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An old story, reposted here as I’m shaking the mothballs off Ankona and needed an easy way to show people a little bit about the (batshit) things she gets up to. Enjoy, and don’t be too creeped out! It really was a pretty thing, now that she got a good look at it. The polished […]

PVPers aren’t asshats – Asshats are asshats.
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In WoW, there are categories.

Categories of players, categories of guilds, categories of groups and instances and gear and all kinds of things.

Some of those categories are easy – This is a 5 man dungeon; That is a 25 man dungeon. This is cloth armor; That is mail armor. This server follows the PVP ruleset; That server follows the PVE ruleset.

Those are concrete categories.

Categorizing players, however, is harder. What is Hardcore?  What is Casual?  Does Hardcore mean “has defeated Yogg-Saron”, regardless of hours spent during the week?  Does “Casual” mean “has never been in a raid”, even if that player is online several hours every day? And what about categories that “overlap”?

The subtitle of this blog is “Because Raiding and Roleplay are not Mutually Exclusive” – obviously I overlap in those two categories.  I also spend some time every week PVPing.  I have pretty good gear, and a fair chunk of resilience.  Does that make me a PVPer?

Arguably, this kind of thing is what makes WoW successful.  Whether you want PVP, raiding, small groups, instancing, alts, or just to bum around fishing with your friends, there’s a place for you in the game.

So Where’s the Problem?

The problem comes when one category of players decides that another category of players is “insert derogatory term here”.

Everyone has a category, to other players.

If you stand in Krasus’ Landing on your Rusted Proto Drake with your full set of hardmode epics… you will get labeled as a raider. And if you ask someone that’s never been in a raid before, reads the forums all the time, and hangs out in trade chat what that means?  I’m pretty sure you won’t like their description of you.

If you’re not around in major “primetime”, do a few pugged instances, and try to give advice to a player in a high end raiding guild working on hardmodes, you might not like their reaction either.

You and they have different goals. You have different experiences of the game. And whether those category associations are right or wrong, we all butt up against them from time to time.

Unfortunately that leads to the point of this post – and something that really, REALLY burns my toast.

“Other” ness

Ok – so maybe someone’s never met a high end raider that’s not an elitist asshat.

And so they make a huge blanket statement, in front of me or directly to me, about how all high end raiders are asshats that care about nothing but epics, and their raid leaders are all immature jerks that know nothing about the game.  Most likely this is done with some kind of commiserative feeling, as though I will support them in this bashing.

I then respond “Well, I may not be in a server first guild, but I’m in a pretty high end progression raid, and generally I don’t think I’m an asshat that cares about nothing but epics, and I help lead a raid in which I’m pretty careful to either know my stuff or know who to ask about something I’m unfamiliar with.”

To which I get the reply “Well, not YOU Anna, YOU’RE not like that.”

Think about that for a second. So you expect me to take part in the bashing of a group to which I belong (raiders) and to vilify them further by making myself into some kind of raider but not-like-them raider?

It’s not a complement – and it doesn’t make the situation “better”.  I raid. I spend 7 hours a week in a 25 man raid and 4-5 (ish) in a 10 man. I work my butt off during those hours, plus the time I spend outside raid helping with rosters and strategies and making sure I’m doing the best I can with my class to keep up with where we want to be.

I’m not going to turn my back on that to commiserate about how all raiders are jerks.

I’ve done a lot of things in this game. I’ve been a nub, a raider in several different “levels” of raids, a casual, a “hardcore” (timewise, but not raiding wise), a RPer, a PVPer, an alt-leveler, a pugged healer in an instance and a healer lead for a 25 man raid; I’ve played Alliance and Horde.

And guess what?

There is not one group that “wins” on being jerks, asshats, immature, inappropriate, epix-hording, ninja-looting bastards.

So when you find yourself face to face with one of those Immature, Jerkish, Inappropriate, Epix-hording, Ninja-looting Bastards?  Take a minute, and before you tar everyone in what you think their “category” is (‘cause you might be wrong about that too), take a deep breath, and step back.

‘cause YOU certainly aren’t all of those awful things that other people say about your category.

