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**A note on dates. Dates are pretty important, but we have no idea how Silvermoon reckons time, so I’ve used the WoWWiki Unofficial Timeline dates for most of it. As such, all years are measured with the beginning of the First War as “Year 0” even though that makes fuckall sense for Blood Elves. You […]

Initiating RP
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So you have an awesome character, and you’re in some channels (or just in general chat) trying to find RP. How do you go about getting started? How do you let other people know you want to play too?

First – don’t ask OOC.

Saying in a channel “hey does anyone want to RP with me?” isn’t going to get you the response you want. (This is especially true of general chat.)

It doesn’t tell people what’s going on, and most of the time when other characters are online, they have things that they’re trying to get done. Saying “I wanna RP, who wants to come play!” is the equivalent of saying “I wanna go quest, who wants to come play!” Either statement is so vague that you’re not likely to get a response.

Before someone gets annoyed though, asking OOC “hey where is everyone, can I come join the RP?” is totally appropriate – it gets you to where things have the opportunity to happen, and also gives the people involved a chance to say no thanks. (Sometimes RP needs to be private, just like sometimes conversations need to be private. That’s ok.)

Whispering a specific person, or sending them a message out of game, when your character has a particular need or desire to talk to theirs is also appropriate. It says “hey are you available? I have something I want to get done.” You’re inviting someone to join in your RP, giving them a proverbial carrot to get involved.

The way to get people to RP with you is to offer RP to them.

If you have an in-character channel, either guildchat or just a normal chat channel, make something happen. Your character drops their buzzbox, spills their coffee, lights something on fire, finishes a quest, argues with a goblin, just says “hi” – the way to get people involved and RPing with you, is to start off by RPing with them.

When you’re new, this can be particularly hard – but remember, all you’re looking to do is create a situation where other characters have a chance to respond.

Maybe you emote asking for a drink, and then make a horrible face because it’s gross. Maybe you lean on the bar and look around, or ask for some food and dig into the bowl of stew like you’ve not eaten in three weeks. Maybe you’re out in the wild and trip over something.

These kinds of actions are great when you’re in a group of people, trying to break the ice after watching for awhile. They’re not hard to do, they don’t make you the center of attention (unless you spill a pitcher of beer all over the dwarf at the table, of course), but they let others know that you’re there.

And not just /there/, but open for RP, and you’ve already given them the hook to get involved.

If you create a situation where other characters can respond, they will.

As the ever awesome Falconesse says, RP happens with you, not to you. And it doesn’t happen “at” other people. You can’t really RP at someone else without annoying or boring them. If their character isn’t involved, they’ll lose interest quickly.

Of course, nothing is foolproof.

Maybe you’ve logged on during a raid and won’t get any response, or maybe everyone is already involved in important conversation. That’s ok – just like finding a group for an instance, you can’t always get the right people around for the RP you want. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a little casual or pick-up RP in a major city, and it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try again.

But do try to avoid the usual “Anyone want to RP with me?” – instead, go straight into a little hook of an RP action and see what happens.


Something Bigger than a Game
comment Comments Off on Something Bigger than a Game Written by on November 2, 2009 – 11:53 am

If you’ve not yet seen it, go check out Big Bear Butt’s – World of Warcraft Raid for the Cure.

Coming together to support a member of the WoW community – always a good thing in my book. I won’t be able to be there, due to prior commitments, but there will be a little elf named OneAnna there in spirit.


In-Game Costume Ideas
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Last night the Riders had an informal Hallow’s Eve party out in the graveyard behind Karazhan.  It was spooky, appropriately ghost-ridden, and the perfect place to hang out.

We were all required to go in costume. As was to be expected with this bunch, some of the costumes were awesome. Most of the following were actually at the party.  It was brilliant, and everyone had a good laugh.

