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It didn’t take long to get from Thunder Bluff to the Echo Isles – Ankona took advantage of a wyvern so she could think and plan before getting to her destination. She had information to confirm with the spirits – was Gromnor dead? Was he really in the northern part of the Eastern Kingdoms, somewhere […]

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Anna’s Favorite Outfits
comment 5 Written by on June 25, 2008 – 11:10 am

Inspired by Merlinne over at That Damn Role Player, I thought I’d put together the favorite outfits of a few of my characters.  This will be a series of posts, because I have lots of characters, and at least two of them are clothes horses, and I’m girly enough to enjoy collecting pretty things for my various characters to wear.

Annalira, my human priest, prefers robes, and absolutely must wear a hat if she’ll be outside.  She sunburns very easily (and doesn’t really want any more freckles).

Anna Fashion

From right to left these are:

  1. Mirren’s Drinking Hat and a Robe of Volatile Power
  2. Shadowbrim Travel Hat and the Hallowed Robe and Shoulders
  3. Shadowbrim Travel Hat and a Noble’s Robe
  4. Loosely Threaded Hat and Geomancer’s Wraps

Sadly, this is only a small selection of the various outfits that Annalira keeps around, including (but not limited to) a Scarlet Crusade costume and a swimming suit.

Keep an eye out for more fun outfits coming soon!

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5 Responses to “Anna’s Favorite Outfits”

  1. So like, do you have an E-Closet or something to store all these surplus clothes? I mean, I don’t know about you, but as male Dwarves dress practical. Style is a word not in our dictionary.

  2. You MUST post your swim suit screenshot. I have never even thought of that and must see it.

    You really like the wide brim hats. My character tends to leave her head open. Maybe because she has a bluish skin she doesn’t have to worry about sunburn as much.

  3. Matticus – yes. I have three 18 slot bags of clothes in Annalira’s bank. Most of my characters have at least one bag of “not-armor” clothes. and Aelflaed has at least 3 sets of dress armor as well.

    Annalira is my only “hat” character – the others don’t really like them (they don’t fit over Annorah’s horns well, and Angoleth says they make her ears itch). Aelflaed and Annalira actually have the same character model (yay different servers and 6 months of not seeing Aelflaed when I rolled Anna), but she’s very embracing of the freckles.

    I’ll get her swimsuit shot in the next post (and no, she doesn’t wear a hat while swimming!).

    By Anna on Jun 25, 2008 | Reply
  4. I propose a BA fashion show. =O

  5. Davien has been wearing her Thug’s Shirt, a Bonecaster’s Sarong of Fiery Wrath and an Embroidered Hat since forever. Though, I did eventually replace the Embroidered Hat with the Shadowbrim Travel Hat, since they’re the same model.

    Threnn seems to favor her dark leather pants and dark leather boots, along with swashbuckler’s shirts in just about any color (although the blue Apprentice’s Shirt looks good on her, too.) She looks absolutely silly in hats or helms of any kind.

    Annalea (my Anna, hee!) is much more girly than her elder sister. I originally rolled her just to be a kind of NPC-type, and I only ever intended to level her up to 17 or so, because that’s when she could equip the White Woolen Dress that she still wears. Though I’ve found she also looks good in shades of red and purple.

    Each of them have at least one bag (the one beside the main backpack) filled with RP gear. They all have bags of RP stuff in their banks, too. I think Threnn has the most, but that might be because she can wear anything from cloth up through plate, while the other girls are limited to cloth only.

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