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Just Dual Spec – A Rant
comment 20 Written by on December 11, 2008 – 9:54 am

(Since the Model Viewer is currently broken, mentally add an image to this post that is a Shaman in healing gear standing face to face – mirror image style – with a Shaman in enhancement gear.)

I could easily turn this into a number of different things. But for now, I want to focus on this problem:

Its primary purposes is so that player feel like they dont need to keep respec’ing for different roles or kinds of content. By far the two biggest cases where we think this is needed are:

The player who want to both PvP and run instances.
The player who swaps frequently among tanking, healing or dps (even if the dps part is to solo).

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with that first bit. PVP specs and Instancing specs (even for healers) are frequently very different, and having a way to swap between the two is fantastic, as is the ability for a DPS specced hybrid to dual spec as a healer/tank for certain raids where you might need an extra for one fight, or fill two potential roles over the course of a raid. My issue lies with the second one.

That “even if the DPS part is to solo” part.  That’s the problem.

Basically, this is a giant steaming pile of cop out.

It says “we know you can’t kill a mob 10 levels lower than you, but you can dual spec to a DPS spec!” I try very hard not to whine about class mechanics – and even though there are some really frustrating things about both Paladins and Shamans right now, I’ve been pretty good about staying away from the QQ stuff, since I think that there’s no real benefit gained from being upset about things over which we have no control.

This, however, is a little different (at least in my brain), because it’s not about a single mechanic. This isn’t about holy paladins, prot warriors, boomkin druids. This is an attitude issue on the part of Blizzard, and it frustrates me.

Instead of making each spec a viable way to play in more than one role – even if it’s focused on one particular role – this says “all characters with X spec are for Y task. If they don’t want to do Y task, well, they can dual spec to do a different task!”. And maybe I’m being overly fatalistic, but I see this as the writing on the wall for the end of hybrid flexibility.

No longer will you have ret or holy paladins that pick up a set of tank gear in an instance to help out, or resto druids that throw on some boomkin gear and DPS. Hybrid functionality – the ability to do more than one role (even if the secondary roles are not as good as a primary role) – is slowly dying. With the advent of 51 point talent trees, all hybrid roles are more specialized than ever, and being effective with “hybrid” specs is almost impossible NOW – imagine after six months or a year of dual specs?

And what does it say to new players if the standard answer to “I’m having trouble balancing my tank spec with the time I spend soloing” is “well, don’t be tank specced when you solo!”. To me, that’s the best reason NOT to spec for a specialized role (tanking/healing) – and there’s already complaints of healing and tank shortages.

It says very clearly “we know being a healer sucks when you’re not healing, we wouldn’t spec as a healer unless we actually HAD to” – and I think that’s a shame.

Unfortunately, there’s probably little or nothing anyone can do about this.

I’m not sure anyone else sees this as a problem, and I’m quite sure that they’re not going to change their minds about it now (especially since it’s been officially announced). And, at heart, I don’t think dual specs are the issue – I like the idea, as does anyone that’s played a hybrid class and been forced to be something they’ve not liked for just one night so the raid could go on. I know druids and paladins that love the idea of being able to tank OR heal on the fly as they’re needed, and that’s going to be the fantastic side to this change.

It’s the attitude toward soloing that bugs me.

I want my holy paladin and my resto shaman to be able to do simple daily quests by themselves and not have it take 5+ times as long or require outside help just to complete. I don’t want to have to flip flop repeatedly to some other spec that I like less just so that I can be competitive as a raider and have the appropriate reputation gear/enchants. I don’t need to have to carry more gear and more reagents than I already do. I don’t want purchasing “respec reagents” (or shelling out cash for respecs) to be a part of playing a healer or a tank class.

And, to be perfectly short about it, I don’t want to be retribution or elemental.

My characters have the specs that they have to fit with the people that they are. Aelflaed is a terrible ret pally – not because she does terrible DPS, but because when she’s specced ret, she’s impulsive, reckless, occasionally stupid, and constantly stressed out. She is a *holy paladin*. And Annorah is similar – her greatest relationships are with the elements of Water and Fire – Water for healing and balance, and Fire for scrying.

As class designers, Blizzard is responsible for keeping things reasonable with each spec of each class. Sure a beastmastery hunter might be able to solo faster than a survival hunter – but the survival hunter does just fine on her own. The same is NOT true of non utility/DPS classes. That should be adjusted, not glossed over with the ability to carry a second spec.  Having two specs should <increase> the total functionality of hybrids, not gloss over the fact that some of the specs are completely useless when not doing their one single role.

