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It didn’t take long to get from Thunder Bluff to the Echo Isles – Ankona took advantage of a wyvern so she could think and plan before getting to her destination. She had information to confirm with the spirits – was Gromnor dead? Was he really in the northern part of the Eastern Kingdoms, somewhere […]

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Seven Deadly Sins of Raiding
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So we’ve all been there. Someone (maybe you?) blows up at a raid member, gets frustrated and grumpy at the end of the night, refuses to sign up on the thread, is a crackass nutjerk to someone that has more DKP and “wins” a roll. Every raider has their weak moments – but what are the biggest pitfalls – the “deadly sins” that when taken to their extremes can consume a raider or a raid to the point of self destruction?

As with life, there are seven!


375px-SelinFireheart I can tank/heal/DPS all by myself! Or the ever famous “I’M WINNING ON THREAT! I’M WINNING ON THREAT!” Pride is fed by damage meters. This can affect any class, but will usually result in chronic wiping until this person is knocked down a notch or two. Can also show up in the way a player treats others, with a superior attitude and a “holier than thou” demeanor.

Pride can, unfortunately, also affect an entire raid, causing them to attempt fights that are new and difficult with a “we bad, we bad, oh yeah, we bad!” attitude… and then getting mopped all over the room by an angry naga.


475px-Guldan Someone who is envious of another – either in gear or in progression. This doesn’t turn up as a hoarding gear or items, more as a negative treatment of another player. Someone who is envious may (silently) refuse to heal another raid member, engage in DPS wars, or continually taunt mobs off another tank, attempting to “steal the spotlight” from the person he currently sees holding it.

Envious members who take their desire for another’s position or gear to the point of “deadly sin status” create drama through passive aggressive behavior as their resentment builds, but can get away with it if their particular envy isn’t causing raid wipes.


Ragnaros This is more than just someone getting angry about a bad night, or people getting frustrated, or the raid leader getting upset when people fail repeatedly at simple instructions. A wrathful raider is one who screams in vent (OR IN THE RAID CHANNEL USING ALL CAPS!!), may use bad language, and often seems by others to be blowing small things out of proportion. They are impossible to miss, easy to ignore at first, but can cause division and hard feelings in a raid, eventually leading to drama. A wrathful raid *leader* can destroy a raid.


Blackheart_The_InciterLaziness, in short. The mage who “borrows” stacks of mana potions every week; the tank who never seems to have the right gear; anyone who wins loot this week and shows up next week without having even put green-level gems in it. This particular “deadly sin” can go unnoticed week to week, particularly as it regards gear and enchants.

Sloth can also refer to performance. The most notorious of these is the hunter who goes afk and turns on autoshot, but it can also be someone who repeatedly doesn’t pay attention to instructions and gets the raid blown up.

Though annoying, sloth rarely causes raid drama, more often poor raid performance. It can also cause raid jumping or alt problems – someone not wanting to do the work, just wanting to tag along for the shiny epix.


vashj Wants this, that, this, that, the other thing, those gloves, these boots, and those pants over there. And you have to drop everything right now to go help, because HE’S JUST WORTH IT and shouldn’t have to spend gold on crafted gear. This person may also insist on bringing their alts to raids, so that they can get gear without her having to pay for crafted items. This is about more than just money or gear – it can also refer to time. Someone who wants everyone to help her out, but refuses to go help someone else when they need another body for an instance run. Greed sows discord among raid members, which, while it doesn’t directly influence the final outcome, can definitely start a downward spiral. You don’t have to like everyone you raid with, obviously, but resentment only causes problems.


Kaelthasbroken This one is usually easy to spot – someone that refuses to take upgrades because of the DKP hit, but then constantly gripes about how everyone else has better gear. Also, the person that “oops” rolls need on things all the time, or blows a fit when someone else gets more upgrades than they do. Could show up as someone that rolls /need on offspec gear as well.

They may also refuse to share consumables/cash when it is appropriate to do so – perhaps refusing to chip in the 5g to pay for a raid wide repair bot or hoarding potions/marks from raid members, eventually hindering their own progress. Gluttony also lays the groundwork for raid resentment, as other members may feel that someone isn’t carrying their fair share or is too self-absorbed to aid the rest of the team.


illidan_stormrage “We’re going to get this boss guys, even if it takes 6 hours, 300g in repair bills, and every ounce of our sanity”. Lust usually shows up as a prestige rather than a gear related problem – though gear can motivate it. Someone lusts after the progress, the tasty bosses, the ability to strut around as a raid with no concern for the costs or detriments that pushing ahead can cause.

This can result in serious burnout if the lustful person is in a position of power (see above 6 hour wipefest), or can be an excuse for raid jumping in an attempt to have the appropriate bragging rights. If taken on by the entire raid, lustful behavior is ultimately self-destructive, when the raid as a whole can’t keep up with the schedule/demands/progression.

Lust also shows up in it’s more… visceral sense. Real life relationships between raid members can be a wonderful thing, but can also blow up spectacularly, causing no shortage of angst and potential loss of one or both members.


I’m sure at some point all of us have had bad nights and fallen into one or another of the above raiding sins(I know I have). But knowing is half the battle, and knowing your own weaknesses goes a long way to avoiding *really* screwing up! These are “deadly” not when a raid or a raider makes a mistake, but when they are so carried away with one that they cannot function properly within the group. Knowing the difference between a raider that screwed up and someone that you don’t want in the raid anymore is at the discretion of the raid leader, and a decision I’m glad I don’t have to make!

So those are the pitfalls… check back NEXT Friday for the seven *virtues* of raiding! You know, the other half of the carrot and stick paradigm.

**As a bonus – use the comments OR the “Contact Me” page to tell me how each of the characters above represents the sin they’re next to. Or tell me why I should’ve chosen someone else (I’m sure there are better examples that I can’t call to mind)! I’ll post the highlights early next week**

**Images from www.wowwiki.com

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  1. I know why you chose Lady Vashj for Greed! She gives her underlings crap gear and keeps all the goodies for herself! Or so I hear…

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