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It didn’t take long to get from Thunder Bluff to the Echo Isles – Ankona took advantage of a wyvern so she could think and plan before getting to her destination. She had information to confirm with the spirits – was Gromnor dead? Was he really in the northern part of the Eastern Kingdoms, somewhere […]

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You have entered… The Twilight Zone…
comment 4 Written by on March 28, 2008 – 7:22 am

So, Feathermoon has had some, er, stability issues since 2.4. Major stability issues. And not just the “omg combat log lag” that everyone is dealing with, or the Shattered Sun lag.

Ssc_entrance We gear up, gather up, enter SSC and head towards Hydross. Some oddities go on, but nothing particularly abnormal for 2 days post patch. And then we fight Hydross. I died early in the fight when a transition went wonky. So I hit reincarnation, which is when the weirdness began…

Because I rezzed. Or at least, it looked like I did on my computer. But the rest of the raid still saw me as dead, I couldn’t cast any spells, and I didn’t regen any health or mana. And my reincarnation timer was tripped. /reloadui did nothing. So I was, in fact, only “mostly dead”. No biggie, I’ll reload after the fight.

Hydross dies, someone loots the gold – I don’t get the gold – and then the server dies. Hard reset, Feathermoon is *down*.


10 minutes later we all log in at the beginning of the instance, run back in… and Hydross’ corpse is gone. And everyone kept their buffs/flasks, except me (*curses at the reincarnation bug*).

Whatever – we rebuff, submit a GM ticket, and move along. Kill all the trash down to Lurker, not too much problem there; Kill Lurker, and start on the Tidewalker trash… at which point things started to get fun again.

We start to get lag spikes – 2-3 seconds of inaction, periodically. And then on the first murloc pull, we all get disconnected again. Apparently those Murlocs got a buff and now hit hard enough to reset the server. Relog, show up back at the beginning of SSC, go to run back – and only the first elevator is there. Not only that, but nobody takes damage from falling off the first elevator. Someone managed to get up to the boss area, and there were no mobs in the vashjinstance. At all. Even bosses.

5 minutes of skydiving later, we crash out again. Come back up, in SSC again, back at the beginning of the instance. Run back through – and there are no bosses, but all the trash after Lurker has respawned. And then Vashj’s little bridge comes flying across, she yells her stuff, the whole bit – except that we’ve only killed Hydross and Lurker. So we all go running over there… and she’s not there. Her platform is completely empty.

Server crashes again. We’re all automatically back in Shattrath. And anyone that dismounts way up high in the air starts to swim. <cue synchronized swimming music>

The word on the street is that there’s a problem with the AT&T connection at the LA Datacenter in California, and Feathermoon is a Pacific Timezone server on that particular set of servers. Either way – it was a *very* freaky night, highly entertaining, and I was very glad I had my knitting with me. And hopefully we get our badges of justice at the very least. Stupid Hydross.

*Yes, I knit during raid downtime. I’ve made some pretty complicated lace (during BWL Vaelastrasz wipe resetting) and right now I’m working on… a secret project… *shhhh!*. Oh – and there’s no way I could knit during uptime – I’m a HEALER – so don’t worry about that Tarq.

**images from www.wowwiki.com and my own screenshots.

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4 Responses to “You have entered… The Twilight Zone…”

  1. Whees for server instability post-patch. Part of the joy of WoW. =)

    By Niyati on Mar 28, 2008 | Reply
  2. ooh that sounds like a pretty sucky evening!

  3. After a bit of digging, I believe I have found the truth behind the server instability last night.

    I have concluded that the real reason for initial server crash was that Hydross was apparently the one in charge of refilling the server hamster’s water bottle. Once Hydross was down, the hamster was simply too thirsty to continue powering the servers, and we all crashed out. I guess Tarq simply missed the memo. =P

    Also, Blizzard convinced Nefarian to take up the refilling duties (since he’s not really doing much of anything nowadays), but his hamster calls made the hamster run the wrong direction on the wheel, leading to continued instability intermittently throughout the night. =\

    Hopefully, things will be a bit better in the future. I hear Onyxia and The Lurker Below have offered to teach the server hamster how to breathe deeply, so as to better conserve energy and body hydration. =D

    By Gryphonheart on Mar 28, 2008 | Reply
  4. Ooooh that is icky. I’m glad we didn’t have anything that weird going on in our first TK raid today. Feathermoon seems to be a bit more stable now after the most recent rolling restart.

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