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It didn’t take long to get from Thunder Bluff to the Echo Isles – Ankona took advantage of a wyvern so she could think and plan before getting to her destination. She had information to confirm with the spirits – was Gromnor dead? Was he really in the northern part of the Eastern Kingdoms, somewhere […]

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Dear Feathermoon Zombies
comment 13 Written by on October 23, 2008 – 10:06 am


Feathermoon is an RP server.  This means that some people on Feathermoon are going to respond to things like world events in a character appropriate fashion.  If you see someone responding to a world event in such a fashion, it is not appropriate for you to curse at them in tells, attempt to manipulate them into flagging for PVP, or otherwise grief them – just as it is not appropriate for people who are roleplaying to grief you or intentionally ruin your fun.

For this reason, I let you keep your glowing plague to take it elsewhere if you like.  I have no qualms with you having fun being a zombie.  I won’t cleanse you while you’re still alive – if you want to create a horde of zombies, there are LOTS of NPCs to infect.

Aelflaed, however, has serious qualms with having to kill the 8 year old altar boy after he’s been reanimated from your plague, or four Stormwind Guards.  Therefore, seeing members of the Cathedral, orphans, and employees of the Pig and Whistle infected, she does her best to cleanse *them*.  And seeing you, as a zombie ghoul running around town spreading the stuff, she’s probably going to try to kill you – just like the guards do.

This is her reacting in character in the best way I know how, while doing my best to stay out of your way while you run around enjoying zombification.



Anna and Aelflaed

*With bonus thanks to Phileas for making last night serious fun, not letting the nasties get us down, and for some fantastic character building/interaction.

*artwork by Katharsis, who is awesome.

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13 Responses to “Dear Feathermoon Zombies”

  1. And, because it’s come to my attention that Blizzard is somehow *surprised* that people are intentionally spreading the plague, I’ll link you to a post I did last year that’s related. And yes, I did think at the time that Blizzard was smart enough to not create another event like this. Apparently, I was wrong.


    (no, I’m not above tooting my own horn!)

    By Anna on Oct 23, 2008 | Reply
  2. Hear hear!

    (And I think the surprise occurred the first time they ran this sort of world event; I seriously doubt anyone was surprised last night.)

    Great stuff in BOTH articles, Anna! 🙂

    Kestrels last blog post..Patch Day: Almost Painless, But It Brought On Many Changes

  3. *punches griefers in the throat* As I mentioned on Twitter, we had many that were creating controversy due to our healers trying to heal people. Those causing the controversy are well-versed in RP, know that is probably the largest RP guild on Cenarion Circle and that we are roleplaying doctors in some form or fashion (or, for rogues like me, protectors of the docs). Hence, getting in a tizzy about being cured is, well…dumb! We’re roleplaying, for cryin’ out loud! Don’t wanna be cured? Cool, I can understand the appeal of playing a zombie. But there’s no need to go on a long-winded, profanity-laced tirade through tells and the OOC channels. Simply go where we aren’t, infect whomever you desire and have fun. Fun, by the way, is something we’re also trying to have.

    Arrenss last blog post..An Addendum

  4. Heh…forgot about HTML nonsense and the less than/greater than signs don’t work here. To make that last one make sense, it was meant to read as, “well-versed in RP, know that ‘Da Doctas’ is…”

    Arrenss last blog post..An Addendum

  5. I was questing with a friend in STV when the plague hit. Within a short time both my friend and I were infected. We ran to the Argent healer and then continued with our questing. Evidently, that was no good in the eyes of the griefers. I was chased down several times by zombie plague players with the goal of infecting me. And they succeeded.

    My friend and I stood next to the Argent healer in the Booty Bay tunnel for close to an hour debating what we should do. We continued our questing, only to discover that our quest NPCs were dead. At that point, we gave up on STV and sought safer lands.

    At first I was amused by the plague but when others were seeking to infect me and after I saw the hostile, nasty reaction to the arrival of a players capable of curing disease, I lost all enjoyment in the event. In my eyes, it was a griefer holiday.

