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It didn’t take long to get from Thunder Bluff to the Echo Isles – Ankona took advantage of a wyvern so she could think and plan before getting to her destination. She had information to confirm with the spirits – was Gromnor dead? Was he really in the northern part of the Eastern Kingdoms, somewhere […]

Policing Roleplay (somewhere else)
comment 16 Written by on August 4, 2010 – 8:23 am

Blizzard announced yesterday in a Blue Post on the Customer Service forums that it would be policing certain ERP hotspots to actively enforce the RP server rules about OOC comments (specifically sexual, racist, and otherwise generally socially inappropriate ones) in /say, /general, /whisper, and /yell.

To which I say – YAY! Go them!

When is the team showing up in Feathermoon and all the other RP servers that have been dealing with this kind of shit since release?

Wait… they’re not?

Nothing so far says any of this will extend beyond Moon Guard. And truthfully, this is pretty great for Moon Guard, which has, rather sadly, seen an /increase/ in that kind of behavior, because some people on the internet are dicks. As someone who saw Feathermoon’s own public debacle (yar yar hump hump), it WILL calm down, give it a little time.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t make this some kind of great decision to patrol ERP hotspots and enforce the server rules on RP servers.

It means someone made a big loud fuss on on the forums, and the developers will now be “policing” Goldshire in Moon Guard.

It has nothing to do with the number of reports, the horrible emotes, racist comments, inane and mind bendingly inappropriate babble in /general, or the inappropriate and propositioning whispers that happen in Goldshire (and Silvermoon City) on all of the other RP realms.

There are currently six RP-PVP realms (Emerald Dream, Lightning Hoof, Ravenholdt, Maelstrom, Venture Co and Twisting Nether) and seventeen RP-PVE servers (Feathermoon, Argent Dawn, The Scryers, Blackwater Raiders, Cenarion Circle, Moon Guard, Sentinels, Sisters of Elune, Steamwheedle Cartel, Wyrmrest Accord, Earthen Ring, Farstriders, Kirin Tor, Scarlet Crusade, Shadow Council, Silver Hand and Thorium Brotherhood). Of those realms, five have been around since release – Argent Dawn, Feathermoon, Cenarion Circle, Earthen Ring, and Silver Hand, with Scarlet Crusade and Shadow Council releasing shortly after.

I’ve played on Feathermoon since shortly after release… and Goldshire has been a place I’ve actively avoided for RP since I started playing. It had a reputation back in the spring of 2005, before Moon Guard even existed. I’m sure other players on other RP realms can speak to the various dens of publicly aired sexual perversion and flagrant rule-breaking that happen on their servers as well.

RP griefing, ERP, and people flagrantly violating RP server rules have all been a problem since the beginning of the game.

I’ve reported countless players for inappropriate emotes, for names I can’t repeat in polite company, for standing naked on the table and dancing, for actively interrupting RP and being jerks about it, for saying and doing things that made me sick to my stomach. I’ve seen countless posts on the Feathermoon forums about inappropriate RP, about people emoting their particular flavors of sexy funtiems in public places, all of that.

So call me a naysayer (and I’ll accept the title this time) but I see this as a calculated move on Blizzard’s part to stem the tide of outcry (and also increased stupidity and harassment) that’s happened since the original post. Until this applies to more than just one area on just one realm, this isn’t some great victory for the RP servers to finally get the server rules enforced.

There are server rulesets for a reason.

Blizzard’s policy is that if someone is breaking those server rules, you submit a GM ticket.

It has become our job to police our own realms, by Blizzard’s own admission and, to some extent, rightly so – they can’t have GM’s everywhere all the time. Unfortunately, it seems that if someone makes a fuss and it goes viral, that’s enough to get a couple of GM’s to police one cesspool – even though similar cesspools (often in the same location!) exist on other servers, have existed on other servers for years, and have been reported, repeatedly and by countless people, for years as well.

This new revelation from Blizzard? Doesn’t change much of anything.

There’s not much other RP that happens in Feathermoon in Goldshire anymore. In fact, I think a good percent of the people who DO hang around in Goldshire are there to watch the train wreck, much as the original poster’s son and his friends were doing, and possibly to join in the “fun”. There’s not much consequence for a level 1 alt in a situation where there’s so much bad that one more voice makes little/no difference.

The rest of the RP just happens elsewhere.

Submitting a ticket is like using a teaspoon to stem a tidal wave.

It’s a good thing to do, as it’s really our only voice, and I still do it (as do most RPers I know), but ultimately tickets are not that effective against harassment. A GM report and an /ignore doesn’t remove the character who is naked and teabagging me from my screen, and it doesn’t prevent them from following me as I leave to go somewhere else to get away from them.

