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It didn’t take long to get from Thunder Bluff to the Echo Isles – Ankona took advantage of a wyvern so she could think and plan before getting to her destination. She had information to confirm with the spirits – was Gromnor dead? Was he really in the northern part of the Eastern Kingdoms, somewhere […]

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13 Monday Brains
comment 9 Written by on October 27, 2008 – 7:51 am


  1. Above you’ll see 10 reasons not to bring your zombie into the Pig and Whistle tavern. Several more reasons came through during the day. (click to embiggen)
  2. Aelflaed has found a cute rogue, and she’s not really sure how. She figures he snuck up on her (har har har). You might hear from him in story postings in the future (yes, he’s in the picture above).
  3. I missed the world event to open Burning Crusade because I was planning a wedding. I’m liking that I can participate in this one!
  4. *sings* Goldshire Town is burning down – Good-bye, Good-bye; Burning down to the ground – Good-bye ‘Liza-Jane. (There really is something beautiful about the entirety of Goldshire turning to Zombies and then getting set on fire by the Headless Horseman. Mac, if you have those screenshots, I’d love to see them)
  5. OMG ARPEES. ’nuff said. (expect story postings later this week)
  6. I voted this weekend.  You should vote too (if you are of the United States Citizen sort).  Nab those bitching rights before they’re gone for another 4 years!
  7. Angoleth is not drunk, for the first time since Outland opened. I expect this to change quickly when she gets back from the middle of nowhere and sees what the Zombies have done to Auberdine. Likely, however, she’ll cheer them on in Darnassus.
  8. Did I mention the RP?  Seriously.  I know – this thing is HUGELY game disrupting. I’m told by the rumor mill (aka the Feathermoon Forums) that it’s going to last only 10 days. I can deal with 10 days of disruption, given that I’ve had more RP conversation, questing, random pickup groups, and fun in the last week than I’ve had in the last year – EASILY.
  9. For this reason, the “serious business” posts may be a little sparse. I know, you all love reading technical details, but I’m loath to give up on the glut of creative gameplay to go test out mechanics. Bad Anna-blogger, I know.
  10. Remember that new phone I mentioned? And how I’d called my SP to make sure I could use it and they said if it was on my upgrade plan, it’d work? Yeah well, “We’re sorry, but to use that phone you must add our web and email plan for an extra $30 a month”.  I only pay $35 for my phone plan, and I can’t return the phone (exchanges only). Anyone want a paperweight?
  11. Aelflaed may be earning the nickname “Lucky” (as proposed by Bricu/Officer Gleason). She’s been fighting zombies constantly since Thursday, and has only been turned once (on the first day, when I ran headlong into about 14 of them to see what would happen and encountered a level 70 feral druid zombie).
  12. I can’t figure out how when I’m tracking something, if I’m inside, I see only inside things – but if I’m outside, I see both outside AND inside things. Apparently all of Warcraft utilizes one way mirrors.
  13. Arthas’ horsie isn’t dead anymore. Or rather, he’s no longer resting peacefully in his grave in Tirisfal. Anyone else hear the name of his horse and think of The Black Knight in Monty Python? (“You can’t kill me, I’m INVINCIBLE!”)
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9 Responses to “13 Monday Brains”

  1. Did you get the googlephone? I really want one but I refuse to get it because they force you to subscribe to a data plan. I get free wifi all over town on my smartphone, $30/month? No thanks.

    Awlbistes last blog post..Reader Question

  2. @Awlbiste:

    No – it’s a Blackberry Pearl. Unfortunately the little caveat that you MUST have a data plan to use that phone is hidden deep inside the actual “buy a phone” page from my service provider, and the person on the phone didn’t care to share that with me. I can’t decide if it’s worth the HUGE monetary investment it’d be to go from what I have now to paying for a semi-smartphone.

    By Anna on Oct 27, 2008 | Reply
  3. I’ve lost count of the how many times I’ve turned into a zombie. It was at least 4 times yesterday. Maybe I should’ve hung closer to you.

  4. Wish I could get into some decent roleplay. I fell out of anything other than random encounters since my old roleplaying guild fell apart. Though I had a blast guarding Stormwind last night with a bunch of other roleplayers. We didn’t speak too much, unfortunately; we were up to our ears in still-twitching severed limbs and plagued rats!

    And Csilla finally turned into a zombie! She got swarmed over and, in the spirit of the event, I turned on Stormwind and forcibly recruited people to the Lich King’s cause. Mind you, once I finally died I came back and cleaned everything up!

  5. The Pig & Whistle is COMPLETELY the Winchester. It even has crisps.

    By Tarq on Oct 27, 2008 | Reply
  6. So far Dal’s managed to stay ahead of the ravening horde. He hasn’t been turned yet, though I had a close call in Ironforge, I think I made it to the AD healer with less than 10 seconds on the disease.

    By Dalbarr on Oct 27, 2008 | Reply
  7. That shade in the center of the shot is still following Roll around. It’s driving him crazy. The Frozen Shades following him around during the quest in Shattrath only made it worse.

    And Roll turned into a zombie a couple times; that was mostly because I was being a retnoob and trying to charge into large mobs of them and cut them down without thinking about how quickly it’d take me to turn into a zombie. Yes, Holy Wrath and Divine Storm will kill a lot very fast, but no, you probably won’t avoid turning into one shortly after, especially if any survived.

    By Rollandren on Oct 28, 2008 | Reply
  8. For me, Sunday was the best and only day for RPing. For most of the zombie invasion, I felt strangely isolated from the rest of the RPing community. Had I not bumped into the RP group defending the Pig and Whistle…rather, had I not whispered Anna to ask if there was a safe place to cook in SW, I would have never encountered the RPers defending the Pig and Whistle.

  9. I have to say, as nasty disruptive as this was to a lot of the low-level zones, I had such fun on Beltar defending Stormwind. And the end-of-the-world atmosphere on Sunday, with the gloomy sky over Stormwind and the constant pitched fighting in the Trade District (and even with people killing the Argent Recruiters) was amazing. Absolutely amazing.

    Lewiss last blog post..A look into our world

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