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It didn’t take long to get from Thunder Bluff to the Echo Isles – Ankona took advantage of a wyvern so she could think and plan before getting to her destination. She had information to confirm with the spirits – was Gromnor dead? Was he really in the northern part of the Eastern Kingdoms, somewhere […]

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One is the Loneliest Number – Raiding without a Guild
comment 6 Written by on March 20, 2008 – 8:21 am

raidnoteSo Bear over at The Big Bear Butt Blog mentioned recently the woes of moving from 10 man to 25 man raiding with small guilds that can field a Karazhan group but not a full fledged Gruul’s Lair run. Go read his post so you get an idea where I’m coming from, and then come back (please!).

Did you go read?

Good. Ok. So here’s where it gets fun. I do not have a guild. This is relatively recent, to be honest, but even when I had a guild, I did not raid with them. My original Karazhan runs were with mostly guildies, but it wasn’t specifically a “guild run” since the guild was so big as to be running two Karazhan raids of that nature and we had non-guildmates in the group.

ANYWAY – I’ve dealt with a different sort of issue than the “small guild merger” issue, but I know of at least three instances (though I’m sure there are more) on my server that have done a tremendous job of facing that problem and have gone on to be incredibly successful.

  • The MCA (for Molten Core Alliance, though the name is now dated) – originally pioneered by the guild Petty Revenge, the MCA was an alliance of small guilds that eventually was fielding 4 or 5 full MC/BWL raids. The MCA is currently fielding two 25man raids in SSC/TK.
  • The Small Guild Alliance (or SGA) – is a very similar sort of organization, started by the guild Poets of the Blade, and currently working on Hyjal/BT.
  • And, of course, my own Totally Raids, Incorporated – a group of RPers that started a raiding organization when none of the RP guilds were big enough on their own to field a 40 man raid. TRI-25 is currently working on Al’ar and Vashj, and has two current groups in Karazhan (and three retired Kara groups) – Totally Casual (an RP oriented run of various gear levels), and Totally WTF (badges, badges, badges). Also has two groups in Zul’Aman, both stuck at the Dragonhawk Boss.

Now, what do all these have in common? They’re groups of guilds – more than two – that were put together by a couple of strong personalities to create a larger raiding “corporation” (or corporations) – a group that functions like a “hardcore casual” raiding guild without all having the same guild tag.

Like raiding guilds we have forums that require sign ups, regulars and subs, rules for loot and attendance, and a pretty well defined structure, and (for TRI) an RP environment.

Unlike raiding guilds, when we’re done raiding for the week… we’re done raiding for the week. We do have a chat channel that is *very* active for finding heroics and groups and just hanging out, but in the end, my interactions with TRI could completely stop the minute the raid was over. And while I don’t choose to do that, it’s certainly something I appreciate, particularly after being in a guild raid for MC/BWL. There’s something nice about being able to get away for awhile if you need to.

So where do I fit into this whole thing? Well, last summer the guild I was previously a part of could not field a Gruul’s lair group yet (in fact, they just started doing Gruul and SSC a few weeks ago – successfully! yay!), and I was stalled in what I could do. And, to be perfectly honest, I am more than happy to help someone coordinate a raid, but I am *not* a good raid leader. At ALL. I’m happy to do the strategy stuff or the organizing stuff, but I just don’t have the people skills to be the head honcho. Plus, sheer lack of people was defeating, especially as someone who was not a guild officer.cake

And so, when I ran across some TRI people needing a priest for a Karazhan run, Annalira signed up, and Annorah joined TRI-25 shortly thereafter. It’s worked out very well for me, as some serious issues arose with my former guild and I am no longer working with them. And, to be honest, there are some times that I miss being in a guild, but for the most part, I’m enjoying guild-chat free life, as well as working with the fantastic group of people that are TRI.

I definitely don’t enjoy the level 16 gnomes bouncing up to me in Stormwind and asking “WANNA JOIN MY GUILD?!?!!”, but I like the quiet. For me, right now, I’m getting to have my cake and eat it too – which really is pretty nice.

((For those of you who might actually be looking for a guild (which I am not) check out this more recent post from Big Bear Butt on Finding the Guild You Want ))

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6 Responses to “One is the Loneliest Number – Raiding without a Guild”

  1. MCA has continued in full force into BC. The raid that most everyone else in my guild participates in is under their umbrella. Their current forum can be found here: http://www.zolusc.com/mca/ I believe that the two main 25 man raids are at about the same point we are.

    Personally, I lurve our non-guilded raid. It means that people can hang out with one group of friends during the week and an entirely different group of friends when we do raiding. It drives me crazy when I hear of people leaving their RP guilds for a raiding guild. I just want to flail at them and say, “LOOK, you really CAN have it all!”

  2. Thanks for the MCA update – for some reason I just couldn’t track down anything about them that wasn’t 2 years old!

    And yeah – TRI is awesome, on a stick.

    By Anna on Mar 20, 2008 | Reply
  3. We have something very similar to this Horde-side with the Thundering Hammer Clan. Even though the raid uses the THC name, forums, and chat channel ingame, there’s perhaps five people from that tiny guild who actually go to the raid.

    My own guild has two in the raid, tops. The largest group we draw from is perhaps Noxilite.

    I definitely think you hit on a point in your post; there’s something nice in being able to completely disassociate from the raid on nights you’re not raiding, or on nights you choose not to raid. Our raiding alliance is fairly laid back – RL and personal issues come first, and if you can’t come, then it’s no biggie. I can’t imagine doing that in a raiding guild, where even if you’re not in the raid you’re still exposed to the same people every time you’re on that character.

  4. Nice post, Anna. I’m in a guild that has a similar set-up, an alliance on the Whisperwind server called Slack. Through this alliance, we ran MC back in the pre-BC days, and now use it to run the present day 25 man content. Without it, I don’t know if I would have ever seen places like SSC!

  5. “And, to be honest, there are some times that I miss being in a guild, but for the most part, Iā€™m enjoying guild-chat free life, as well as working with the fantastic group of people that are TRI.”

    Quoted for truthery. I’ve been unguilded for longer than I care to remember now, and I’m still enjoying it. =)

    By Gryphonheart on Mar 21, 2008 | Reply
  6. Great post Anna šŸ™‚ I never realised there was so much ‘incorporated raiding’ going on on Feathermoon. This could be something to do with being an Aussie on a US server I guess and the time zone differences.

    My guild is operating on pretty much similiar principles – in that we have quite a few ‘out of guild’ regulars in our 25 man – being a member of the guild is definitely not a requirement to raid with us. We are pretty casual with only one 25 man raid per week and several Kara/ZA runs.

    As an aside – great to see another Feathermoon blogger out there, hope to bump into you in game some time šŸ™‚

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