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The morning of the all hands summon to the Blasted Lands, Aely went for a walk. The late fall air was clear and cool, and leaves crunched under their feet in the less-traveled parts of the streets. She and Roger took the long way around Old Town, south through Tanner Circle and down Bulwarks, across […]

Raider Detention
comment 32 Written by on April 28, 2010 – 1:01 pm


We’ve all done it.  The more you raid, the more likely you’ll have an oops and cause a hilarious wipe. My most recent Pally!Fail was an attempt to put Hand of Sacrifice on our Tank in phase 3 of Putricide… and hitting DI instead.

What if, upon being the source of Epic Fail, we were then required to (a la elementary school detention) write out our failures on the chalkboard a certain number of times?

  • I will not DI the tank.
  • I will not death grip the boss.
  • I will not stand in the raid and get them all iceblocked.
  • I will not stand in the Yeti.
  • I will not move when Flame Wreath is cast.
  • I will not tank in my Frost Resist gear.
  • I will not tank in Blood Presence.
  • I will not do an entire progression raid in my RP hat. (or my Chef hat)
  • I will not misdirect the kitty druid.
  • I will not tricks the fury warrior on the pull.
  • I will not throw the Tainted Core to the person kiting Striders.
  • I will not use Cleanse on Grobbulus.
  • I will not facepull with half the raid outside.
  • I will not die on the elevator boss.

What would YOU be writing?


Druidic Roleplay
comment 22 Written by on April 27, 2010 – 11:13 am

So I have this druid, Annylais.

Annylais Eldersong, to be truly specific.  Her FlagRSP is as such:

“Of average height and build, Annylais is most remarkable for her hair, which is very long, very green, and peppered with tiny braids on which are suspended an assortment of feathers, seeds, and shells.  The glow of her eyes is mismatched. She doesn’t seem to talk much.”


Which is all well and good, except it doesn’t actually help me roleplay with her at all. I’m running into the problem of playing a female Druid in the current Druidic lore. According to most things I’ve read, female druids are a rarity, and a very new thing in Elven society (women were priestesses, men were druids). Which leads me to the following options:

  1. Annylais isn’t really a female, but should be gender-swapped to be a male Druid. This is an option, but I don’t have a male druid RP idea either.
  2. Annylais is very young. This isn’t something I like, and it doesn’t fit her at all.
  3. Annylais is a wilder, wielding druidic magic without really knowing what she was doing, outside of the bounds of society, possibly with an unusual God/ess patron. This is (to me) the most workable solution, since it ties into her mismatched eyes. It’s also the easiest solution to fall into Cookie Cutter, Special Snowflake territory.
  4. Annylais wasn’t a druid until recently. I’m not sure I want to go this route, since it’s awfully close to Angoleth (who has always wanted to BE a druid, but couldn’t because she was female and because she has no magical aptitude whatsoever). I’d rather not have two characters so close to one another.
  5. Some solution I’ve not thought of.

Which is where you guys come in.

I’m looking for help, and I know my readership is creative and interesting, so I’m going to take the cop out and see what you guys can come up with.

Right now Annylais is dual specced feral/boomkin. I have no idea what she will eventually do once she hits 80, but I’d rather focus on her RP than on her raid roles, since I have both tanks and healers at endgame right now. I really like both feral AND boomkin specs, but have stuck with mostly feral for leveling (because melee/stealth is hax). I’m open to gender-switching her, but not to faction switching her.

What I don’t want: I don’t want a druid that’s always in (X) form. She’s already expressed a strong preference to mostly be in her elven form (though of course, if she’s going to go sneaking around, she’ll do that as a cat). I guess I want her forms to be tools that she uses rather than crucial parts of her identity.

If you guys have any ideas, I’d LOVE to hear them, especially those of you that are much better versed in your Elven/Druidic lore than I am.


Strength and Weakness
comment 8 Written by on April 23, 2010 – 9:27 am

This is one of those amorphous blog post ideas that I’ve had rattling in my head this week. It may or may not make a successful post – I’ll leave that up to you guys to decide. (Or rather, I’ll wait to see if I get a bunch of confused comments. :) )

Character strength can be a really hard concept to define. Sure you can pick up on a few things that make characters “strong” – defined, consistent personalities, depth of personality and story, the ability to be an agent of change and to change and grow themselves. But those are all pretty “fluid” topics, and we could go into huge lists of ways to make a character stronger, or ways to increase their depth, or whatever.

A lot of times, though, people suggest giving your character a weakness to make them stronger.

Which seems, quite honestly, counterintuitive.

It’s not.

Giving a character a weakness doesn’t mean necessarily that they become weak. It’s almost more applicable to say “give the character balance”, but since people usually have no trouble giving their character awesome-traits, the discussion usually boils back down to giving your character some not-so-awesome traits. While you can always throw an unrelated weakness into the mix, it’s possible to have weaknesses grow from strengths (and not in that really kitschy way that people talk about for job interviews).

One way to do this is to take an event or situation and answer a few questions about the character, to see how it works out.

As an example, since this sort of thing came up in RP this week, let’s poke around in Aely’s brain a little (if you don’t mind my presuming that Aely is a strong character).

Aely’s backstory contains some pretty dark times. That’s not unusual, since most of Azeroth has been involved in wars for all of recent human memory (the Elves get a bigger perspective on this one). Within those dark times she experienced some pretty heavy trauma that left her both physically and emotionally scarred.