While the idea of dual specs is fantastic in premise, especially for hybrids that might need to pick up a secondary role for a specific fight in an instance, or people that do both PVP and PVE, the increasing trend of “Just dual spec” to solve the problem of soloing is a cop out. Blizzard just made spellpower and healing the same stats, and fixed tank stats so that they’re carrying strength and AP as well as avoidance/mitigation. Both of those changes reflect a desire to have people holding non-DPS roles be able to hang on their own as well.

Unfortunately, Dual Specs could potentially blow all of that away, as class changes get made. The idea of carrying two potential talent trees is fantastic, but the attitude and response that “if you can’t do it by yourself as a healer/tank, just dual spec” is not.

(And yes, I know, there’s both nothing I can do about it, and no solution posted in this post – because I don’t have one.  Heck, I’m not sure there *is* one, and I think the “death” of Hybrids had been coming for awhile.  Hence this being a rant (: Feel free to agree or disagree, I’d love to see some discussion, but keep it civil – not that you guys have ever made me doubt your ability for civility!)

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20 Responses to “Just Dual Spec – A Rant”

  1. I definitely see your point, and agree quite wholeheartedly. My druid feels rather uncomfortable taking the form of an owlkin, and feral DPS is quite out of the question. A lack of points in the balance tree attributes to her soloability, particularly those involving reducing cast times.

    The fundamental problem with hybrids seems to stem from the current talent tree design having its roots back in classic WoW. If they were designed similarly to Death Knight talent trees, then we wouldn’t have this problem.

    Thus, the only solution now seems to be a more drastic overhaul to the talent trees for all hybrid classes, which obviously does not bode well for class devellopers.

    krizzlybears last blog post..Even More Clam Love

  2. You made some really good points. We know that Blizzard CAN fix problems like this, because look what they did to the warrior Protection tree. I literally rolled Illithanis (my BM hunter) as a moneymaker for Linedan because soloing quests as prot was somewhat akin to going feetfirst into a wood chipper.

    Enter 3.0. Now Lin just wrecks stuff, and he can still tank his booty off, and all it takes is one 18-slot bag of gear to swap and two clicks of Itemrack to swap between the two.

    They need to go back and do “class reviews” similar to what they did for every major patch between about 1.3 and 1.13. The problem was, they screwed up about half of the classes even worse after their “review.” I’d be more optimistic now given what they’ve shown with warrior prot and with the death knight, which is a very well-designed hybrid class. But it’s still risky.

    Lewiss last blog post..The Warrior

  3. Oh please.. no more class reviews like they did between 1.3 and 1.13. I stopped playing my pally for over a year because of that crap.

    Itanya Blades last blog post..Things you should not talk about while working.

  4. I have heard this thing about Holy Paladin DPS being such a problem for a while now. Recently (to help my guild out and just to try out healing) I respced my pally tank to Holy, got good healy gear and now heal most of our 5 mans. I would have to say I saw a slight drop in my dps with the respec but the range I get with Judgments and Holy Shock more than make up for it. I don’t really understand this DPS issue. I think there are far more problems with actual main focus of the Holy spec (healing)to start worrying about Holy DPS.

    Now I don’t know about Shammy’s or Druids. But we have had one person recently level a Holy priest, mostly soloing, from one to 60. And she is at 61 or 62 now cruising through Outlands with little problems.

    I wonder if part of the problem is DPSing on your healer class feels weird, or switching between the two roles is more difficult somehow. And please don’t take that to be a slight in ANY way. I am just wondering….

    By Christian on Dec 11, 2008 | Reply
  5. @Christian:

    I’ve got a disc priest, a holy paladin, and a resto shaman (my druid is feral, and only level 55, so can’t really comment). The disc priest has no trouble soloing. At all. In fact, of all the healing classes, I think Priests are in the best setup right now. The resto shaman has some trouble, but it’s more of a pacing/drink often thing – it takes her awhile to kill things.