Maybe you’re a casual player, but not a baddie.  Maybe you LOVE PVP, but you’re not a competitive jerk that spams shit in the BG channel.  Maybe you’re a great writer and RPer and you don’t engage in ERP/cyber.  Maybe you’re a raider that’s part of a group of friends that laughs and jokes and has trouble with giving away loot because everyone is too concerned with making the group better and making sure other people get the best upgrades too.

Take yourself outside of your own experience for a minute – sure, you are absolutely right to get mad at and never group again with said ninja-looting dimwit. And if they are doing something particularly despicable, you should report them to their guild leader or to a GM depending. But your experience does not define the entirety of the game.

“I don’t like PVP because it’s frustrating and not very fun” is very different from “I hate PVP because everyone that does PVP is an immature, e-peen waving 12 year old.”

Raiders are people who Raid.  RPers are people who RP. PVPers are people who PVP.

And PEOPLE are sometimes wonderful, and sometimes awful.

It’s not their category that makes them that way.  It’s their humanity.

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Aely, with Maera, who is prancing around like a 3 year old in her new Argent Barding.

I have a secret…
comment 14 Written by on August 19, 2009 – 10:01 am

It’s a very timely little secret, given the near-fanatical ravings flying around recently about what may or may not be be happening in the upcoming expansion and whether it does or does not suck and if it may or may not totally destroy the game.

I’m not interested in the WoW news that will get announced at Blizzcon.

Quite frankly, I don’t really care. I haven’t even read the “leaks” posted on MMO-Champion!

Now – before you tar and feather me for being a heretic that doesn’t worship at the feet of the next expansion, hear me out on this one.

I’m not interested in the next expansion because I’m too busy playing this one.

I’ve got RP to work out, raids to help organize, healing to do, alts to level, and just frankly too much stuff that I want to do NOW in Wrath of the Lich King.  We’re learning a new instance, Aely’s knee deep in RP (and seriously worried about something called “Yumm-Saron Veggie Stew”… don’t ask), and Annie Mae is just about ready to transition into Outland.

The next expansion will come soon enough.  And when it gets here, I want it to be new and exciting.  I want to be surprised by things, and enjoy the discovery of just what all has happened since we pwnt Arthas (which we haven’t even DONE yet).

Planning out how my class will or won’t work in an expansion that WILL change drastically between now and it’s release is a waste of my time. I can do all the planning I want – and then see it all go up in smoke when someone changes their mind later on.

So I’m not interested in knowing every nitty gritty detail of the next expansion.  Doing so steals a lot of the joy that I get out of discovering things on my own.  It’s the same reason I don’t play on the PTR, or do new bosses on the test realms.

Will I read about it?

Eh – a little, if I get bored and am not getting bombarded by OMG BLIZZCON constantly. I might even talk about it with a few friends, because, as a blogger, I really do need to keep on top of the major currents of the game.

Will it get forced on me from every angle, resulting in my dropping out of chat channels, not logging in to twitter, and avoiding chatrooms for a week so I don’t have to listen to the same info get hashed and rehashed and rehashed over and over again?


I realize that this secret that I have is an unusual one – that “everyone” loves patch notes, loves to speculate wildly, to spend hours getting their blood pressure up about how some change is AWFUL or AWESOME or OMG – but I’m not “everyone”. If reading about patch notes and making crazy speculations and drooling over the new expansion announcements makes you happy?  Go for it!  There are many people that will enjoy the same kinds of discussions!

I want to enjoy what I have now, and I’ll enjoy what’s coming when it gets here.

(My other secret is that I /am/ looking forward to the information about Diablo III that will be coming at Blizzcon.  I’m not actively playing Diablo right now, and I’m looking forward to the new game releasing sometime next year or so.  But I still won’t be compulsively refreshing the webpages or watching the live feed for it! We have months to read about and get used to these changes!)

Seals, Judgments, and Holy Pally Handwaving
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I got a heads-up after my big 3.2 mana regen post that I’d missed a major source of regen that a fellow paladin, Nahyomi, had been using to good effect.

And then I went to test it out… and absolutely nothing happened.

So I was very puzzled.


