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An old story, reposted here as I’m shaking the mothballs off Ankona and needed an easy way to show people a little bit about the (batshit) things she gets up to. Enjoy, and don’t be too creeped out! It really was a pretty thing, now that she got a good look at it. The polished […]

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It’s “Give Anna Weapons” Weekend!
comment 3 Written by on June 8, 2008 – 10:30 pm

Just got done with my Zul’Aman run – and I got a Rage to match my Fury, and a Dark Blessing (as expected, since I got the Vashj mace).


Enchants are freaking expensive. Annalira’s super-secret-stash is now completely cleaned out, and I’ve put Mongoose on the Rage and Spellsurge on the Dark Blessing (since I’m going to be using it for a spell-haste set, and when I’m spamming, usually I’m looking for the regen over the +heal). I also got a few little enchants to the rest of my enhancement gear, and I’m hoping to get into some of the WTF runs with Annorah now, to gear up her off-sets, now that Annalira is pretty well done with badge gear.

Hooray for upgrades!

*watches epic flying mount fade farther off into the distance*

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3 Responses to “It’s “Give Anna Weapons” Weekend!”

  1. LOL…
    *watches epic flying mount fade farther off into the distance*

    Gratz on the drops!

    It is amazing what a good run of drops does to one’s bank account. After one night I got 3 big upgrades but a downgrade to the bank account (4 gold). I think the last time I was at 4 gold was when I was lvl 13.

  2. Fortunately as a healer it’s all really easy stuff that doesn’t cost too much money (if you have the connections). I absolutely dread gearing out the hunter, though, because it’s always so costly and the enchants I want see to be limited in supply. Bleh!

    Congratulations on the loot; hopefully you’ll have enough time to restock before your next big upgrade!

  3. Unfortunately not all the upgrades were healer stuff actually.

    Vashj mace got 81 healing
    Dark Blessing got Spellsurge
    Rage got Mongoose (I still need to get ‘goose on Fury)
    and my shield got 12 int.

    So I’m cleaned out! I’m just hoping I don’t get too many hunter upgrades – Angoleth doesn’t have ANY enchants right now, because Annorah and Annalira together have 5 sets of gear between them!

    By Anna on Jun 9, 2008 | Reply

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