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It didn’t take long to get from Thunder Bluff to the Echo Isles – Ankona took advantage of a wyvern so she could think and plan before getting to her destination. She had information to confirm with the spirits – was Gromnor dead? Was he really in the northern part of the Eastern Kingdoms, somewhere […]

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Just a game?
comment 2 Written by on March 11, 2008 – 8:21 am

(Warning – RPer content ahead)

So, when I’m not busy being a restorelemenhancement shaman (since I love all three specs, but am currently resto), I can be found playing a priest. Annalira leveled holy, aside from a short stint with shadow from levels 63-67ish, and she has always been intended to be a healer. Pre-BC she raided Molten Core and BWL as an auxiliary healer – never really had the gear to sustain main healing. She was the first character I got to 70, but when I rolled Annorah she took a bit of a back seat.

And then Totally Raids picked up Annorah – my enhancement shaman, who was NOT supposed to be a healer. And two weeks later Annorah became my resto shaman.

Having two level 70 fully-specced healers, and no other alts at 70… blows. I couldn’t farm, I could barely quest (as long as the quests were 3 levels lower than I was), and I got tired of the run around it took to get a group to get anything done, as well as the constant expectation that I would heal for whatever anyone wanted me to heal.

So in one great marathon I dropped herbalism, leveled tailoring from 0-350, respecced Shadow, and started working on Anna’s frozen shadoweave set. And all was good. Until I started to have in-character interactions, and realized that as much as shadow is useful, and has great DPS, and is a wonderful addition to a group… there was no way I could reasonably justify Annalira’s shadow spec without totally redoing her character (not going to happen).

This was a few months ago. Since then I’ve tried a few things (from only using shadowform when I’m actually nuking things, to wearing pretty not-arcanist-reskin gear around town) but in the end things haven’t felt the same with Anna. And while I’m connected to all my characters very strongly, she’s probably the one that I identify with the most – feeling a disconnect from that meant that I stopped writing about her, stopped talking to her really.

painsuppression And I started thinking (dangerous, I know), if there were some way to have her be primarily focused on Holy/Light, without having her automatically be a healer. Two things came to mind. Heavy discipline/pain suppression priest – a PVP healer; and a smite build. Now, I’ve not tried deep discipline in awhile, so I suppose that’s a viable alternative, but that’s not a DPS build – and she fills a DPS spot in a Karazhan raid and a Zul’Aman raid, and I’m not sure I want to go back to having two level 70 healers (though having Angoleth at 70 would help).

Smite builds? Well, there’s a reason they’re called Lolsmite builds. Can you do the DPS? Yes, smitekind of. But you’re not a mage, and you’re not a warlock. You lose all the utility of the shadowpriest but you don’t get the scaling damage of a pure damage caster. Unlike shadow, you have easy access to mana-efficient backup heals, but there are lots of classes that do that with much more utility than a smite priest (elemental shaman being the one that comes to mind).

And thus you see my dilemma. The most logical spec for Annalira is something like the 34/27/0 build that I’m experimenting with right now. And damn if it’s not a fun way to play. Lots of usable spells, equivalent DPS to shadow, easy backup healing – the Heroic Mechanar run I did Sunday night went well, as did the heroic Shattered Halls and heroic Mana Tombs runs I did Monday, and the playstyle is really enjoyable. But if I ever want to bring her to anything more complicated than Karazhan? Well, from a raid leader standpoint, there are no situations that I’ve experienced up through SSC/TK where I would say “You know, I wish we had a smite priest”.

So far I really like this build, but I don’t want to get groups only with people that already know and like me (not that I don’t like grouping with friends, but it’s nice to know that you’re there both because they like you AND because they know you’re not a noob).

So when is it, really, just a game? At what point do you say “spec how you like and have fun with it” and when do you say “you know, you just can’t hack it, time to respec or find the door”?

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2 Responses to “Just a game?”

  1. To dove-tail on a previous comment — I know what you mean about Anna just not being a shadow priest. Yes, it’s more DPS … and more utility. But if that’s not Anna, there’s not much you can do about it.

    Alianna leveled shadow, and things were fine. Upon reaching 60, I switched to holy and promptly turned into a heal-bot. Sure, this was fine, for a while. Over time though, I got super-burned out of healing. So I stopped playing her. Once I got my lock to 70 in BC, I started working on Alianna again. Respec’d to shadow. Tried to nuke. I can do it, but it’s not enjoyable and it feels SO wrong for Alianna to be shadow again.

    I did most of my RP character development (as little as it is) when Alianna was 60, so she mirrors me a lot, like Anna does with you. So yeah, Alianna is still shadow because leveling holy is a pain and nearly impossible, but it’s not enjoyable. I’m hoping that at 70 I can regain my love of healing and go back to holy. In the mean time though, I’ll suffer through shadow and the feeling of wrong-ness that it brings.

    Yes, for me it’s still a game with Alianna, but the game stinks leveling holy, so shadow it is. =)

    By Niyati on Mar 11, 2008 | Reply
  2. Hmm…. I think it depends. If I’m wandering around happily but want to raid and am told I have to respec to raid… hah! Its just a game… I’ll find someone else silly. Oh and with the right group of people you could even do BT as a smite priest…you just won’t be bringing as much to the table as everyone else.

    However, if I’m more concerned about being helpful and assisting in any way possible to the success of the group… I’m going to respec into the best spec for my class.

    Please note that both paths you are helping others and having fun and enjoying the game. In option 1, my character’s story is most important to me and the people I raid with. In option 2, my characters story isn’t as important as boosting my raid by 1-10% effectiveness so that we can see instance faster.

    Depending on the character… I’d go either way.

    My shaman is a melee healer. This is what he does. I cannot imagine respeccing him ele. Not even if it got me the best ele gear in game. Not even if it was what would help my guild the most. Same story with my druid.

    My priests or warlock? I could respec them anything at the drop of a hat. It might take me a while to learn the role but to me they are more about helping the party/guild than any particular story.

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