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It didn’t take long to get from Thunder Bluff to the Echo Isles – Ankona took advantage of a wyvern so she could think and plan before getting to her destination. She had information to confirm with the spirits – was Gromnor dead? Was he really in the northern part of the Eastern Kingdoms, somewhere […]

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Mutter, mutter, Monday, mutter, mutter…
comment 2 Written by on December 15, 2008 – 11:44 am
  1. Annorah is about halfway through 75.  I’m working on it – I promise.
  2. I’ve discovered that as much as I love endgame as a shaman, I really – *really* – dislike leveling them.
  3. Even in Grizzly Hills.  Which, though the quests are not epic and the lore isn’t that awesome, is such a *pretty* place that I forgive it.
  4. Aely has her first 25 man raid epics, and a heroic epic too.  TRI did a pickup 25 man Sartherion raid, and (as expected) we were very successful and oneshot the dude.
  5. She finally hit revered with the Puppy-men, so she’s got her new pants and gloves.  I’ve not had any desire to take her over to do the Oracles quests though.
  6. Rirri is 61.5, Blood specced, and loving semi-life except for the fact that she’s *still* in Hellfire Peninsula.  Very ready for Zangarmarsh, Terrokkar, and Nagrand, plz.
  7. I’m really trying to connect back to Annorah as a character again – in hopes that will help some with her leveling.  Sadly, I am failing at coming up with actual storylines for her, and anything I’ve written regarding Northrend lore/interaction has been… uh… bad.
  8. Hopefully we’ll be getting ready to start 10-man Naxx soon – hubby-pally and I are itching to do some of this content that we’re hearing so much about.
  9. A raid buddy, guildmate, and friend of mine is starting her own blog – and she’s got an interesting point about how Northrend content is just… darker than previous WoW content.  I agree with her, and some of it has been downright unnerving.
  10. Icecrown is boring and grey.  The little jumpydude is pretty cool though.  Questing there tires me very quickly.
  11. So many quests have relied on questgivers lying, being deceitful, being in the lich king’s pockets, or dying anyway that Aely is starting to resent questing at all.  Due to some other situations, she’s not been sleeping much, and it’s wearing her down.
  12. Winter Veil is here!  Hooray for fun, lighthearted RPs and making cookies!
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2 Responses to “Mutter, mutter, Monday, mutter, mutter…”

  1. I really enjoyed Grizzly hills. Lots of dwarf lore helped I guess. Zul’Drak I struggled with for the first half, but the second half involving large cats hooked me in.

    Icecrown is dreadful. However, the very last Ebon blade quest has an absolutely awesome twist and was completely worth struggling through the rest of the zone.

    I do like the skyshatter tho. Its absolutely awesome in its implementation, design and geek factor: flying away from it on my griffon with the camera looking back is seriously screenshot worthy.

    I did storm peaks before Ice Crown for which I was glad. Stormpeaks is easily my favourite zone in the entire game. I did the whole freakin zone in a single afternoon and ached for two days after due to lack of movement. I couldnt tear myself away from it.

    By Mac on Dec 15, 2008 | Reply
  2. Now that I have finally opened the Son of Hodir dailies on the pally and hit 80 on the priest, I should take Dorr back to Icecrown.

    I might even come and play stupid warrior for a bit… Might not though. People have been salivating over holy priest for a week.

    Itanya Blades last blog post..Pill’s Easy and Quick Potato Leek Soup

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