Written by | Posted August 4, 2015 – 12:22 pm The Stink Eye, Part II: You remind me of the babe

An old story, reposted here as I’m shaking the mothballs off Ankona and needed an easy way to show people a little bit about the (batshit) things she gets up to. Enjoy, and don’t be too creeped out! It really was a pretty thing, now that she got a good look at it. The polished […]

Keeping Up with the Offspecs
comment 7 Written by on September 29, 2009 – 9:27 am

So you’ve got this offspec.  And maybe you like to PVP too.  You get a little gear for it, now and then, mostly when nobody else wants something, but by and large your main spec gets all the love.

What happens when suddenly you find out that your offspec is now also needed?  Or that you’re playing more of a certain kind of content, and you really need some upgrades?  How do you balance your “raiding main” with enjoying all the other things that you do?

I’ve found a few ways.

Don’t be a dick.  It’s the quintessential rule of TRI, and I think it applies here.  If you bid on a token and win it (whether by DKP, EPGP, SK, or Loot Council) it should be used for that which you said it would be used for.  Don’t tell your raid that you need the gloves for a set bonus and then trade in the token for your offspec pants. Lying is bad, mmkay?

Evaluate your group.  I play a paladin, and Aely’s offspec is retribution.  We have two fury warriors, a ret pally, an arms warrior, and two DK’s in our raid, plus a warrior and paladin tank that both need offspec gear.  The likelihood of my winning a piece of plate DPS gear in our 25 man is… small.  If you’re the only druid in your raid, and there’s only one rogue too, your chances are much better.

Know what will be most useful. Prioritizing your offspec over your main spec isn’t usually a good way to go… but what if your raid now wants you to go DPS (or healy, or offtank) for a couple of fights, to help fill in?  If your main is geared out the wazzoo, but your offspec really /really/ needs new pants, and that will help you be a better contributing group member, well – buy the pants!

Know what you find most fun. There’s a point where “minor upgrades” are all you’ll be buying for your main spec.  And if you love PVP and do a lot of it, spending some badges on a major upgrade for your PVP gear instead of a minor or sidegrade for your main spec?  Probably ok.

Be sensible.  Remember this is all about balance. You need to be performing at the best of your game for your main role – but you need to have fun too.  Finding that balance can take a little thinking, but it’s not too terribly hard.

In my case, I’ve just shelled out some Triumph badges for a new pair of melee DPS shoulders for Aely. Her old ones were abysmal, she /really/ needed a little extra +hit, and I’m now going ret on a fight or two, here and there.  Plus the occasional Naxx run and a lot more soloing.  The chances of my winning a set of tier shoulders for an offspec?  Slim to none. Plus, there wasn’t really anything I could buy with the badges that would vastly improve her Holy gear right now.

And they’re pretty. >.>


Murphy’s Monday
comment 4 Written by on September 28, 2009 – 9:08 am
  • To think, I had the gall to say “I’m glad it’s finally cooling off and feeling like fall.”  It’s 90 degrees at 9am again.  /sigh
  • I got Annie Mae’s mining to 295 and got her all set up to head to Outland… and realized her cooking was still at 260.  So she’s back in Felwood, and then down to Silithus to get the cooking out of the way.
  • If you couldn’t tell, I HATE going back to “grind professions” later on.  I’d much rather just get it over with, so I have a chance at least to gather materials at level and not have to cram them in my bank.  If I can find a reliable source for Mithril, I’m going to do that with Blacksmithing too – ’cause at 230, but with a bank full of Thorium, I’m kinda stuck.  And this is one of those problems where I can throw money at it to make it go away!
  • I got to do a Naxx10 run as Ret this weekend (well, mostly Ret – I was holy for 4Horsemen and Kel’Thuzad).  And it was fun!  And I didn’t make an ass out of myself!  I also discovered that, if you’re not used to melee, this whole “hitbox” concept is kind of strange.  I ended up putting a raid marker on one of our longstanding Fury Warriors so I could follow him around and learn where to stand. Helped a lot!
  • Aely’s had some “fun” commiserating with other downtrodden and/or heartbroken Riders lately.  Seems to be a rash of that going around.  She’s stocked up on strawberry icecream though, which she tops with chocolate and bourbon.  Because, as she so eloquently put it “Sorrows ‘re better drowned in icecream an’ booze ‘an in booze ‘lone.”  Come to think of it, that’s probably why she’s had so many friends wanting to sit around and commiserate lately…
Friday Screenshot and Addon Fun
comment 5 Written by on September 25, 2009 – 9:22 am

First, Aely made out like a /bandit/ this week, picking up an Aesuga, Hand of the Ardent Champion from Hardmode Vezax and new boots from Northrend Beasts, as well as her “new” Judgment hat from Onyxia25.  This means, among other things, that her armor is ALL MATCHING again.  Which is awesome.  There’s just something fun about looking like a badass.