So forgive me if I’m not all that excited about this great new development from the Blizzard team regarding RP servers and harassment. I honestly don’t see that it’ll make much difference for anyone who doesn’t hang around Goldshire on Moon Guard.


The Best Heroic Oculus PUG Ever
comment 9 Written by on August 2, 2010 – 5:34 pm

Normally I avoid “Tales from the PUG”* type posts, but this one was so unbelievable that I couldn’t resist. For reference, I was there on my hunter, Angoleth, looking for my Random Dungeon Frost Badges.

We all load in to OCC, and the tank DC’s on the second pull.

The Ret Pally with 15K health offers to tank – he doesn’t have a shield, but he can TOTALLY do it. Mage and Holy Paladin tell him “no way”. The Holy Pally is an ICC10 tank, but really doesn’t want to tank (which I totally can understand), so we piddle around and wait for another tank.

The Random Dungeonizer grants us a Prot Warrior, and we pull to the first boss… at which point the Ret Pally starts going on and on and on about how he wants to do achievements, can we please do a drake achievement OMG I WANT IT PLEEEEEASE PLEASE PLEASE, as he spam links them in chat.

His Mage friend agrees, the Holy Pally says “whatever,” the Warrior says “whatever,” and I get outvoted on my “oh please let’s not.”

So we all get Amber Drakes.

As we’re clearing trash, the Mage starts licking the Ret Pally and promising him naked goodness.

Turns out they’re friends in real life, or something. There was conversation about Facebook, and how the Mage was totally hot.  After this, the Mage starts talking about how she’s really afk playing guitar… a declaration supported by her sub 1K DPS. (I was doing about 50% of the damage in the group, followed by the tank. I’m not that good at huntering.)

Turns out she’s not actually playing the guitar, she’s playing GUITAR HERO. They start epeening about who is “better at guitar,” and comparing which songs they can or can’t do expert mode on, and how it’s really hard.

Anyhow, we kill Mage Lord Urum (whom the tank kited back and forth through the ice slicks, instead of out of them), and the Ret Pally blows a shitfit about how he didn’t get his achievement.

When asked if he’s ever been to OCC before, he says no.  I facepalm, since this was all his stupid idea, and we set up a rotation for the Amber Drake Time Stop thing.

Ret Pally screws it up, and we wipe
Ret Pally screws it up again, and we wipe
Ret Pally screws it up a third time…and everyone but the Ret Pally and I leave the group, several with a string of parting expletives, and lots of YELLING IN ALL CAPS (pretty sure the Mage had been afk the whole time we’re fighting Eregos anyway).

The Random Dungeonizer gives us a new healer (who is like WOOT FAST BADGES), a new tank, and some random rogue. I inform them to pick drakes that aren’t Amber, and we proceed to oneshot the boss.

At which point the Ret Pally says…

“lolol thats so much easier glad we didn’t listen to those guys anymore”


*Tales from the PUG would be a pretty awesome name for a series of posts.

A Last Hurrah
comment 5 Written by on July 30, 2010 – 8:03 am

Tonight is TRI’s last official raid for the expansion.

Even as one of the officers who was part of making that decision, I’m a little bittersweet about it.

Yeah, I’m pretty tired of Icecrown – we’ve been in that place for 8 months now. And yeah, I’m kind of tired of making rosters out of duct tape and sheer force of will, and having to cancel half the raids in the last month due to lack of people doesn’t help much either. And I don’t really like bringing in undergeared, inexperienced subs and having to re-teach bosses we’ve had on farm for 6+ months every week, nor do I like not being able to work on our progression because we have so many new folks (who don’t know the fights, and end up dead or have low numbers due to concentrating on fight mechanics) that we don’t have the DPS numbers to beat an enrage timer. Wrynn’s Buff of Chin doesn’t make up for having to learn a fight, you know?

But at the same time, I really like the people I raid with. They’re fun and funny. Quite literally any member of the raid would, if they were magically in town for the weekend, get invited for coffee/beer/barbecue, and we’d probably have a good time. I’ve spent 7 hours a week (if not more, for officer stuff and 10 mans) with them for all of Wrath of the Lich King. Some of them, for all of Burning Crusade too.

So I’ll miss that.

But in the end, I think this was a good decision for a number of reasons.

Recently, TRI’s become kind of split.

We’ve started having roster issues, in ways that we never have when we’re fighting new bosses, because people are tired of the content. They’re burned out. We’ve been raiding consistently for more than 18 months with no more than a week or two off until recently – which is a long time, especially for people who have lives and kids and jobs and etc.

