best to make sure the knights are taken care of. He’s a bit timid, has a tendency to squeak, can be officious, is a genius with orginization and paperwork, and, most of all, he generally cares about the crazy blood knights he looks after.
    .-= ItanyaBlade´s last blog ..Gtalk Randomness: The man sucks =-.

  8. Roldelan began life as effectively an NPC in Roll’s past, Rollandren’s dead brother. He was a backstory element for most of his early existence, though for a while I left the option open to bring him back as a Forsaken. With Wrath though he got a new lease on life, or unlife rather, and ended up a Death Knight. Now I play him as often or maybe more often than my main, go figure.

    And a more recent NPC has been Magister Issavis, who’s played the part of the villain in a few more recent stories I’ve written about Roldelan and a few other characters. Lawful Evil to the core, he is a corrupt Magister of the Sunreavers; he’d originally been one of Kael’s lackeys in Outland, but as things fell apart at the Sunwell he could read the writing on the wall and jumped ship. He knew well enough the Scryers would never take him in, so he submitted his job application to the Sunreavers instead. The fact he studies fel magic in secret was either not noticed or ignored.

    He has a remarkable cruel streak if provoked, and one of his major jobs has been studying and improving the neural needlers the Kirin Tor leaves lying around to help adventurers interrogate prisoners. He is a vocal advocate of the war with the Blue Flight, going beyond wanting to defeat the Blue Dragons in battle to advocating systematic extermination of the Blue Dragons and Mage Hunters. However, all of this tends to be carefully hidden under a veneer of charm and charisma, and maybe fiery oratory when he feels like it. The fact he is an older magister, who by now has even trained and taught other magisters, also frequently leaves the law on his side.

    By Rollandren on Jul 26, 2009 | Reply
  9. Jaina is the ruler of Theramore Island, and one of the most powerful mages in Azeroth. We gets tagether from time ta time fer a bit of sport.
    .-= Ratshag´s last blog ..Is Where Lady Jess Made Kinnavieve Cry =-.

  10. I don’t use personal NPCs much anymore (namely because I have no space for them), but I used to. The two I used most were a human woman named “Avonmora Sweetwater” who was a middle aged matron-like florist and “Lucre P. Togglesprocket”, my gnomish banker who frequently RPed any trades, transactions, or visits to the bank or auction house.
    .-= Moonbiter´s last blog ..I Smell a Red Herring! =-.

  11. My best personal NPC…on Alleria-US, Alliance side… is my bank alt…Vladimir Slagmarble, Merchant Prince Extraordinaire. Equipped with a Diasmond Tipped Cane, and often dressed in a tuxedo, he only lacks a top hat to be Alleria’s best merchant. His motto is, “I can underprice anything…” and, rogue that he is, he also has decent enchanting skills.

    If you see him, whisper a heya, and he might offer you a great deal on…something.

    By Blacksabre on Jul 29, 2009 | Reply

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