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It didn’t take long to get from Thunder Bluff to the Echo Isles – Ankona took advantage of a wyvern so she could think and plan before getting to her destination. She had information to confirm with the spirits – was Gromnor dead? Was he really in the northern part of the Eastern Kingdoms, somewhere […]

About those Letters
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Last Friday I posted a writing prompt to put together a letter from your character either TO someone on the front, or back home to someone that wasn’t there.

Before you read these that I’ve got (which are part of an ongoing letter exchange between Aely and Loreli), you should go read this letter from Ringo Flinthammer to his little boy (and, in a way, to his wife).

Rather than post a new prompt, I thought I’d stick with this one (and let people get a little more time to think about it and write responses). And so – two letters. One from Loreli, who lives pretty much full-time in Stormwind, and a return letter from Aely. These were both written last week, before Aely had a chance to really “get back from” the main push, though now that the Deathbringer has been dealt with and the Verdict is, yet again, pushing onwards and upwards in search of another foothold for an attack, she’s spending less time in camp and more time back in Dalaran again (much to her relief).


The letter is written in a slightly flowing script, it gets sloppy towards the end as if the writer was in a hurry.

Dear Aely,

I have started this letter five times, at least. It seems no greeting is appropriate for what you all must be enduring up there. While the initial purpose of this letter may seem trifling, if I cannot say ‘thank you’ in person for some time, and it seems I can’t; then perhaps, at least a letter can maybe mean to you, what your kind gesture meant to me. So, thank you.

I can’t help but feel that I should be up there too. Yet, I understand that my part in this war appears to be over and some are required to burn the torch at home. How are you holding up? I’ve spent enough time on the front lines, myself, to know that the rumors we get here in the city are often times an exaggeration of the truth. The problem comes in figuring out which direction they are exaggerated in. I know Arrens knows this, but it seems to help to remind him.

He’s taking your absence as well as could be expected. He misses you, though. He puts a good face on it, but I notice when he thinks no one’s looking.

I shall probably debate over actually sending this for another hour or so, but if you found yourself smiling even once, then it was worth it.

Take care of yourself.



The handwriting in this letter is somewhat archaic, and its writer appears to be having some difficulty with her pen.

Lore –

There is no one way to fight any war – all of us here wouldn’t and couldn’t be doing what we are without the support of others. And there is no one role that defines fighting – the Lich King would have us fear, and fall into despair. Our ability to overcome that, frequently with the aid of those away from the front, is likely the greatest weapon we can have. Paralyzing fear is an almost certain cause of failure, and there is very little hope to come by.

Little – but there is hope. I have seen acts of bravery, compassion, and of redemption. Saurfang has his son again, and he is no longer held under the sway of the Lich King. And, if we are to believe our own ears, Bolvar Fordragon may yet live – tortured and yet still resisting the depths of death. I dare not think what we may find farther in.

I hope you don’t have too very many exaggerated rumors flying – though I’ll do my best to quell any that you send my way. It’s been some time since I was on the fields as a battle healer, but now it seems I am to do so in two major fronts this year. With any luck, this will go more smoothly than Angra’thar. Still, in this position, I’ve seen or been near to the majority of things that might end up as rumors, and if nothing else, I can ask my fellow officers.

I do miss Arrens quite a lot, and – oddly – don’t find myself shying away from saying it. I had an afternoon’s leave yesterday to Dalaran, and it could not have been more needed. This first push has been brutal, and full of atrocities. Seeing him, speaking with him, knowing that what I have witnessed can stay within these saronite walls does a lot for my resolve, not to mention my ability to press forward. Hope is such a fragile thing, sometimes, but I find it in him.

Letters are always welcome, even if it means struggling with thawing out an inkwell and then accidentally boiling your ink.

Light Bless,


RP as a Performance
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Though you may think RP is all about writing, RP is actually a lot more like a performance. (There’s a comparison to improvisational acting in here too, but that’s for another post). It’s actually kinda like a gaggle of street performers at times, and kinda like a crowd of friends at others. Depending on how much is actually going on? It’s easy to get lost, either in the chat window or to just lose track of what’s going on around you.

Let’s start a “choose your own adventure” of sorts.