    My level 80 paladin, with 1300 SP/25% crit, is struggling to complete daily quests without getting murdered by the mobs. It’s not a problem dpsing with my healers, I leveled a holy priest AS holy. The range on the judgements is a nice bit of icing, but with my judgements hitting for 250, it’s pretty well not worth even *using* them, except that I”m using a 60 DPS 1H mace to hit stuff instead of the 100+DPS 1H weapons or 130+ DPS 2H weapons of other classes. Holy paladins don’t get spells to use like resto druids (moonfire, wrath), holy priests (smite, mindblast, holy fire), or resto shamans (lightning bolt, chain lightning, shocks) – we have one spell, and it’s on a 6 second cooldown, and does mediocre damage at best. I’m glad you didn’t notice a change in DPS, but my guess is that’s because you went from Prot to Holy, and not from an actual DPS spec. When I respecced holy from ret, I went from being able to kill a mob 2 levels higher than me with no problems and no downtime to struggling to kill mobs that were 2 levels lower than me.

    I have had no problems with the actual *healing* as a Holy Paladin. Sure, some things are harder than they are with my priest. Some things are harder with my Shaman than they are with my Priest or my Paladin. That’s the nature of the different healing classes.

    By Anna on Dec 11, 2008 | Reply
  6. Its rare that I flat out disagree with people on my blogroll. I hate to say it, but this time I do.

    a) Spec – Taken from the word “Specialisation” means to become highly proficient one aspect of a task or role, while letting other aspects of the task or role suffer.

    In WoW the ‘task’ is playing. The specialisations are Tanking, Melee DPS, Ranged DPS and Healing. While each of these specialisations does not exclude the ability to do much of the others, it is not expected that those other aspects are strong or equally capable. There is nothing long with taking talents from all three trees and being relatively capable in all aspects that a class is capable of, but if you specialise, you can’t expect to be as capable in other roles.

    b) Teamwork – When one person can do everything, what need do they have of other help? If I could Tank, DPS and Heal all at once, with equal strength, why wouldn’t I just solo every quest and instance and never say a word to another person. One of the strengths of WoW has always been that people need to work together to succeed the further you go. Questing -> 5-man quests -> Instances -> 10 Man -> 25 man, each level requires you to gain a larger group of people to work together. Without that forced teamwork, WoW would never be the success it is, because that teamwork created guilds, friendships, in-game love affairs, and even RL marriages.

    c) RP – In books and stories, how often do you prefer to see the “Superhero” who can win against everything, without ever being at risk. From my experience, rarely. People want to see people with flaws, inexperience and deficiencies who band together to succeed. The proto-typical priest in story generally is a pacifist, with little or no combat capability. In society, people specialise to the nth degree. How good are you at building a chair, or raising crops? Yet we still survive because we are specialised. (From an RP point of view, a Holy Pally going out and farming doesn’t survive past the first kill, you should be out to “redeem” enemies through education and respect.)

    d) The idea of “cop out” – As a software developer as well as someone who has talked to people “on the inside” of the WoW machine, class balance, and adaptablity is one of the biggest issues and has been since release. If you make a Holy priest able to DPS effectively, they become unstoppable in PVP. If you make a Tank able to DPS very well you get another unstoppable PVP character. While I dislike the fact that PVP intrudes on the PVE world so much, its unavoidable in a game of 10 million players where everyone plays the game in their way. A number of changes in 3.0 were made to bring the utility classes (tanks/healers) closer to being a viable soloing class, but they can only go so far. Right now Prot Pallies and Feral Bears are doing almost as much DPS in instances as the DPS classes for example. However, its an impossible problem, because in order to do this everywhere and perfectly. The Dual-spec is the best solution to an impossible problem. By bringing the Dual-Spec in, Blizzard doesn’t have to try to cater to everyone doing everything. If you like PVP and PVE, make a spec for each. If you just like PVE, make a spec for Solo vs Instance/Raid. Everyone complains that “Blizzard should do something” but I’m yet to see significant changes suggested that would be viable. The reason for this isn’t because they don’t know how to, but because it can’t be done. The dual-spec functionality allows Blizzard to get back to its core system, where Spec A is an awesome healer with 0 DPS, and spec B is an awesome DPS with 0 healing capability.

    This isn’t targetted directly at your rant BTW. Its just that I’ve seen these rants all over the place, but no-one has come up with any better solution than “Blizzard should do something”. They *are* doing something, by allowing us more flexibility. This isn’t anything new, all they’ve really done is reduce the cost of respeccing and glyphing at no cost.