That event left her stronger – she rebuilt herself physically and mentally, is a much more solid, stable person, and has very concrete beliefs because of it. She also has strong motivation for being a better healer, particularly of certain types of wounds, and is extremely protective of the people she cares about. But that event also left her weaker – heavy trauma like that has far-reaching mental implications, and if she is surprised by someone else suffering from something like what she went through, it makes her extremely upset. If that person is someone she cares about, it’s worse, because then she feels guilty for not being able to get past her own physical and emotional reactions to be able to help them. She wants to be able to protect the people she loves, and when she fails to, compounded with her own mental issues getting in the way of her being able to care for people, it makes her pretty upset.

Looking at the description of Aely, there’s kind of a formula that can go towards helping other characters:

1. What is the event? (Obviously this should be something significant for the character – either good or bad)
2. How does the character react before, during, and after the event?
3. How does that event make the character stronger?
4. How does that event make the character weaker?
5. How does the character think about and relate to what happened? How does that affect future events (if it affects them at all)?

From that formula we can take an Orc that spent time in the internment camps (a horrible event). He suffered from the lethargic lack of energy and mental fog due to lack of demon blood. During the internment, he became almost mindless, afterwards he hated himself for not fighting more strongly and developed an ingrained hatred of Humans, and a distrust of all Demonic and Shadow magic. He also took to training himself in the shamanic arts, and is extremely loyal to Thrall and to his comrades in battle.

This, in the end, makes him a stronger character – he is thinking about what happened and reacting to it, being introspective about his own reactions, and acting on what he finds. He is stronger physically and mentally, and will be very hard to dupe into any sort of subservient position in the future. But it also makes him weaker – hatred and irrational fear can blindside even the most stable of characters, and while that might not come up in every single story or situation, if he is written and played consistently with those traits, then that one event is responsible for character growth, character depth, character strength, and character weakness.

When people talk about how to build good RP characters, they often suggest creating “balance”. Hopefully this will help spark some creativity towards dealing with character creation.

Life-defining moments don’t all have to be good, bad, happy, or sad – but every life has a few defining moments and experiences. (Obviously not every event will be life-defining or life-changing – that will depend entirely on the character.) Sometimes those happen over a period of time (like both Aely and our Unnamed Orc), sometimes they happen in a sudden moment. Either way they can affect a character from that point forward.

Thinking about a character’s defining moments (and how they react afterward) is a good start toward creating depth and believability.


Since it’s Friday, feel free to take the formula and use it like a “Friday Five”, either for a character you already have developed and active or for a new one you imagine up in your head.

Featured Post: Blunt Trauma – Arthas
comment Comments Off on Featured Post: Blunt Trauma – Arthas Written by on April 20, 2010 – 10:07 am

Within the TRI leadership, there are two healers.

Zalbuu, Dwarf Priest, Angry Beard extraordinaire, and my partner in crime healing, has been with TRI much longer than I have. In fact, I didn’t start stepping up as heal lead until one fateful summer, right at the crux of Kael’thas, his job decided he needed to be working on raid nights. Zalbuu and I, while we get along very well and have a good bit in common, have very different personalities and leading styles. He’s a lot more direct, I tend more towards silly and conflict-smoothing, and we make a good cat-herding team.

Anyway – Zalbuu has a blog.

He doesn’t update it too terribly often, and sometimes it’s quite ranty (as should be expected from someone who is known as the Angry Beard), but he recently made a post about the Arthas fight after his 10 man raid “Won WoW”.

Now, I’m not in that raid – I help Yva lead the other Monday-night 10 man. Due to several people having made vacations recently, we’re about two weeks behind Zalbuu’s group. Which is to say, we’re due to off Arthas the next time we raid (in two weeks), since we’ve missed several weeks of raiding, and will miss another one due to travels. (Note: It’s hard to find four geared people to fill out a well established 10 man raid when there are three other 10 mans already running in your group of friends, raiders, and assorted yahoos). We spent last night working on the fight, and are consistently getting through Phase 3, occasionally into Phase 4, (and one great run into Phase 5) so I think we’re in good shape.

I’m linking the post for a reason though, not just to talk about Arthas and raids: I quite agree with Zalbuu’s assessment of complex versus hard. There are a few extremely unforgiving mechanics in the Arthas fight, but by and large, the fight is just  highly complex.

There is a lot going on, it changes frequently, and every raid member is juggling a number of different things at any given time. Aside from critical stand-in-it failure, though, it’s a fight that the whole group has to work together to beat, and where everyone needs to be communicating, as opposed to a fight where one person’s missed cooldown results in a wipe. Prior warning on abilities (like Defile and Infest) can go a long way towards helping the group avoid them. It’s rarely one person’s fault that things go to hell in a handbasket, and usually coordination and placement are causing our wipes.

Additionally, as a tank healer, there is ALWAYS something going on, but there are moments of regen and moments of throughput, and even after spending three hours on the fight last night, I wasn’t bored. Frustrated, certainly – though we made excellent progress – and definitely fighting a tension headache, but not bored.

So go check out Zalbuu’s post, and let me (and him) know what fights you think qualify as “hard” versus “complex” (and which get the distinct honor of being both: Kael’thas and Mimiron-Hardmode anyone?).


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The morning of the all hands summon to the Blasted Lands, Aely went for a walk. The late fall air was clear and cool, and leaves crunched under their feet in the less-traveled parts of the streets. She and Roger …

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