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An old story, reposted here as I’m shaking the mothballs off Ankona and needed an easy way to show people a little bit about the (batshit) things she gets up to. Enjoy, and don’t be too creeped out! It really was a pretty thing, now that she got a good look at it. The polished […]

The Fall of the Lich King
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Being part of an RP group includes “group timelines” – making decisions about basic “when and where” for the greater story that will affect your entire group. When those big events are tied to raids and bosses, things become more and more difficult, especially in an RP group like the one I’m part of on Feathermoon, where there are a number of people who participate in a variety of different raids (both 10 and 25 man) of various levels of progression.

Things can get VERY confusing when you start to try to figure out the end boss timeline for an RP group like the Wildfire Riders, since we don’t raid as a guild, but many members of WFR are part of other raids.

Saying “Whenever any member of the Wildfire Riders kills Arthas, Arthas has died” isn’t really fair to the in character raids that don’t really push for progression but are made up of mostly WFR guild members. Saying “Whenever everyone in the Riders has killed Arthas, Arthas has died” isn’t fair to /anyone/, since then he’d never die at all, due to a number of guildmates that don’t raid! Saying “Whenever someone on Feathermoon kills Arthas, Arthas has died” dismisses the work done by raiders in the group who stand a good shot at actually killing him. Saying “When TRI kills Arthas in the 25 man raid” ties guild storyline to a raid group that’s made up of mostly people who AREN’T in the Wildfire Riders (even if Tarquin is “The Boss” of both groups).

It’s kind of a mess!  But, of course, at some point Arthas has to die. There are a lot of Lordaeron exiles that will want to celebrate his death.

The WFR officers, in conjunction with some of the other RP groups that we associate with (The Order of the Rose, Stormwind University, The Boomstick Gang), decided to use Blizzard as their go-to on the timeline decision.

Arthas will officially be dead (to us) when the next patch hits, with the early stages of changes that would happen from his death and the new raid instance launching. It’s the least personal decision – it doesn’t tie a major event to how successful a raid is (anyone’s raid), and it gives plenty of time for the lead up “planning” for what will happen after his fall.

So, even though I have a Kingslayer title, to Aely and Arrens and all the rest of my particular RP group, Arthas is still alive, and we’re in the final push to victory.

And I’m OK with that.

I’ve got a big story to write about it, and I’ve been so busy with other things that it’s sat on the back burner for the last two months almost!

How have your RP groups handled the “is he dead yet?” issue? Has it just been kind of assumed at some point, or do you have a plan for his death to occur at a specific time?


Cats in Pants
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Happy Tuesday folks.
At least it’s not ravenous weasels.

What makes a character “click”?
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We were talking last night in one of the general chatter channels about characters and how it is that we end up “sticking” with them. One of the newer members of our group mentioned that he wasn’t really sure what we meant – rolling a character was mostly (for him) about the race/class combination.

It’s different for me – as I’m sure you’ve noticed if you’ve been reading here very long.

Annata is not the first rogue I’ve rolled. She’s not even the first /human/ rogue I’ve rolled. But she’s the first one that I’ve managed to connect with on a character level. (The other four are long since deleted)

Awhile back, Shad, a fellow RPer from the general Riders Conglomerate, wrote a really excellent guest post for me on Character Cookies.

(You should go read it, I’ll wait!)

For me, rolling a new character always involves a “cookie” concept. It’s the “what would happen” question that always initiates a new character. What would happen to a hunter who really had always wanted to be a druid? What would happen to a Dwarven rogue who’d raised all her brothers after her mom died? What would happen to a Gnome who grew up in Westfall and loved horses?

The “cookie” question is what gets a character into the game – but it’s not what gives them staying power, at least for me. Very rarely can I play a character for more than 15-20 levels without having a decent RP concept for them. (Two notable exceptions: Aely, who didn’t get her personality until she was around level 75, and Annylais, who is level 70 and only just now got her RP concept.) I simply get bored or disinterested in who they are, and so I stall out, stop leveling, and never get them anywhere. A few months later, in a fit of new-character-startitis, they get deleted.

It’s a cycle that I’ve repeated many times. The Dwarven rogue who raised her brothers turned out to be a boring, moralizing busybody and was, ultimately, so mind bendingly uninteresting to RP that she never really made it past 25, and that’s after I’d spent quite a lot of gold on her Engineering skills. This is a sad failure on my part, as I’ve always wanted to play a Dwarf consistently. Right now my hope lies with Anrietta, an older Dwarven lady and hunter, but I’ve not had a lot of inspiration with her either. She’s unlikely to get deleted, as she functions outside of my own character RP story things (she’s also part of the TRI raid banking conglomerate), but I hardly play her.

Maybe someday, right?

Anyhow – I can’t put my finger on exactly what it is that makes a character “click” for me.