    And as the parting word: If you don’t like it don’t use it. The world hasn’t changed.

    By Brent on Dec 11, 2008 | Reply
  7. I’m not sure I wholeheartedly agree with you on this one. I really enjoy being a “hybrid class” and play my Shaman and Druid more than any other class. Having said that, I read that statement of “even if the dps part is to solo” as an option for those that want that type of dedicated builds. I tend to be the healer in the small groups I usually run with and I enjoy filling that role, but I would throw points around differently if I had 2 spec to work with – and definitely once I get back into raiding. My raid build is not really a hybrid, I’m a healer when I raid, I only take point that help that aspect of my character and I hate having to go back and visit the trainer to get my raid spec back. I hope hybrids do not go away, and I plan to have a hybrid build and a deep Resto build. This is a proposed change that I like.

  8. @Brent:

    RP – In books and stories, how often do you prefer to see the “Superhero” who can win against everything, without ever being at risk. From my experience, rarely. People want to see people with flaws, inexperience and deficiencies who band together to succeed. The proto-typical priest in story generally is a pacifist, with little or no combat capability. In society, people specialise to the nth degree. How good are you at building a chair, or raising crops? Yet we still survive because we are specialised. (From an RP point of view, a Holy Pally going out and farming doesn’t survive past the first kill, you should be out to “redeem” enemies through education and respect.)

    I agree with you, but I hardly think that any of my characters – particularly my shaman or my paladin – fit the “do everything, win everything” stereotype. They have flaws (both physical and emotional), get hurt, get better, and work in teams with other players. Paladins – by the nature of the class as it is set up in WoW lore – are melee healers. They are not clerics. They swing big maces and generally kick ass and take names. Being a healing specialized paladin should not make Aely unable to go out and do what she needs to do. And being a healer has NEVER meant that someone is a pacifist. RP is about playing real people. And real people have never fit into boxes like “all healers are X” or “all tanks are Y” – sure they might have some of those characteristics, but stereotypes are just as flaky in RP as they are in real life.

    And this isn’t a problem against teamwork. I’m all about teamwork – I raid (and have raided all the way up to 40 man raids as a healer). The problem is that SOMETIMES I might want to do something by myself (or need to do something by myself, given that I don’t always have a 5 man team at my disposal), and I’m finding that difficult with two of my characters. And the answer isn’t “let’s see if we can fix it and make that possible” but “change your character so it’s no longer true to itself and spec something else”. I see that as a cop out. Class balance *is* an issue. The changes to spellpower and tanking went a LONG WAY to fixing that, but recent class changes have made it much much more difficult even in light of those changes.

    And I have never said I don’t like dual specs. I like the idea, and my feral druid will be taking full advantage of this. I *don’t* like that it’s being used as an excuse to not address real problems with class balance.

    By Anna on Dec 11, 2008 | Reply
  9. Bum:

    ((hee hee. Bum!)) I don’t disagree with you – and I think your situation is the ideal one for this whole Dual Spec idea. 🙂 (I’m not against Dual Specs, I’m annoyed with the attitude that’s come along with them).

    By Anna on Dec 11, 2008 | Reply
  10. I don’t disagree with “Class Balance” as long as its understood that there are a total of at least 30 classes, which fall into 4 categories. Trying to balance 9 classes against all possiblities isn’t realistic. In the MC days if you had a heal, you were a healer. There wasn’t any room for movement in this, even if you wanted to be a DPS or tank. Thankfully we’ve moved away from those days, but a Healer spec should not be balanced against a DPS spec, only other healers and vice versa.

    I disagree that a single spec should be able to do all that you want without changes. That’s not Class Balance, thats Homogenisation.

    We may as well all roll Druids and get given 200 talent points.

    By Brent on Dec 11, 2008 | Reply
  11. @Brent:

    a Healer spec should not be balanced against a DPS spec, only other healers and vice versa.


    So balance the three hybrid healers against Holy Priests.

    By Anna on Dec 11, 2008 | Reply
  12. I have to say that I totally disagree >.< Dual-specs are in my opinion the best thing that can happen for hybrid classes, because this will finally enable them to be truly hybrid.

    A feral druid is a tank, not a hybrid. He can’t heal, he can’t lolmoonfire. Not without a respec, unless the content they are doing is completely trivial. With dual-specs, hybrids will truly be able to do a bit of everything depending on what is needed the most.

