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It didn’t take long to get from Thunder Bluff to the Echo Isles – Ankona took advantage of a wyvern so she could think and plan before getting to her destination. She had information to confirm with the spirits – was Gromnor dead? Was he really in the northern part of the Eastern Kingdoms, somewhere […]

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New Raid Boss
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So, since I can’t post my own posts, and I can’t log in to play games to get ideas, I’m shamelessly fishing for help from you guys.  Now, I know from previous Friday Five posts that you readers are incredibly creative and have fun and interesting ideas.  I also know that you’ll probably expect a Resto Shaman vs. Azgalor post on Wednesday (not happening, sorry).  In that light, I’d like to have you write up a boss strategy for me.

However, this one will have a bit of a twist.

Blizzard is teleporting a hurricane into Azeroth.  Let’s say… a Category 4 Hurricane, fairly large (130-155 mph winds at ground level).

And it’s now a tier 6 i-level, world raid dungeon.

Be as creative as possible with this one (let’s not get politics involved, this is a video game and there are enough hurricane politics on the news anyway).  If you have ideas or a full boss fight strategy, send them to toomanyannas at gmail dot com, or post them here in the comments.  I’ll have Matt highlight a few as the week goes on.  (Expect an RP Friday Five this week too!)

Things to ponder – phases?  buffs and debuffs?  tanks and aggro?  healing?  what kind of DPS?  are there any gimmicks? (And don’t just regurgitate the Thunderaan fight either!)

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4 Responses to “New Raid Boss”

  1. Well, the end boss would have to be Al’Akir the Windlord, the Air Lord old god. In a nod to nostalgia, I’d love to see the second-last boss be Thunderaan, Al’Akir’s son, and defeating (though not necessarily killing) Thunderaan is necessary to get access to Al’Akir.

    You’d probably also encounter the Windreaver, the leader of the Air-aspected Elemental Invasion (which happens periodically in northern Silithus).

    In fact, what would be really cool would be fighting the Windreaver for some kind of access to (and protection from) the Elemental Plane, and then going through a vortex in the middle of the hurricane to the Elemental Plane, where you’d deal with Thunderaan and confront Al’Akir.

    (For bonus awesome points: this would be a raid zone where you’d actually get to use your flying mounts!)

    Sihas last blog post..Healadin Glyphs – A First Look and a Revelation

  2. The boss is a Shaman, controlling the elements. He stands in the middle of a very large room surrounded by pillars (think Maiden of Virtue). The first phase is your typical tank n’ spank. His fire totems, however, hurt. So melee folks are getting hit with fire pain as well as the boss’s melee attacks.

    At 80%, he enables his own special brand of Windfury, thus unleashing the Hurricane, which lasts the remainder of the fight. Winds blow the raid up to the ceiling and there is no aggro table. Between players being buffeted against the walls, he’s randomly casting lighting bolts at various members of the group making cheesy statements like “A shocking turn of events, no?” Melee DPS would have the hardest time with this since there is little way to get close enough to smack him with swords/maces/daggers/whatever, so ranged DPS is a must. Warriors would be able to charge him, interrupting his spells, but immediately be blown backwards and up again. Subtlety rogues could shadowstep as well and apply a few whacks earning combo points before resorting to thrown weapons once more. The ranged DPS should position themselves inside the pillars to ensure they’re not blown out of DPS range and thus becoming utterly ineffective against the boss (or dying from becoming mushed Orc-on-a-floor).

    At 20%, he begins chain healing himself, making spell interrupts all the more important as the ranged DPS continues to DoT/PoM/Thwack arrows at him.

    Once dead, he says, “The Spirits call me,” in keeping with the Shamanistic traditions.

    My guild did something similar with “What would your character do if he/she were a raid boss?” There were some very interesting posts about that.

    And here’s hoping all’s well on the Anna homefront.

    Arrenss last blog post..Where Was I When…

  3. Well I’ve an idea, but I’d prefer it to be a 5-man seasonal if I’m allowed to play with the assignment request.

    It has phases, multiple objectives, employable NPCs, at least 3 bosses, and 2 variable “caches” to loot depending on success.

    And I probably get RP points for staging it on the island of Crestfall, and using the Earthen Ring as a rep faction!

    By Aertho on Sep 18, 2008 | Reply
  4. Okay! Here goes. I imagine this as a boss you do as an extra boss in Hyjal, after Archimonde is down:

    Tempest of the Maelstrom

    6,800,000 HP, 0 Armor

    Crystals have 7,700 Armor

    Overview: The Tempest of Maelstrom is a large, gray Air-Elemental type being, except with no arms- just the glowing eyes. As the fight goes on, he becomes more dangerous overall, but easier to handle.

