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It didn’t take long to get from Thunder Bluff to the Echo Isles – Ankona took advantage of a wyvern so she could think and plan before getting to her destination. She had information to confirm with the spirits – was Gromnor dead? Was he really in the northern part of the Eastern Kingdoms, somewhere […]

Meet Anzefi!
comment 1 Written by on September 4, 2009 – 11:07 am

As was suggested yesterday in the comments, I ended up creating characterizations for both a Forsaken Priest and a Troll Priest.  I ran into some trouble with the Forsaken one, since I’ve put so much time into Aely, not having that character end up drawing from too much similar experience – I didn’t want to end up with two “clone”-y characters, or a derivative one.  (So something like a “what if” Aely wasn’t working either).

When I started digging around for Troll ideas, though, I hit the jackpot.  So here she is!


Her name is Anzefi (she doesn’t have a last name), and she’s a Darkspear Troll (duh).  Relatively slight… ok slight for a Troll… she’s somewhat unassuming looking (aside from the huge teal mohawk), but has a particular love of really bright colored clothing.  She’s spent some time studying with the priests of the Zandalari, and as such is a firm believer in the Loa and has some skill in voodoo.  She works particularly with water and ocean Loa  – who, according to superstition – are both creative and judgmental, granters of wishes and second chances, but with a fickle temper (much like any ocean spirit would be, really).

Walking the fine line between healing and hexing, she’s not afraid to look into the future – and she’s not so bad at interpreting omens either (though she’s had a few … uh… miscalls in that area in the past).  If you asked her to tell your future, she’d do so with a set of shells, or by scrying into a bowl of water.

She’s also quite terrified of bugs.

I’m super excited and spent most of last night exploring around places I’d not yet been in game (namely Northrend Horde towns!).  She also brought with her a set of Heirloom leather XP shoulders for Anaje, which should help HER out as well.  Hooray!

Faction Changes – Or where I jump on the Hordewagon
comment 17 Written by on September 3, 2009 – 7:11 am

So I have this priest.

Her name is Anaelle Fischer, and she’s got bats in her belfry.

And I’ve had a lot of trouble leveling her, plus have had interest in a high level Horde character for awhile.  Rirri is awesome, but Rirri has one major flag against her.  She’s a DK.  DKs do two things – they tank, and they do melee DPS.  And I really suck at those two things, and I’m not overly fond of leveling them.  Admittedly, she does level quickly when I put the burn behind her, but with two OTHER characters in the 55-65 bracket, she doesn’t see a lot of time.

Anaelle is 75.  She’s got the heirloom shoulders and robe.  And she has no active RP to tie her to the Alliance /at all/ – I’ve spent some time working out a story for her, but it’s never worked out to where I felt comfortable bringing her to the Pig for RP night.  Especially not in favor of leaving Aely, Angoleth, and Annie Mae back in the character selection screen.


So then I get left with my choices:

Anaelle Fischer – Forsaken Priest

  • Has the advantage of no name change.  In fact, her name works beautifully for a forsaken.  If I were to change it – which I might, depending on how the faction change thing works – she’d become Aleydis Schaerbeck (who also has bats in her belfry).
  • Added advantage of Lordaeron lore, something I’ve put a lot of work into.
  • I already have a Forsaken character.
  • Cult of the Forgotten Shadow, which rocks, and which would make “Remember – Patience, Discipline” quite applicable, as she’s rather firmly a discipline priest.

A Troll Priest Who Is Yet Unnamed

  • Trolls are awesome.
  • Would require a name change. (Possibly Ananda? Annala? Anzefi? Lots of options, Trolls have fun names)
  • Trolls wear shoes funny, blech.
  • Would allow me to do Troll Lore research – and having tiny lore nerd binging sessions is fun. Would also require learning and figuring out an accent, something else I rather enjoy.
  • I don’t currently have any Troll characters.  And Voodoo is also awesome.

So there are obviously good and bad sides to either option.  No desire to play a Blood Elf (or a Goblin, or a Tauren priest), so it’s really just these two.

Or stick as a Human priest and not worry about it.  I’ve not really officially made up my mind yet.  But the ability to transfer over some of the account bound items, to have a “ready made” character that could see Northrend from a Horde perspective without getting slogged down in Hellfire and Zangarmarsh (the way Rirri is right now), etc. is pretty appealing.  She’s also got epic flying/Northrend flying already, and an epic mount.

About the only thing I’d be sad to lose is that Anaelle is an enchanter, and she DE’s all my greens?  But I could just as easily send those to my husband’s enchanter – who is already 80, and who does almost all of my enchants for me anyway.  It’d put me back at waiting for enchants and paying for them again though.  (booo!)

