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It didn’t take long to get from Thunder Bluff to the Echo Isles – Ankona took advantage of a wyvern so she could think and plan before getting to her destination. She had information to confirm with the spirits – was Gromnor dead? Was he really in the northern part of the Eastern Kingdoms, somewhere […]

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In-Game Costume Ideas
comment 8 Written by on November 2, 2009 – 10:40 am

Last night the Riders had an informal Hallow’s Eve party out in the graveyard behind Karazhan.  It was spooky, appropriately ghost-ridden, and the perfect place to hang out.

We were all required to go in costume. As was to be expected with this bunch, some of the costumes were awesome. Most of the following were actually at the party.  It was brilliant, and everyone had a good laugh.

  • Farmer – this one’s pretty easy.  A workman’s shirt, some blue or brown pants, brown boots, and any beat-up looking hat. Bonus points for a Farmer’s Broom or a Shovel. (This was Aely’s costume)
  • Vrykul – (male) – big axe, torn up looking pants and boots, no shirt, and a stockpile of Elixirs of Giant’s Strength.  Bonus points for getting a haircut that’s particularly Vrykul-ish.
  • Stormwind Guard – Any of a number of armor sets, plus an Alliance Tabard from the PVP vendor.  If you can wear plate, the Imperial set (level 50ish) is a dead ringer for the guard outfit. If you don’t wear plate, well… that’s a little more challenging. You can do pretty much any main city’s guard just as easily, with different armor.
  • Naga (male or female) – Trident, green (male) or blue (female) armor.  RSP in a pointy naga nose and tail, and you’re good to go!
  • Scarlet Crusader – If you can get a Scarlet Tabard, go for it – otherwise each of the bosses in Scarlet Monastery drops some particularly identifiable items of armor. Arcanist Doan is probably the easiest to imitate, since he drops robes, shoulders, and a staff.
  • Troll – Voodoo Mask, Any of a number of robes/kilts and shirts that are particularly tribal, and a really spiky weapon.
  • Dwarf – (female) – brewfest robes, hair done in braids, and a big ol’ stack of pygmy oil. A good excuse to be plastered all night.
  • Bunny – white shirt, white pants, bunny ears from Noble Garden, bare feet (or flip flops – try the Knitted Sandals from low level cloth armor vendors)
  • Nat Pagle – brown boots, overalls, a blue lumberjack’s shirt, a beat up looking hat, and a fishing pole. This one also comes with a built in excuse to be plastered all night.
  • Twilight Cultist – Cultist Armor (from Silithus drops), a creepy looking sword or staff, and a floating head pet (or a haunted memento ghost).

Remember that you can use RSP tags to help with the costume effect.  Our resident Bunny had a poofy tail that was only visible via RSP flag.  Also, our vrykul was covered in blood and warpaint.

But I think my favorite costume of the night was one of the paladins who came dressed up as… one of the pompous jerk mages in the guild. He wore magey clothes, had a pumpkin on his head (to show his huge ego) and went around insulting people and throwing “spells” made of ribbons all night.  It was hilarious.  Particularly when the actual mage showed up, and there was a Pompous Mage-Off.

What costumes can you guys think up (or have you used in the past)?

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8 Responses to “In-Game Costume Ideas”

  1. I was a witch– there is a witchy hat, and some matching (magey) robes you can get. With the broom mount, pumpkin pet, and a gnarled wood staff, you get to /cackle and call everyone “my sweet” all the time XD

  2. Jez, while there wasn’t an IC party of any kind, did some trick-or-treating as High Inquisitor Whitemane. Farm her for her hat, Cindercloth vest and leggings, there’s a certain green shoulder drop model that matches hers, and you can get the appropriate gloves, boots, bracers and staff from some quests in Shadowmoon Valley. (If you’ve already done the quests, the weapon, at least, has a matching model in a low-level epic that I got for 250g.) And if you’re Horde, the Sunreavers Tabard comes about as close as you can get to hers.

    Slap Fiery Weapon on the staff, and voila! http://i37.tinypic.com/2czqckm.png

  3. Pompous Mage-Off is the best thing ever.

    Oh man I wish I could have seen that!

  4. Squee! So awesome! 😀

    For costumes, I’m in the middle of trying to assemble a Dun Morogh/Loch Modan Mountaineer’s uniform (see here for some tips about the items; I’m going to have to go with Gossamer gloves rather than Riding Gloves, since I did that quest with this character years ago and won’t be able to get them again). It’ll end up being topped off with — or rather, my character will be on top of — a Grey Ram or White Ram from the Amberstill Ranch, so my character can go mounted. 🙂

  5. I’ve never been very good at in-game costumes, yet I’ve always hoarded “prettyclothes” just in case I ever get invited to an RP event.

    Which…I never was.

    But if I HAD been, I had a wardrobe. Just in case.

    (note that the lack of invitation was failing on MY part to request/initiate said RP events, and not a lack of available RP events. I am fully responsible for the dust on those gowns)

  6. @Tami (and others) – some realms don’t have as many “big RP things” as others – Feathermoon has the annual Rose Ball and a few other realm-wide events, but other than that, it’s largely smaller things and casual RP.

    Hmm. There’s a post in there somewhere 😀

  7. What, no love for my Death Knight dressed as a Final Fantasy-ish White Mage? (white robe, white cape, white hood, bendy-looking mace/staff)

    …granted, I probably should have sealed the deal by having her hair dyed red. The traditional White Mage hair color from the 8-bit days.

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