Here’s the scenario:

  • Nahyomi was receiving a TON of regen from using Judgment of Wisdom regularly – every 6 seconds if possible.
  • When doing so, she was proccing what she called Seal of Wisdom, and was gaining back GOBS of mana – enough to not have to use Divine Plea nearly as often as previously.
  • The change to Judgments with 3.2 makes any Judgment have the same proc chance as any other ranged/melee attack to proc Seal of Wisdom.  Hence my utter confusion – and lack of available regen, since this was totally random and in NO way getting close to the kind of numbers that Nahyomi was talking about.

So there are a few options.  Nahyomi could be lying – but I highly doubt that. She could be seeing the greater mana longevity because she was using a GCD every six seconds to cast a Judgment – which costs less than a big heal. But she also had some concrete regen numbers from a webstats parse – so I decided to dig a little deeper, since in reality, this /should/ be based on Math and Numbers and Stuff Like That.

So I enlisted the help of The Amazing Macmoran (who is one of the best Paladins I know) to see what was up.  He was also summarily confused, but we did some testing anyway, and discovered that, amazingly enough, he WAS getting extra mana regen from Judging.  And I still definitely wasn’t.

/me scratches her head, puzzled.

So Mac respecced, dropped all of his talents, and tried again.  No regen other than the expected, random Seal of Wisdom procs from Judgments as normal attacks.

NOW we’re getting somewhere.

So he applied a few judicious talent points (10 in Retribution, just to get Heart of the Crusader) … and discovered that it wasn’t that Judgment of Wisdom was now proccing Seal of Wisdom – but that if he already had Judgment of Wisdom up on a target, and he Judged it again – which caused Heart of the Crusader to re-apply itself – not only would Seal of Wisdom proc, but the ORIGINAL Judgment would proc off the HotC proc.

Magic!  Double regen!

So we did some more tinkering.  Turns out Vindication and Righteous Vengeance can ALSO proc the extra regen.

Now – it’s entirely possible that this is an unintended bug (there are a pile of bugs right now with Judgments and Seals – including one where Seal of Righteousness can double proc off itself). It’s also entirely possible that this is working as intended as a method of Ret Paladin regen – though unlikely, since Heart of the Crusader is so far up in the Ret tree as to be available to most Prot and Holy pallies as well.

So what’s the difference?

I don’t have Heart of the Crusader.

I’m running a 54/17/0 “Bubbledin” spec right now – and as such, I wasn’t seeing the extra regen. And I couldn’t Judge every 6 seconds anyway, but only every 10. As soon as I swapped to my Retribution spec, I magically got more regen from judging – frequently double procs on Judgment of Wisdom.

What does this mean?

Well, it means now that I no longer have 4 piece T8 (since I got The Pants of Awesometacular in 25 man Trial of the Champion), there is a lot less pull to stay with a 54/17/0 spec – right now.  If this is, in fact, a bug, we can expect it to get hotfixed shortly, as they hotfix all paladin problems quickly and often with little actual testing (… but that’s a rant for another day.  moving on).  If it’s NOT a bug, then there’s a little more benefit to the 51/5/15 spec, as it picks up Heart of the Crusader, as well as makes me take another look at the Paladin Tier 9 two piece set bonus.

Why?  Well, the 2-piece set bonus is as follows:

Increases the duration of your Judgments by 10 seconds.

Since this actually increases the duration of the Judgment on the target, that means we have an extra 10 seconds during which a re-cast Judgment can proc Heart of the Crusader, which will then double proc our regen. Is it suddenly awesometacular?  Not really – but it kinda sucks a little less. Maybe.

Anyway – this is all a lot of speculation, but it’s something interesting to try out, especially if you’re still running with the standard 51/5/15 build. Try it and see what your results are. From my experience, it’s a little more sporadic than “every time” – but it’s definitely a good way to stretch our now more limited mana pools after the patch!

(I’ve not yet respecced out of my 54/17/0 build, because I’m stubborn and I like it, but if this particular gem hangs around after today’s patch, it may be time to switch back to a cookie-cutter 51/5/15 build)

The Stink Eye, Part II: You remind me of the babe

August 4, 2015 – 12:22 pm

An old story, reposted here as I’m shaking the mothballs off Ankona and needed an easy way to show people a little bit about the (batshit) things she gets up to. Enjoy, and don’t be too creeped out!

It really …

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