    As to the portion about not being able to dps in holy… Yes, you will not be able to put out comparable dps as other specs, and even other healing classes. But that’s part of the beauty of having different classes in the first place. A pally is not a priest is not a shaman is not a druid, and they all play differently. Sure a holy priest has more dps, but they don’t wear plate. They don’t have hammer of justice, they don’t have a shield etc etc. They might kill faster, but you should take less damage. Even considering all these, it might still be true that a holy priest soloes better. But it’s impossible to make them perfectly equal due to the huge complexity involved.

    Besides, its really hard to define what is “acceptable” dps. Someone somewhere is ALWAYS going to complain that their holy pally does poor dps. If you up their dps to the point where it’s the same, then ret pallies will demand to be able to heal just as well as holy. Or tank just as well as prot. And if that came to pass WoW would lose a huge amount of the diversity that makes it fun.

    Without dual-specs, hybrids aren’t hybrids, they’re just gimps if they are not doing what they are specced to do. And they have to be because otherwise there would be no point to specs in the first place.

  13. Personally I’m looking forward to switch between resto and enhancement. I hope this will bring more acceptance for switching specs for raids once in a while. Right now it’s often “you’re specced enhancer why do you spend your dkp on healing gear zomg?!” (even if I heal 95% of all raids).

    I do see the point you’re coming from though. The problem is: blizzard has gotten into an incredibly fragile state of balancing:

    -Everything has to be balanced for pvp (healers that would do to much damage might be a problem).
    -Everything has to be balanced for raiding (dps’ers that heal to good and vice versa are a problem).

    drugs last blog post..Replenishment please

  14. I am looking forward to dual-specs, for one reason. It is 5x harder to solo as a resto shaman than it is to solo as an elemental (my current other-spec of choice). I’ve taken to respecing to elemental Saturday – Tuesday and then back to resto Wednesday – Friday for raiding.

    While I’m resto spec’d, the ONLY dailies that I do are the ones that don’t require my own spells to complete : read Wyrmrest dailies to fly on the drakes and capture the whelp. If I DO attempt to do something that requires killing, it’s only the Slaves to Saronite quest where I’ve got a 60% chance that I won’t have to kill the stupid mob. While elemental though, it takes Lightning Bolt, Flame Shock, Lava Burst, then 1 or 2 hits with my Flametongue mace. That’s it. As resto? I burn 40-60% of my mana on one mob and end at 40% health. A little different! It’s such a big difference that my play time and efforts are severly impacted depending on my spec.

    No, I don’t have another solution. Yes, I’m looking forward to dual-specs. It will save some gold for sure!

    By Niyahti on Dec 12, 2008 | Reply
  15. @Anna

    I do my dailies in the same gear I heal in. I also have been farming wintergrasp with no problems when it’s up for alliance. My spell power is over 1300 my holy crit is %24. My solo dps without consecrate (I tend to forget to put it down) is around 550 or so. I am usually sealing wisdom and judging light.

    Now I know 550 isn’t anywhere near what actual dps’er can do but I am never getting close to dieing and it takes a few seconds to kill a lvl 80 non-elite.

    I am not sure where you get this we only have one spell thing and that might be part of the problem… We have Holy Shock, Shield of Righteousness, Judgments. Not to mention Ret Aura, Seals and Consecration. Also remember we are wearing plate and can use a shield and at 80 our bubble. With the bubble and JoL on the mob my health rarely goes down when doing dailies.

    By Christian on Dec 12, 2008 | Reply
  16. Opps just noticed something.. By “bubble” I mean Sacred Shield not Divine Shield.

    By Christian on Dec 12, 2008 | Reply
  17. I kinda disagree with Anna here on a few issues. First up, Im ret or Prot. Ive been one of those two specs since 1.1, first because holy was a terrible tree and later because I despised holy healing.

    Not that I dont like healing mind. I love it. Ive a Disc priest I used for healing who is stranded at 72 for two reasons: 1. Disc sucks to solo with and I hate the shadow play style. 2. Paladin healings is absolutely bloody amazing all of a sudden. I respecced Holy because we couldnt find a healer for a heroic and Ive been hooked. Healed all fo the heroics as that spec now and loved it. About the only problem instance is Azol Nerub and the freakin AoE poison volleys.

