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It didn’t take long to get from Thunder Bluff to the Echo Isles – Ankona took advantage of a wyvern so she could think and plan before getting to her destination. She had information to confirm with the spirits – was Gromnor dead? Was he really in the northern part of the Eastern Kingdoms, somewhere […]

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Guest Post! Why Everyone Should…
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So, in the interest of being interesting, and because he’s generally awesome like that, today’s post is brought to you by none other than Tarquin ap Danwyrith, rogue, rapscallion, and mastermind behind the madness that is Totally Raids, Incorporated.

I’ve been raiding with TRI since August (I think?) and it’s been a great time. Finding a progressing 25 man raid that not only is RP friendly but that has active character interactions during the raid itself isn’t really easy, even on a (so-called) RP Server, and I’m really happy to have the chance to raid with them. Tarquin, being our fearless leader, has had the rather unenviable job of corralling the 25 headless chickens into being 5/6 SSC/ 2/4 TK, and somewhere in there he’s had some time to reflect on all that leadership…


Why Everyone Should Lead A Raid

  • So you can be bombarded with tells the moment you log on, wondering if there’s a spot for tonight.
  • So while everyone else is chatting amiably on Vent and plodding to the instance, you and the officers can be cloistered trying to hash out the roster.
  • So you can try to assemble an effective melee group out of two rogues, two druids, a shammy, a warrior and a ret pally, while the hunters whisper you wondering if they could get Grace of Air.
  • So you can hustle the raid along to the next boss, trying to get finished before your MT and half the healers have to get to bed, while everyone stands around oohing and aahing over some piece of crap belt from a trash mob.
  • So you can spend ten minutes trying to balance groups for a single encounter with absurd positioning design, finally get it right, and then tear out your hair when the healing lead informs you he’s got healing assignments set and everyone is in the wrong place.
  • So you can force the frustration out of your voice and cajole the raid into picking it up, running back, and rebuffing while trying not to choke that one mage who just wiped the fucking raid. Again.
  • So you can pay out of your own e-pockets for another goddamn repair bot, and of course it has to be one of the new ones, because the idiot druids are all out of thornroot.
  • So that when you let a hint of your frustration slip in another chat channel, you get to spend the next 30 minutes apologizing, soothing bruised egos, and being chewed out for acting in a manner unbefitting a raid leader.
  • So you can experience the joy of telling kind-hearted, intelligent, funny people who are having the time of their lives that they can’t spend the night gaming with their friends anymore, because they’re bad at a video game, and for this exceedingly minor flaw they must be punished because their lack of skill is ruining the night for 24 other people.
  • So you can find love and comfort at the bottom of a vodka bottle.
  • So you can stay up too late, procrastinate on your coursework, miss time with friends and family, forget to call your girlfriend, eat cold pizza for dinner, down three times the recommended dose of aspirin, be miserable at work the next morning – and still wipe at 1%, one fucking percent, and feel responsible for the mistakes of twenty-five people.
  • So that when you finally, finally kill that boss, you can experience the real, non-sarcastic joy of knowing that this would not have happened without you, that nobody can say you didn’t earn this, and all those headaches and petty arguments and fits of emo were worth it.

Why Everyone Should Be A Member of Someone Else’s Raid.

  • So you can finally get into the group at the last second, only to find out you beat out two of your friends for the last ranged DPS spot and they’ve been hoping to see Tempest Keep for weeks.
  • So you can find yourself, once again, in Group 5 with the other leftover DPS and a random paladin, struggling to come in top 10 on the meters because the raid leader gave all the synergistic buffs to his pet melee.
  • So you can be castigated for taking too long on loot, win a cool epic belt on a hurried roll, and then feel like an ass when you have time to run the numbers and realize it was only a sidegrade after all.
  • So you can stand around in front of a boss for ten minutes while the groups constantly shift, while raid chat is silent, Vent is full of awkward, idle chatter, and your class lead has a <DND> up, wondering what the fuck is going on.
  • So you can feel like an asshole after wiping the raid while trying to get range for your polymorph, and resign yourself to trying to fire off that sheep on the pull before half the healers get wiped out by your target’s volleys, even though you know you can find the range this time. You think.
  • So you can get chewed out for forgetting to restock on reagents, which was the last thing on your mind when your boss called asking if you could come in on Saturday and your kid’s fever went up to 99.5 degrees.
  • So you can listen to your friend in another guild talk about what a dick your raid leader was in IRC, complaining about how his priests can’t heal their shit and his warlocks die every fucking pull, and ask why you even put up with this guy, and you get to defend someone who may have just been insulting you in public.
  • So you can watch your friend who you’ve been guilded with for a year kicked from the raid because she can’t meet a seemingly arbitrary set of numbers, and then enjoy the residual bitterness as she watches from the sidelines 2-4 nights a week while you group with the people who told her she wasn’t good enough
  • So you can come to the dawning realization that the guy running this show is three sheets to the wind, and may not be old enough to drink legally.
  • So you can stay up too late, procrastinate on your coursework, miss time with friends and family, forget to call your girlfriend, eat cold pizza for dinner, down three times the recommended dose of aspirin, be miserable at work the next morning – and still wipe at 1%, one fucking percent, and feel helpless to stop it because you can’t be responsible for twenty-five people.
  • So that when you finally kill that boss, you can feel a part of something bigger, a winning team, and have an experience in common with everyone else who worked through the disconnects and belittlement and mass frustration to beat a challenge, and realize you’d do it all again.


(I tried to mention The Hair, Tarq, but it just didn’t fit in the intro…)

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  1. Great article! I’m glad I’ve seen all sides of the raid, it makes me more understanding of what everyone’s doing. I wish everyone could take a turn at raid leadership, too.

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