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She was barely fifty years old* when she took her first – a contract handed out in Everlook, though how she’d ended up in that godsforsaken ice-sheet she couldn’t be sure. It was a simple thing to kill the woman listed on the paper she had signed. Anryl had no idea what Telwae Lightsorrow had […]

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*mutters* Poncy Git
comment 17 Written by on August 15, 2008 – 9:59 pm

didn’t drop my cloak.

… but he *died*.  he died an hour early.  and there were FOUR fire elementals up on death.  They were very confused.

Kael Death

Kael Death 2

One.  Dead.  Bloodelf.  Prince.

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17 Responses to “*mutters* Poncy Git”

  1. Whooo! I was actually shaking at the end.

    By Mac on Aug 15, 2008 | Reply
  2. May I add that not only did we kill Kael… but the B-plus team leveled Goldshire. I’m not sure tonight could get better!

    By Anna on Aug 15, 2008 | Reply
  3. UNF.

    By Tarq on Aug 15, 2008 | Reply
  4. Yay! Grats Anna.

  5. That is a lot of elementals. Congratulations on the kill!

  6. Zalbuu didn’t sing. He sang when Vashj gave it up. But not here. *pout*

  7. Way to go folks!

  8. That is so awesome, CONGRATS!!!

  9. Well done, Anna! Very well done! With the death of Vashj and Kael, you are well on your way to considering yourself an “elite” guild. Not many can say they’ve killed the endbosses in raid dungeons but you’ve knocked out one of the hardest ones in the game. I could not be any more proud!

    Now you have 4 months to Archimonde and Illidan.

  10. Hot damn!

    Very hot, with all those fire elementals. So cute. 😀

  11. Sounds like much fun was had by all =) Grats guys.

    By Eleison on Aug 16, 2008 | Reply
  12. I didn’t think the fire elementals looked all that confused last night.

    Judging by your screenshot, it seems that the rightmost one is pondering snatching the pretty blue die to roll on loot, the far one is in the middle of a /cheer (or /yawn), and the two leftmost ones are busy arguing about which boss is now on notice: Archimonde or Teron Gorefiend.

    Then again, I’m not fluent in firelementalese. =P

    By Gryphonheart on Aug 16, 2008 | Reply
  13. I hate you.

    That is all.


  14. Congrats Anna and TRI!! I’m so pleased for you all :)

    I really really want to down Kael but I doubt I’ll be able to find a TK raid in a suitable for me time and the DB raid is working on Archi these days.

  15. Gratz on Kael! My guild is on this verge!

    Off-topic question… and maybe I have missed from previous blogs, but that UI is extremely clean.. I’d be interested to know what addon package you are using, or what addons those are!


  16. Hey – I’ve not done a full UI post, but you can see a list of the main mods that I use over on the right sidebar. There’s another interface shot as well (though it’s not in a 25 man, and doesn’t have the oRA2 bars on it)

    I’d be more than happy to chat UIs though, if you’d like :) It’s a self-configured deal though, mainly Ace2 mods.

    By Anna on Aug 21, 2008 | Reply
  17. Wow! fast response!

    I think I might try to set up something like that after my next raid (don’t want to eff up my UI before TK). If I have any questions I’ll pop in through your contact me section! Thanks for the info!

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