  • Farmer – this one’s pretty easy.  A workman’s shirt, some blue or brown pants, brown boots, and any beat-up looking hat. Bonus points for a Farmer’s Broom or a Shovel. (This was Aely’s costume)
  • Vrykul – (male) – big axe, torn up looking pants and boots, no shirt, and a stockpile of Elixirs of Giant’s Strength.  Bonus points for getting a haircut that’s particularly Vrykul-ish.
  • Stormwind Guard – Any of a number of armor sets, plus an Alliance Tabard from the PVP vendor.  If you can wear plate, the Imperial set (level 50ish) is a dead ringer for the guard outfit. If you don’t wear plate, well… that’s a little more challenging. You can do pretty much any main city’s guard just as easily, with different armor.
  • Naga (male or female) – Trident, green (male) or blue (female) armor.  RSP in a pointy naga nose and tail, and you’re good to go!
  • Scarlet Crusader – If you can get a Scarlet Tabard, go for it – otherwise each of the bosses in Scarlet Monastery drops some particularly identifiable items of armor. Arcanist Doan is probably the easiest to imitate, since he drops robes, shoulders, and a staff.
  • Troll – Voodoo Mask, Any of a number of robes/kilts and shirts that are particularly tribal, and a really spiky weapon.
  • Dwarf – (female) – brewfest robes, hair done in braids, and a big ol’ stack of pygmy oil. A good excuse to be plastered all night.
  • Bunny – white shirt, white pants, bunny ears from Noble Garden, bare feet (or flip flops – try the Knitted Sandals from low level cloth armor vendors)
  • Nat Pagle – brown boots, overalls, a blue lumberjack’s shirt, a beat up looking hat, and a fishing pole. This one also comes with a built in excuse to be plastered all night.
  • Twilight Cultist – Cultist Armor (from Silithus drops), a creepy looking sword or staff, and a floating head pet (or a haunted memento ghost).

Remember that you can use RSP tags to help with the costume effect.  Our resident Bunny had a poofy tail that was only visible via RSP flag.  Also, our vrykul was covered in blood and warpaint.

But I think my favorite costume of the night was one of the paladins who came dressed up as… one of the pompous jerk mages in the guild. He wore magey clothes, had a pumpkin on his head (to show his huge ego) and went around insulting people and throwing “spells” made of ribbons all night.  It was hilarious.  Particularly when the actual mage showed up, and there was a Pompous Mage-Off.

What costumes can you guys think up (or have you used in the past)?

The Longest Night
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Lore events are fun. Many people remember the Zombie Invasion less than fondly (and to be honest, it deserved the mixed reviews it got), but it did nothing if not spawn a lot of really amazing RP. The Riders made their stand outside of the Pig and Whistle, with other folks moving as the front moved on that last night, when utter chaos erupted.

The first time Aely told this story, it was at Tarquin’s request – something she took extremely seriously from him, being that he’s known for being the Rider’s Official Bloody Long Storyteller. That he’d have enough faith in her to tell this, a story that was still having major repercussions in Azeroth and Northrend, was a huge boost to her confidence.

And, in a way, it was the kickoff point for that event being even more personal for her. Because of The Longest Night, she wears the Black and Red of the Riders. That longest night was the night of October 27-28 of last year, and so last night Aely threw a party to commemorate a year since its passing. A year that Stormwind still stands, and that the fight against the Lich King continues.

This is the speech she gave (from the chatlog of last night):


Aelflaed hops up on the cannon, levering herself off the corner

Oi folk?

Aelflaed raises her voice a little, to catch the crowd.


Anyroad – wanted t’ thank ye all f’r comin t’night – ‘specially oan short notice f’r some.  Some ay ye ken why we’re here, others ‘re jus’ here f’r th’ party – an’ I’m glad f’r all ay ye.

Year ago t’night we saw th’ near destruction ay this city – ay th’ home wha’ we’ve come t’ know – whether by choice air by birth. Streets littered wi’ corpses, only t’ have ’em rise again.
Started ’bout a week earlier – wi’ plagued grain.  All oe’r th’ kingdoms, unmarked crates ay tainted grain showed up – frae ships wha’ nobody could find. An’ like wildfire, it spread – inflictin’ folk wha’ lived e’en throw th’ last plague.