In this picture, you can also see her new pet, a Red Dragonhawk Hatchling.  She was a gift from a friend, and Aely is thrilled.  Of course, said Dragonhawk doesn’t have a name yet, but she’s thinking Pigeon.  Or possibly Magpie.  (It has a penchant for chasing shiny things).

Next on the screenshot list is Annie Mae, who is looking very… special… in her new BWL gear.  And her dragon squirtgun.

She’s still on the fence about the pink boots.  They might be awesome.  But they also might be awful.  Who ever heard of a cowgirl with pink boots?

There we go.  That’s more how she thinks of herself!

And to round out the fun, I’ve a new UI screenshot to share, with the two new addons I picked up to help with the GCD healing problem.

  1. HealInc – shows a bar for your current target (only) of all incoming casts, organized by the time they’ll land and colored for overheal.  This addon also comes with a really snazzy resurrection monitor that I VASTLY prefer to the one from oRA2, as it shows you a castbar with a timer, so you can see if someone else is rezzing your target and if their heal will land first.
  2. HealthBarPlus – I don’t like this addon.  However, it does kinda do what I want.  It allows you to set a specific character as a new healthbar and will show up to 5 incoming casts (friendly or unfriendly) on that character, as well as who has that character targeted.
    Unfortunately it doesn’t understand mouseover heals, so if I have TankA targeted, but have used a mouseover heal to heal ThatRogue, the addon thinks I’m casting the heal on TankA.  This is somewhat helpful, as it gives me a visual representation of my Beacon of Light healing, so long as I keep my Beacon target as my actual target and use mouseover healing for the rest of it.  Unfortunately it’s also ugly, poorly designed, not configurable properly (for instance, you can resize the health bar but not the mana bars, so I ended up turning mana bars off completely), and generally clunky and hard to use.

Anyway – this is what my UI looks like currently (click to embiggen!):

This is technically from after the Yogg fight ended last night, so you don’t see some things (like active heals on HealInc), but I’ve got greatness procced so you can see that in PowerAuras (the glowy around Aely in the middle of my screen).  The two “tank” bars on the left are the bars from HealthBarPlus, and I think if I continue to use that addon, I’ll be making it smaller.  I’m feeling a little restless and unsatisfied with the UI how it is right now, so I may have to do some reorganizing.  Maybe it’s time for another UI post!

Happy Friday!

In which Annie Mae does some target practice…
comment 10 Written by on September 24, 2009 – 8:40 am

Annie Mae shoots a tin beer* can off a fencepost…. DING 60!

And after a very successful run into BWL with the nostalgia raiding group last night, in which they practically rolled her in loot, she’s looking very stylish in her… uh… hot pink boots.  She’s already complaining.

Either way though, I’m going to finish out the Plaguelands before I send her to Outland, because I can still get XP from the Argent Dawn quests, and because it’s kinda fun to facesmash my way through there so successfully.

Being a prot warrior might be good for tanking?  But it’s also definitely good for leveling, as long as you can handle keeping up with gear upgrades.  I’ve found leveling a ret paladin requires a really good weapon upgrade every 5-10 levels, but leveling a prot warrior is more about the entire kit as a whole.  Sure she dragged along with her Aegis of the Scarlet Commander until she got her Draconian Deflector last night on the BWL attunement run, but overall I’ve kept her gear pretty current, and it’s been awesome.

She doesn’t always work FAST (though Sword and Board helps with that quite a bit), but she’s pretty much indestructible if I don’t pull more than 3 mobs at a time.  And, well, I’m having fun.  Which is what counts, in a game, right?  I’m not planning on being a tank; in fact, I’ve not yet actually tanked anything.

About the only thing I’m not happy with is the state of her professions. I know I’ll kick myself if I go to Outland and can’t mine Fel Iron (especially since it’s kind of everywhere), so I’ll be spending some time grinding my mining skill up past the evil, awful, dreaded, horrible “small thorium vein” stage before I crank back into full leveling mode.

It can’t last that long, right?


*It is Brewfest, after all!

The Stink Eye, Part II: You remind me of the babe

August 4, 2015 – 12:22 pm

An old story, reposted here as I’m shaking the mothballs off Ankona and needed an easy way to show people a little bit about the (batshit) things she gets up to. Enjoy, and don’t be too creeped out!

It really …

Very First Impressions

November 14, 2014 – 7:32 am

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The morning of the all hands summon to the Blasted Lands, Aely went for a walk. The late fall air was clear and cool, and leaves crunched under their feet in the less-traveled parts of the streets. She and Roger …

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Squire Benjamin William Sullivan stood in the middle of Light’s Hope Chapel in his underpants.

Actually, it was white linen pants and a shift, but the effect was approximately the same. The little chapel was warm, on the edge of …

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November 19, 2013 – 4:46 pm

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Tirith and Aely were their second and third.

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