    Area: A valley in Mount Hyjal, beyond the Alliance Basecamp that you face for the first 2 sets of waves. The area is littered with trees, rocks, and various supplies from the Alliance basecamp, thrown there after the chaos of the Tempest forming.

    Phase 1: Rainbands

    This phase lasts 3 minutes, and is a healer test: Once every 10 seconds, a rain band(wall of air and water) expands from the center of the valley, causing everyone in the raid is hit for 2500 physical damage, and 3000 nature damage. The physical damage is completely unavoidable, while the nature can be avoided by being behind a large object, such as a tree trunk, armor box from the alliance, or a large boulder. Each of these things is thrown after the damage is done, to another random location. During this time, there will be 5 Tempest Crystals, and 1 Maelstrom Crystal on the ground, which will all move with the other objects every 10 seconds, until they are picked up. The 5 tempest crystals must be picked up, and put on the ground near the center of where the rain bands form, in a rough pentagon shape(perhaps marked by where lightning will hit the ground). These all must be in place by the 3 minute mark, as when that time goes, the tank has 10 seconds to place the Maelstrom Crystal in the ground in the center- then growing the Tempest. Note that once the Crystals have been placed by a player, they cannot be moved, and can take damage. If you manage to ‘kill’ a Crystal, it will begin glowing. Crystals have 350,000 health.

    Phase 2: Eyewall

    This phase goes until the raid brings the boss down to 40%. Each Crystal that had been killed takes 5% health off of the Tempest of the Maelstrom when he spawns.

    During this Phase, the Maelstrom ‘wields'(in its invisible hand) a massive thundering polearm(Imagine Chain Lightning with a point arrow on the end). Because this is an elemental type boss, no consideration of direction must be considered, and he also does not have any unusual resists. While the tank is tanking the boss, the rest of the raid treats this as a tank ‘n spank. But once every minute, he will then knock the Tank back, putting a physical debuff on him, causing him to take an extra 3000 nature damage per nature hit for 2 minutes. Another tank will come in and tank him at this time(tauntable).

    The boss has thorns, causing 50 damage per physical hit. However, if you aren’t near the boss, you must avoid pieces of debris that will be flying through the air- there are 20 of these in the air, each at 35 yards- 10 of them are killable(marked by being made of wood), 10 are not(made of metal or stone). Each one chooses a raid member further than melee range from the boss, and casts a 1.5 second cast spell at them, before launching themselves at the player. Getting hit by one is an instant death, and creates a new flying object- your corpse, which cannot be killed. Killing the flying objects is optional.

    Also, every 10 seconds, the boss will throw one person up into the air, initially causing 1000 damage, and fall damage causing 2500 damage traditionally(if you fall on a non-combat object in the air, which is just a hovering object, you can take less damage- no way to control this, they’re just there).

    Phase 3: The Eye

    Once the boss reaches 40%, the Eyewall breaks down, revealing a glowing mass of energy at his center- now the thorns effect is gone, but surrounding the boss by a 20 yards is a wall of air. Touching or being beyond the wall causes 2500 damage every 2 seconds.

    During this phase, the boss is tanked as normal. However, eventually he will use “Air Blast”, an ability that for 1 second causes him to be invulnerable, and pushes any player in it back 12 yards. This ability is on a 20 second cooldown.

    His second ability this phase is chain lightning. This is on a 5 second cooldown, and is indentical to the Shaman’s, except he uses it on a random target, and it goes on infinitely. Initial damage is 3000, and each next person takes 200 damage off of it.

    His 3rd ability is “Storm”. Similar to the Dragonhawk boss in ZA, a energy ball will appear on the ground in various places around him, 3 seconds later a lightning strike coming down. Anyone in this strike is instantly killed, and then the strike chains out to anyone nearby, causing 5000 damage to anyone in the chain.

    His 4th ability he does at 5% health: Aftermath. It has 7 stacks, slows everyone’s attack, casting, and movement speed by 70%, and causes them to take an extra 1000% damage. Note that Chain Lightning stops during this phase, but the orbs for Storm are twice as large.

    His final ability is called Crippled Devastation. It causes 10,000 nature damage, and he does it after 10 seconds.

    Israias last blog post..Finally Finding Fallout, and GOG.com

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