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It didn’t take long to get from Thunder Bluff to the Echo Isles – Ankona took advantage of a wyvern so she could think and plan before getting to her destination. She had information to confirm with the spirits – was Gromnor dead? Was he really in the northern part of the Eastern Kingdoms, somewhere […]

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So last night, Annalira and friends ventured yet again into the realm of the Forest Trolls in search of purpl itamz and good times. Nalorakk down, and we beat the timer (first time for that! yay!) – paladin and hunter drops. Smacked Akil’zon around too, for the shaman healing hat – which went to the paladin as well. No real love lost, as Annorah has the engineering goggles, which should last her until at least BT/Hyjal. And then, as has been the case for the last several weeks, Halazzi beat us into the ground.


I am of the opinion that Annalira maxed out her gear -> healing ratio last night. Because I know it’s not the tanks. Both are in T5 bits and tanking through SSC, and both are intelligent and situationally aware, and I was spamming max rank GHeals on my assigned tank and just could not keep up with the damage. I was using mana oil, a flask of healing power, and golden fishsticks, chugging mana pots like a rehab relapse, and STILL I watched as my heals landed and never managed to get back to anywhere near full. And those cleaves HURT.

I think this can only mean one thing. Less QQ, more pewpew.
I don’t like having two level 70’s that are heal specced anyway, and Anna is arguably more useful as shadow anyway. Her gear is certainly comparable to her healing gear (full frozen shadoweave and Karazhan drops) Which means that my Z’A group will need another healer – probably difficult/unlikely at this point. But having a mana battery really pads the healing, and she’s a walking DOT factory, plus being able to effectively CC most humanoid mobs. And while we can argue all day about the level of sophistication that Forest Trolls have, Blizzard still classes them as humanoid.

Of course, none of this desire to go back shadow is related to my wanting to have a troll pet to play with or anything… not me! well, ok maybe just a little… please? That one over there – the one that shoots fire?

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