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She was barely fifty years old* when she took her first – a contract handed out in Everlook, though how she’d ended up in that godsforsaken ice-sheet she couldn’t be sure. It was a simple thing to kill the woman listed on the paper she had signed. Anryl had no idea what Telwae Lightsorrow had […]

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Totally Pallyzhan
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Once upon a time, ten paladins went to Karazhan.

It was *very shiny*


There was lots of buffing…


And they even got to hear an opera! Which, though it was the one opera they were hoping they wouldn’t hear (Oz), everyone enjoyed anyway.

http://www.toomanyannas.com/images/pallyzhan/opera.jpg (full screenshot)

Farther up in the tower, they encountered some nasty pulls of imps and casters, but instead of having the *tank* run in and bubble, they all decided to try it.


It worked! (For everyone except Fingold, who died spectacularly).

When they were fighting Aran, there was a bit of fun to be had with flame wreaths:



And then he decided he wanted a drink when he was at 1% health (the bastard)


But the paladins all knew how to handle that!


They fought demons and imps, dragons, wraiths and mana elementals, and even played a giant game of chess. At the very top of the tower, they found the Prince of Karazhan (at least, that’s what he was calling himself).

And they killed him too, because he’s a big meanie.


And, like any group of paladins, when they were done, they celebrated with a synchronized bubble hearth.


The End.

Short Version:

  • Attumen was….Attumen
  • Moroes AoE pulls go down so fast it’s funny
  • AoE tanking > Moroes
  • Maiden’s Lightening is a good way to cut back on the number of people in melee
  • Oz it totally doable with a tank for EVERYTHING.
  • Nightbane takes a long time on the ground; air phase LOL
  • Curator is..curator
  • Aran trash sucks…when you get two robots and fish all at once.
  • Illhoof is a pushover
  • Aran is annoying without interrupts
  • Who needs single pulls on ethereals/wraiths/anything?
  • Paladin healers can tank green beams
  • We were not geared enough for chess >.>
  • Prince with all melee is a special kind of awesome.

There is also now a Totally Druidzhan in the works.  Laisrean is level 36.  Sorry, as much as I’d like to go, there’s no way in hell.

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7 Responses to “Totally Pallyzhan”

  1. OMG! That is great! Paly poofs for the win!

  2. Hilarious.

  3. I don’t even play a paladin and I have to say this is awesome.

  4. hahaha Anna I love it .. AWESOME!

  5. Aww, c’mon. Come to Totally Druidzhan.

    By Eith on Jul 3, 2008 | Reply
  6. Do want.

    By Aertho on Jul 7, 2008 | Reply
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