We’re headed into a bar in a town you’ve never been to before. On arriving, you can interact with any of the following people – possibly even a few of them, but not all of them at the same time:

  • A crazy mage, who is somewhat inebriated, waving his arms around and being kind of loud
  • A battle-hardened looking warrior, armed, but not in armor
  • A woman sitting at the table, reading, with a large dog at her side
  • A dangerous looking man with a wolfish smile, telling stories and pouring drinks
  • A person sitting off under the stairs by themself, arms crossed, not following the conversation
  • A man there with his wife and redheaded child, who are pleasantly speaking with other people

When you read the list, they all sound interesting, right?

But when you walk into the bar, you don’t notice them all as a list, like you can when you read it. In a live situation, you’d be learning all of that in bits, depending on what you notice first. You notice that the mage is flailing and has just hit a waiter, knocking him into another table. You notice that the dangerous looking man has started a new story about a fight he was in as a younger man, and the battle-hardened warrior seems to find this story both interesting and worth commenting on. The child is currently trying to crawl up on top of the dog – and the dog seems to be quite friendly about the intrusion.

In other words? There is a lot going on to catch your attention.

From an RP perspective, I’ve met every single one of those people in game. I might have even met all of them in the Pig and Whistle. When Aely walks in, she’s going to respond to and interact with the most obvious people first. The woman at the table reading? Won’t likely get a second look until the mage gets escorted out and the two men leave. The person under the stairs is giving off a strong “LEAVE ME ALONE” vibe – she’ll respect that. Most likely, if she doesn’t know anyone, she’ll grab an ale and sit listening to stories – maybe even tell a story of her own.

Now there’s a tall redheaded woman sitting at the table with a drink, commenting on the stories.  The next person that walks in has to parse Aely along with everything else – and most likely will totally overlook her, in favor of one of the other people (depending on who it is – if it was Arrens who came in next, he’d probably go to speak with Aely, but I’m assuming that these are all unknown people.)

How does this relate to your RP?

When you go into that bar, you join in the performance. You’re now part of the “bar scene” to everyone else that’s there, and they will have to see and figure out your character along with everything else going on there. You’re now part of the performance, part of the show.

Obviously, not everyone can be the star performer every night, and demanding 100% of everyone’s attention all the time isn’t very nice for them or their characters. But realize that if your character is always the one upset in the corner, they won’t get a lot of attention either. Being hidey or off-putting says, very clearly, that you want to be left alone, and in the presence of other people who seem to be more acceptable to interaction, they’ll likely not give you much thought.

Much like in real life, wearing a “leave me alone” face is likely to get you left alone.

As the oft-touted saying goes – RP happens WITH you, not TO you.

If you want interactive RP, you have to step up and interact. Other characters don’t have ESP. They can’t see anything other than what is directly in front of them, and – like real people – are going to interact with those people who interest them most at any given moment.


A Few Chilly Thoughts
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  • I wonder if there will ever be a tabard/banner for the Ashen Verdict?
  • There’s a lot of freaky stuff in Icecrown. Really freaky. Winged skeleton dude with four heads and no legs? Freaky. Giant Floating Head with Mouthbeams? Freaky.
  • I’m amused that there are trash mobs that you can skip by having a rogue disarm traps. It’s about time!
  • Deus ex Machina is kinda weird. Deus ex Machina with Varian Wrynn is weirder. Varian Wrynn not being a dick? WTF?
  • Alright Blizzard – who are you and what have you done to Jaina. GAH. She was so strong, and had so much potential in WC3.  Now? What a disaster.
  • I’m enjoying ICC so far, overall. The fights are healing intensive, and occasionally annoying (the run away/out of range thing is REALLY getting old), but it’s still SO much better than Round Room of Badge Dispensation.
  • The /music/ in ICC is superb. The use of a high-voice children’s choir is perfectly spooky and eerie, and I love that hat tip back to previous soundtracks that have done similarly.
  • Jetpacks. ’nuff said.

Also, I got a new sword! It’s pretty cool (so much hit. blegh) … but it has a little skull-charm on it. With fangs. I can’t see this going well around any kitty-druids. The Fordragon Blades are still prettier.

I’m mildly amused that my first upgrade out of ICC (10 or 25) is for my retribution gear. My second upgrade was for my healing gear, but is the reputation ring, so I’m not sure it counts.

The Horrors of Icecrown
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This post contains spoilers about the 3.3 Raid and Instance content. As such, it is behind a “Read More” tag, as surprising people with spoilers is one of the qualifications for being a dick in TRI. (DBAD!)

It is not, however, complaining about Icecrown. Instead, it’s about some of the roleplay implications for what’s going on in the Citadel.

If you don’t want to know anything about these instances until after you get to see them yourself, you’ll want to skip this post. (:


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