So what do you guys think?  Is this worth it?  Am I just, yet again, trying to breathe life into a dead character?  Am I deluding myself thinking she’ll get more than an evening of play a week (if that), depending on how much time I end up not spending on my three, already invested Alliance characters?  (I’d rather not end up overcommitting myself!)

I seek your wise council, oh commenters!

Tanks and Healers – In character?
comment 9 Written by on September 1, 2009 – 2:37 pm

Most of the time on this site, I tackle the subject of bringing RP out of it’s “closet” (so to speak) and making it more prevalent.  Several times, the subject of how to bring RP into raids has come up.  But what about the other way around?

Can raiding actually improve and inspire RP?

I say yes.


Why?  Well, because of Aelflaed.  And, more specifically, because of Feliche (I think this is his first spotlight on the blog, so if you’re reading, Hi Fel!).  Feliche is one of TRI’s main tanks, a massive Night Elf warrior with a penchant for getting hit in the face. Back when I was spending most of my time with Annorah as a healer, I didn’t have a lot of interaction with him ICly or OOCly – though I did get quite a protective streak for Group 2 (stupid rogues).

All that changed with Lich King – Aely and Feliche both joined the Wildfire Riders, and I changed from being a chain healing raid healer to a Holy Light spamming tank healer.  (Oh, and Feliche became Feliche and not Felite (who was female) anymore.)

Around that time, a very cool thing started to happen.

For whatever reason, Feliche is my heal target 90% of the time these days (didn’t always start that way, but has kinda become the norm now.) which works out pretty well. As with any tank-healer relationship, you get used to each other, you learn what kind of damage to expect and what kind of healing you’ll get. In Fel’s case, you learn to expect him to pull like his ass is on fire all the time – which is fine when you’re expecting it, but scary for the first few weeks!

As I got used to healing Feliche and he got used to me being “his” healer – an IC friendship started to form.

Out of that very OOC situation, Feliche and Aelflaed are now good friends – the kind of friends that banter with each other constantly and have come up with a myriad of ways to suggest letting the other one die.  But Fel also will call Aely if something bad happens and he needs patching up, because he knows she’ll put him back together and not be a jerk about it.  And if you asked her, Aely would tell you that she trusts Feliche more than just about any of the other Riders these days – because she regularly puts her life in his safekeeping (and vice versa).

It’s a lot of fun, and has some really cool RP consequences (especially when one of them ends up driving a siege engine for the other).

So I’m curious – has this kind of thing happened to other people, where raid roles bled into character interactions in a way that created RP opportunities? What dimensions of RP do you think work well in that kind of crossover, and how do they affect your characters?

*image credit pixelstar

It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad Monday
comment 4 Written by on August 31, 2009 – 9:32 am

I’m fighting with the “I have too much I want to do and not enough time to do it” problem with WoW lately.  I’ve got four – maybe even FIVE – characters I’m in the process of leveling, and I can’t seem to stick with one for any extended amount of time.

Add to that the fact that I’m somehow busier without a job than I was when I was writing part-time so I’m not in game as much… and I end up a somewhat frustrated Anna!

Here’s what’s been going on though:

  • Annie Mae is level 55, completely done with Un’Goro, and will be finishing up Burning Steppes (only 2 quests now, no more Onyxia questline 🙁 ) before heading up to Felwood –> Winterspring (hooray Timbermaw Rep) and the Plaguelands.  I’m going to try to hit 59, if not 60 in the old world before heading to Outland, since that speeds things along nicely once I get there.
  • Anaje is working her way through the Southern Barrens.  I may detour back to do some starting zones for rep/loremaster reasons, but for now she’s chugging along nicely.
  • Anaelle is still 75, Angoleth is still juuuuust shy of 71, and Annylais is still 63.  I guess that means I’ve got my current alts picked out!
  • Thanks to some happy coincidences, Annie Mae has a story in progress, as well as a drawing commission that will probably be up in the next month or so.  Woo!
  • I’m <thisclose> to having my new Argent Crusade tabard – at which point I get to start working towards the Pony Up achievement.
  • Aely had good fun at the Rose Ball on Friday, though the idea of “dressing up” finally wigged her out to the point that she just wore her shiny purple dress armor instead of an actual, you know, /dress/.  She did wear her hair down though!
  • It’s really weird to log into a character that’s had a major hairstyle change!
  • I’m off to get my house ready to be invaded by crazy people with sewing machines tonight.  I’m feeding them lasagna.  I’m not sure if that’s the appropriate food for crazy people with sewing machines, but I figure it’ll do.

Descent and Ascent

September 8, 2015 – 9:51 pm

It didn’t take long to get from Thunder Bluff to the Echo Isles – Ankona took advantage of a wyvern so she could think and plan before getting to her destination. She had information to confirm with the spirits – …

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