  6. I suppose I have a different view of the event, since on a PvP server there is always a chance someone will kill you and your quest npc’s will be dead. However, I dislike people who insult roleplayers, especially on a roleplay server. That’s just…wrong.

    Bellwethers last blog post..Indecision, Patch 3.0.2

  7. Actually, I’ve found myself enjoying both sides of this. It’s a nice break from the usual routine, and chaos is always more entertaining if you just go with the flow. I found myself admiring the lower-level players who stubbornly fought back against us. It was a scene out of any zombie apocalypse film. Granted, I tend to think that you can make fun out of anything if you really want to. And besides, it’s fun roleplaying a zombie. *shifty eyes*

    I’ve dealt with griefers plenty of times before, so I suppose it’s not as much of an issue for me. Griefing just seems to come down to people determined to spoil other people’s enjoyment of what’s going on. The trick is just letting the people of doubtful heritage not get you down.

    In conclusion, I’d like to say: Braaaaaaaaaaaiiiins.

    By Rollandren on Oct 23, 2008 | Reply
  8. Is there anything else incoming besides the anoying plague?
    i want something nice, like the battle @ the dark portal tabbard when BC came out 😛

    Holyfabs last blog post..Shadow resist gear about to be dust?

  9. Personally? I don’t think that it’s too much to have some things forced upon us every once in a while during an event. I think it would be more fun to lay aside plans and go with it, whether you’re a person infected by a zombie or a zombie getting eradicated by the defense.

    It’s a roleplaying game. What that means to me, who has primarily RP’d in games with DMs, is that you don’t always have total control over your character or what happens to them. It’s not an annoyance; it’s an opportunity to grow their story, and part of the game. The unexpected, unpreventable, and even the undesirable turns stories take enhance them (and the roleplay fun), rather than detract, especially when the twist is conceived in the context of the story.

    It’s hard to argue that given Wrath’s plot and proximity this is NOT in the context of the story.

    What you DO always control, as the player of your character, is how your character responds to events. You just don’t have total control over the events themselves.

    Just my two cents.

    By Lilivati on Oct 23, 2008 | Reply
  10. It’s a disaster RP-wise. I mean trying to cleanse the plague is no problem, but what if you’re turned? Maybe even by somebody you know? As a zombie, I’d of course try to be a zombie, but what when the zombie dies and *poof* is the normal character again?

    And I was told children couldn’t be turned, so the oprhans should be safe!

    By Sorrel on Oct 23, 2008 | Reply
  11. Hearing plenty of complaint from people who are trying to spread the plague when a couple of good-minded priests come along and cure it. Its an RP server, Priests response should be to cure, just as my response is to kill as many undead as possible and then, if I get infected, to seek a cure!

    Getting some interesting reactions form forsaken priests though, I know one who’s looking for a way to make the ghouls created free from the lich king, this plague seems to be able to infect everyone, which is exactly what the forsaken are trying to do!

    Had a little bit of guild drama too when someone who wanted to be a zombie was killed by another guildie who was trying to defend a town, that was an interesting introduction into player immaturity.

  12. I understand Lilivati’s point about going with when events are forced upon me, which is why I initially enjoyed it. However, the hostility towards players who cured others of the disease turned me off. I also saw hostility toward anyone killing a zombie.

    Maybe things have calmed somewhat since the start of the event. I was in Ratchet last night where I killed two zombies and no one said a word to me.

  13. Yeah, I hear what you’re saying Garilos. That was part of what I was attempting in my own hamfisted way to communicate; people should stop being jerks about being cleansed/destroyed or zombified, or about their precious monotonous task list getting disrupted, and go with what was actually a pretty fun event.

    The amount of negativity that was expressed over this really bothered me, because I think this negativity only let the less-appealing player actions become more prominent and more accepted. (And yeah, I have little empathy for the people who couldn’t give up their game-related checklists for a few days- stick up the rear much? I mean really, it’s a game, not a job or a chore. That, however, is entirely my opinion and legions will disagree. 😉 )

    I thought Anna’s attempt to balance the zombies against her character was spot-on.

    By Lilivati on Oct 29, 2008 | Reply

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