An’ so we set up th’ Pig an’ Whistle f’r a safe house – f’r a place t’ stay wha’ dinnae have th’ ever growin’ horde ay zombies. Nae food wha’ wisnae already procured – nae water wha’ wisnae boiled, an’ a watch w’s set.  All hours ay th’ day an’ night folk stood ay th’ pig. Some sleepin in’ bunks – some oan th’ floor, an’ all th’ time th’ city fell.

Muir an’ muir th’ plague spread – ’till only th’ Pig stood left, th’ last ay th’ safe houses, an’ e’en th’ Cathedral w’s overrun wi’ walkin’ dead.

Aelflaed points at the water in the harbor behind her.

Th’ water ay th’ harbor an’ th’ canals choked wi’ bodies – stench risin’ ay disease until ye could /smell/ th’ dead flyin’ in.

Stormwin’ w’s a city doomed.

Th’ las’ night w’s th’ Longest Night.

I was there, an’ Jolly, an’ Beltar.  Tiforis, Ulthanon, Varenna.  Folk we ken an’ folk we dinnae ken stood t’ fight here oan th’ Docks, an’ back in Old Town.

We littered th’ streets wi’ dead, burnin ’em t’ keep frae walkin again – an’ ’round ’bout th’ third watch, up came a cry. Delion comes flyin’ ’round th’ corner, Banner ay th’ Dawn flyin’ o’er his head an a whole horde ay dead chasin’ after ‘im.

We held.

An’ they fell.

An he made it, untouched, t’ th’ stairs ay th’ pig, an’ we put th’ lot ay them t’ rest, burnin’ in the streets wi’ th’ rest ay their murderous, shufflin’ band.

Aelflaed points at the tattered Argent Dawn banner, now scribbled in Common and Darnassian.

Th’ banner made it too.

An somehow, as th’ dawn broke oe’r a half ruined, scorched, stinkin’, disease infested Stormwind… it all stopped. Rays ay sunlight – th’ first’ in weeks – fell oan th’ exhausted faces oan those steps.  Exhausted – but ALIVE.

Tha’ mornin’ we swore.  We swore oan th’ banner, oan th’ black an’ red, oan our very lives an’ what’er we had t’ swear oan – Never Again.

We swore it then.

A huge chorus of whoops and yells, of “Never Again” in every tongue of the Alliance interrupts the speech. Aely keeps momentum raising her voice over the din.

An’ we swore it oan th’ docks headin’ north.  We swore it oan th’ snows ay Wintergarde, an’ th gates ay Ulduar, an th’ frozen rocky outcrops ay th Dragonblight – Facin’ down th’ army ay him who we’ve bound our lives t’ hunt. We swore it then – we swear it now.  In remembrance, an’ th’ memory ay wha is behind – an hope f’r wha’ is before us.

‘Cause th’ hounds ay death follow in th’ footsteps ay th’ Bloody Prince – an dog th’ heels ay any wha’ dare t’ stand against ‘im.  Good folk, strong – an’ fair hearted.  Human an’ Elf, Dwarf, an’ Gnome, an’ Draenei alike.  In th’ onslaught t’ fight back Fightin’ t’ secure th’ folk back home.  F’r th future.  F’r wee ones an old ones, an’ lands ay our fathers an’ our kin.

Aelflaed gestures at Naiara Bittertongue, sleeping in the arms of her mother.

So we remember ’em.  We grieve, an’ we fight oan.  W’s a year ago we fir’s faced ‘im again – an’ it bloody well willnae be annither year ‘fore we clear ‘im out.

Remember tha’, t’night. Remember them – by their names an’ their deaths.

An’ remember – Never again.

Aelflaed hops off the canon.


Security Clearance

December 13, 2016 – 5:45 pm

**A note on dates. Dates are pretty important, but we have no idea how Silvermoon reckons time, so I’ve used the WoWWiki Unofficial Timeline dates for most of it. As such, all years are measured with the beginning of the

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