It’s obviously some combination of Race/Class, but it’s also personality and history and story, who they are and how they react, little quirks, and all the oddities that show up during RP. I found out the other day that Annata spends a small amount of gold every week on manicures, but would never paint her nails. Those little details are what keep me coming back to a character, and what eventually will save them from the scrap heap.

What is it for you? Do you roll with just a Race/Class combo, or even just a specific Class? Or do you, like me, need there to be “more” to the Character?


Old and Established meet New and Exciting
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Roleplay is about making connections with people and creating relationships. Fun!

But a lot of us play multiple characters, and RP with various and different people on each one. Which is just as great. The problem I want to tackle here is one that seems to show up whenever there’s some turnover in RP, or when a storyline comes to a natural lull (not every story is exciting all the time) just as another story ramps up.

What happens when one person in an RP relationship (romantic or otherwise) starts up a second relationship, possibly on another alt, with other people?

Unfortunately the answer is often the first person getting left in the dust, not knowing what’s going on, or just being ignored while the second person doesn’t even realize what a change they’ve made to their playing style as they accommodate this new and exciting RP.

So why is all this so frustrating? I’m going to quote Yva, from WTT:RP on this one:

I think when someone finds a player in game they click with, they get a mini adrenaline rush – someone has tantalized your brain, yay! A bit like when you meet someone outside of game you really click with, ain’t it? That makes it really, really hard to turn the LET’S DO IT synapses off and take the necessary breath to make sure you’re not going into something you’re not prepared for.

New, exciting fun RP is new and exciting and fun. You’ve got someone that is making your brain fire in all kinds of awesome creative ways, you’re dreaming up stories and plotlines and events and things to do together and it’s GREAT.

Except for one thing. If there are other roleplay relationships that you’ve taken the time to cultivate? They don’t magically go away when you have new RP plotbunnies to chase.

So how do you balance the two, so that you can enjoy the awesome new RP without flaking out on the other people you’ve committed to RPing with?

  • Make sure you can sustain two in-depth storylines – Whether romantic, dramatic, or just friends, every RP relationship takes time. If you don’t have the time to give to two relationships, it’s not really nice to jump headlong into something new and leave someone behind whose character is tied up in yours but who has no way to finish or tie off the RP because you’re too busy with something new.
  • Talk about it. Let people know what’s going on – both your established RP relationships and your new and tantalizing ones. We all know what it’s like to have new RP and get swept away in it – but being left behind really sucks. Get things out in the open and work out a compromise.
  • Figure out where you and the other players want the established RP to go, and how best to maintain it. Whether that’s a pre-set time for RP, some new stories to toss around and keep things interesting, or just a mutually agreed on “break”. Whatever compromise happens, it MUST be alright with both players, or one is going to end up either angry or hurt. Communication people!
  • Don’t rely on “Assumed RP” – you know, the kind where you say “well, my character’s not online, so everything is hunky dory and they’re happy and nothing is really going on but it’s all happy and good” – That’s extremely unfun for the person who IS playing their character. Suddenly they’re responsible for fending off IC questions about their friend/lover/child, and they are forced into a sort of holding pattern. Not at all fun.*
  • Stick with your decisions and DBAD – no “sideline” RP in whispers while you’ve told someone else you’re there to RP with them; don’t show up and just want to chat OOCly about the exciting new thing you’re doing with another character. If you say you’re there to RP, show up and RP – if you can’t, then talk about that and get that in the open as well. And be prepared for there to be some hurt feelings if you repeatedly skip out on RP.

It all (surprise, surprise) goes back to communication.

These kinds of situations crop up all the time, especially for those of us that have many alts and like to RP with lots of them. And, let me reiterate, there is NO PROBLEM with liking to RP with lots of alts, and having various relationships scattered around for them. The problem only comes when something new takes you away from established RP and you end up leaving someone behind and stagnating.

So keep talking, make sure you know what your limits are, and make sure you’re really listening to the other people you RP with. Once you establish an RP connection, any decisions you make for your character will automatically start to affect other characters (even if they’re just friends) – facing up to what’s going on and actually talking about it can head off a lot of hurt feelings down the line.


* A note about Assumed RP: Most RP situations occasionally rely on Assumed RP, especially if both players have to be away from game for awhile. That’s absolutely OK and not any sort of problem. The problem with Assumed RP is when one player suddenly stops playing a character, but will not give up on the already existing relationship. If you can’t devote the time to a RP connection, find a way to break it off for awhile – making other players wait around in a holding pattern where they can’t play their character but they want to is kind of rude and rather unfair. It’s also not at all fun, and can ruin a character for another player. Take a break, let there be an IC break, and let the character “go free” if you’re not willing to put the time into that particular RP story.

The Stink Eye, Part II: You remind me of the babe

August 4, 2015 – 12:22 pm

An old story, reposted here as I’m shaking the mothballs off Ankona and needed an easy way to show people a little bit about the (batshit) things she gets up to. Enjoy, and don’t be too creeped out!

It really …

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