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It didn’t take long to get from Thunder Bluff to the Echo Isles – Ankona took advantage of a wyvern so she could think and plan before getting to her destination. She had information to confirm with the spirits – was Gromnor dead? Was he really in the northern part of the Eastern Kingdoms, somewhere […]

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What do you do with Old Characters?
comment 12 Written by on January 21, 2009 – 10:31 am

My very first healer was a priest – Annalira. However, as I’m sure many of you have noticed, I get a great deal of my motivation for playing from RP – feeling connected to the character. Sometimes I create that motivation, as I’m doing with Annylais and leveling.

Other times, however, it’s hard.

Annalira has, in effect, had several in character things that have made it very hard for me to connect to her at all anymore. Which is not to say that I don’t enjoy priesting – I do, or I’d just delete her, or make her my banker… which isn’t a bad idea, since that’d open up a character slot…hmm… except that my banker has more RP than she does!

Annalira was created inside a group of other RPers, and she had a place there in that group. Unfortunately that group has either left the game or is no longer RPing in any way that I know of (with a few exceptions – Nauloera over at That Damn RPer being one of them). Since then, I’ve tried to pick up RP with her, and it’s either failed or blown up in my face every time. And that createss personal (OOC) baggage that manages to carry over into IC interactions. In short, I feel no connection to the character, and don’t really like her.

I like her idea – her concept (a totally drama-free, generally happy person with a stable family that is both still alive and still part of her life).  However, RPing that with a different group makes it hard to find a place for her, and – to be honest – I don’t find her interesting anymore.

It’d be really easy to just let her “ride back home to her family” and retire. But then I’d not have the priest in my arsenal, and I really do like priesting.

So I’m stuck with a dilemma. Do I…

  1. delete her entirely?
  2. turn her into a glorified bank alt (difficult, given her myriad of stuff and the fact that I rather like my current banker)?
  3. give her a new name and a new face, and try to start some new RPs?
  4. continue to ignore her and pretend she doesn’t exist?

#4 has been my solution for most of Burning Crusade and all of Lich King.

How do/would you guys handle this situation? I’m looking for advice, and you’re some of the smartest people I know!

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12 Responses to “What do you do with Old Characters?”

  1. Why not change her story line? She seems like she’s been happy for a long time, perhaps its time she learn some “evil” ways? Or maybe she has a little bit of Multiple Personality Disorder… or maybe she’s not her at all, but a twin who was parted at birth who has come to take over her life? So many things you could do with that to help her meld into your current “flow” but if you want to retain the story, it seems you just might have to wait until a more suitable opportunity arrives, which means leaving her be until it arrives.

    AltoholicsAreUss last blog post..Sarcasm Abound

  2. P.S. Ive never RP’ed. I dont know if there are rules or what not for it, its just what I thought of when I saw this post.

    AltoholicsAreUss last blog post..Sarcasm Abound

  3. @AltoholicsAreUs:

    The thing with retconning her story is that… well… I’ve done bits of it a few times and it doesn’t really work with this character. She’s 3+ years old, and runnign with the same story (more or less) that whole time. And for whatever reason, changing it isn’t something I want to do. At all. I like her story a lot – I just don’t like RPing with her anymore, partially because of some OOC things.

    I’m really leaning towards a completely fresh start.

    By Anna on Jan 21, 2009 | Reply
  4. How does reincarnation fit in with your RP world? (Basically, figure out a way to start over with new name, etc.)

    Kestrels last blog post..Patch 3.0.8: Some Undocumented Good Things

  5. @Kestrel:

    That’d be easy… but then I’d have to kill her >.>

    INteresting idea though…

    By Anna on Jan 21, 2009 | Reply
  6. Your OOC baggage is going to be there no matter what name you attach to the toon.

    If you think you can move beyond that, which can be difficult, then I would change the name and craft a new story and a new look.

    Make a new character and make her intersting to you.

    Itanya Blades last blog post..I wrote something not WoW

  7. I’m working on a response. I know a lot about this problem.

    Ilas last blog post..Tuesday Almost-Wednesday Saturday Friday Five

  8. Maybe you could change her current situation without changing her past story. Like something awful could happen to her family, or she could be injured in a life-altering way, or some sort of trauma. Just to throw a -little- drama into her life.

    I know whenever my characters in old RPs used to get dull, I’d ruin their lives a little and they got interesting again.

    By MW on Jan 21, 2009 | Reply
  9. The nice thing about RPing, is that characters and their lives are a constantly evolving thing. Give her story a new and interesting twist and press on with pride.

    teh Khol Abidess last blog post..Part the Fourteenth: Bloodwork

  10. I’d put my vote with a couple of suggestions. Firstly, I think killing her off might be a very good idea. It will give you a clean break with her storyline. Then, rename/reface, and perhaps your new priest could have some sort of amnesia (I’m sure that’s a little Mary Sue, but it gives her a good reason to be at her current level with no knowledge of how she got there). Maybe even respec her for a little while until some old memories surface about her ties to the light (or shadow, as the case may be), and she returns to her roots, but as an entirely new person.

    I hope that made some sense 🙂

    Asaras last blog post..What do you think?

  11. I’d go for number 3, if you dont feel connected with how she is now, then change that! There’s no reason why you can’t.

    I like Asara’s idea there^^ Having never played as an RPer, I don’t really relate to that side of it much.

    Hope you decide what to do and it’s right for you and your priestie!

    Softis last blog post..The Run-of-the-mill UI post.

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