    Pally soloing as holy is quite significantly better than it ever was. Also, the trick with Pally soloing is to pull lots of melee mobs and consecrate em to death. Compared to Disc where its pretty good vs one target and horrible vs more than one. This is obviously my personal opinion but I prefer holy pally soloing to Disc priest soloing. I prefer Ret soloing over Prot and Holy. I need to try holy priests again at some point, but I digress.

    As for the comment about dual specs, I think folks are reading too much into it. “Even if the dps part is for soloing”. I dont honestly see any attitude here beyond a perfectly valid reason to want to repsec. No healer or tank is going to be as quick at killing things as a DPS spec. Prot paladins are pretty good – better than holy right now – but certainly not anywhere near as quick as ret.

    The whole hybrid thing never really existed anyway. Prior to 1.8, Mac was happily tanking or DPSing. Paladins coundnt solo heal anything unless they overgeared it. They holy tree was terible and no-one speced into it beyond the 11 points for Divine Favour. No taunt (except for BoP) made people not consider pallies a tank. The complete lack of end game tanking gear for paladins killed that niche for everything except 5 mans. DPS? It was possible – every possible. Gear as a warrior and you could, but you couldnt heal and people wanted you to heal in raids. Sounds very familiar really. The lack of Spellpower gear in general until BWL wasnt fun either.

    Roll forward to 3.0. Providing spellpower for all three specs is a very positive step toward Hyridising as was merging stats. Talents in all three threes help healing too (sheath, crit, bonus crit heals, etc).

    The problem with pallies is that they are a melee class for DPS. Prot and Ret are now where they sould be in this regard (strnegtgh being a heavily facoured stat). Healing requires spellpower. SHocks damage is good, but its cooldown too long and seals and judgements dont do squat without strength. Shield of Righteousness is nice too… with strnegth.

    Ultimately, the downfall with holy is its gear is not useable in both healing and soloing roles which is not true of Prot gear (tanking/soloing). Im a big supporter of moving holy to a Melee stat healer somehow. Spellpower from strength like ret or from stamina like prot. You’d still need mana and regen somehow, so talents to convert something to mana (again strength or stamina) and give some mana/5 from somwehere.

    As it stands, we’ll see what happens with the increased seal/judgement damage coming next patch and also, there is a new option. Seal of COmmand is back to scaling with spellpower and strength. HOly might want to experiment with using a 2 hander to solo and that seal.

    Well see about that I guess.

    By Mac on Dec 13, 2008 | Reply
  18. This is an exeration right: “we know you can’t kill a mob 10 levels lower than you, but you can dual spec to a DPS spec!” I try very hard not to whine about class mechanics – and even though there are some really frustrating things about both Paladins and Shamans right now

    Pretty much the whole time I have played my hoy pally he has teamed up with my wife’s mage.

    Sometimes I manage not to keep up with the healing and she dies, frequently I finish off the mobs. I figured this might have given me an exaggerated send of my ability to kill stuff (she has already managed to soffen them up). Sometimes we split up on gather quests, but that is rare, and they tend to have softer mobs.

    Last night she dropped off the edge of a cliff and left me with 4 fresh mobs all slightly above my level. Well 3 fresh and one slightly broken in. I killed them all. No problem. Well, I had a problem with it taking a VERY LONG TIME. Bash-bash-bash-holy-shock-repeat, with some bash-bash-bash-flash-of-light thrown in for good measure. They definitly were out damaging me (esp when there were 4 of them), but they were not getting enough damage through my plate to out pace my healing. (my “leveling gear” favors plate even if it doesn’t have quite the +INT/+SpellPower kicker as cloth…since leveling for me is part tank and part healer)

    So I don’t think a holy pally has too much troubble killing things. I _do_ think a holy pally has trouble killing things before I feel like taking a nap.

    By Stripes on Dec 23, 2008 | Reply
  19. Just saw this and while I agree with a multitude of the things in the blog as well as the comments from th readers, I can’t wait for the dual spec to come out. I currently play a PvE Disc priest (not sure that a PvP one would be much different) and as soon as the dual spec is released I plan on making a holy build. Call me crazy but I don’t care, I love healing instances and absolutely hate questing (no matter what class or spec. That being said I avoid doing quests like the plague, which goes to show by looking at the number of quests completed in my achievements (only 782 when I dinged 80) which is around 825 since I started getting all the coins to get my Elder title.

    By priestgiblet on Jan 26, 2009 | Reply
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