Within the regular roster, there’s a group of people who are so unbelievably done with raiding that they’re only showing up because people expect them to and depend on them as part of the group. (Which, by the way, is very cool. Having been there, sometimes that SUCKS, and so this is me saying “If that’s you, we know, and we appreciate that you’re still showing up.”) They’re silent in ventrilo and chat channels, and some of the usual exuberant banter has been lost to just “getting it over and done with”.

The other group within the raid is still gung-ho about raiding and is really interested in doing hardmodes in ICC. But, when asked, they generally said they didn’t want to push too hard for it, because they know other people in the raid don’t want to do hardmodes, are burned out, and aren’t having fun, and that puts a damper on their enthusiasm. They really want to keep raiding, but they don’t like “forcing” people they like and care about to do things they hate. (Which is also very cool, and says a lot about the caliber of people in TRI.)

So between that, the next two weeks having huge numbers of known absences that would probably cause both weeks to get called off entirely, the officers being kind of burned out too, and “real life” busily getting started for the fall again, we decided to call it off now.

To end on a high note, rather than running the raid into the ground and dragging people through farm content while we re-train new folks, and canceling every other raid, until everyone was thoroughly sick of it and each other.

I don’t think this is the “end” of TRI raiding, either.

It’s the end of official 25 mans, but I expect to see a few 10 man achievement runs pop up, and to see the occasional 25 man run for alts or achievements as well. Plus whatever happens with Operation Gnomeregan. And once Cataclysm rolls around, we’ll see TRI version 4.0 – newer, stronger, and in whatever form it ends up taking for the next round of raids.

We’ve killed Kel’thuzad and Sarth+3 (back when Sarth+3 was hard, and Ulduar hadn’t released yet). We’ve killed Yogg’saron and many Ulduar hardmodes, Anub’arak and half of hardmode Trial of the Crusader. And we’ve killed Arthas and Halion, we’ve pushed through a number of hardmodes in ICC too. We’ve run two, sometimes three, successful 10 mans, as well as achievement and drake runs as well.

As a raid, TRI progressed farther and faster in Wrath of the Lich King than any other incarnation of TRI previously. Sure we’ve had our struggles, but we’ve gotten the hatchmarks on the fence, and we’ve done it while remaining a “casual” raid and having a good time.

I’m proud of what we’ve done, and proud of the people I raid with. This was my first set of raids as an officer, and I can’t think of a better group of people to be part of leading (or a better group of officers to lead raids with).

And I’m really, REALLY glad we have chat channels, ’cause otherwise I’d miss them terribly.


It seems to me rather fitting that the only thing on the hit-list tonight is Arthas.

comment 9 Written by on July 29, 2010 – 10:01 am

“It looks as though I’m getting nowehere,” yawned Milo, becoming very drowsy and dull. “I hope I haven’t taken a wrong turn.”

Mile after
mile after
mile after
mile, and everything became grayer and more monotonous.

Finally the car just stopped altogether, and, hard as he tried, it wouldn’t budge another inch.

“I wonder where I am,” said Milo in a very worried tone.

“You’re . . . in . . . the . . . Dol . . . drums,” wailed a voice that sounded very far away.

He looked around quickly to see who had spoken. No one was there, and it was as quiet and still as one could imagine.

“Yes . . . the . . . Dol . . drums,” yawned another voice, but still he saw no one.

“WHAT ARE THE DOLDRUMS?” he cried loudly, and tried very hard to see who would answer this time.

“The Doldrums, my young friend, are where nothing ever happens and nothing ever changes.”

– Norton Juster, The Phantom Tollbooth

Attitude is a funny thing.

I’ve got three active RP characters, plus three that I’m still developing. A freshly 80 Hunter, who’s now finally reaching her gear threshold to be able to hold her own in a 10 man raid. A fully geared ICC25 paladin, with two fantastic sets of gear. A level 70 druid, a level 22 rogue.

By all accounts, I have /lots/ to do in game.

I also have a Cataclysm Beta account. I’m sure you won’t be surprised to know that I’m not doing any of the actual quests, just exploring zones (and submitting terrain bug reports and such). My screenshot folder is fat and happy, but I haven’t really felt inclined to log in that often.

Even with all of that, I am, as it were, stuck in the doldrums.

Usually, with WoW, I have an abundance of things to write about. There’s always RP going on and stories to take care of. I’ve got Aftermath going here already – but I can’t seem to force myself to work on it. It’s a bit like pulling teeth really. The whole Arthas thing was, for a number of reasons (and not all of them game related) hugely anti-climactic for me, so even though I know it’s a major issue for the /character/ I have trouble getting the writer invested enough to actually do anything about it.

Yes, that story has a lot of awesomeness potential. I love the idea of the story. I love where it’s going, and how it’s going to end. I just… don’t love writing it.

I guess that’s the story of WoW for me right now – I love the idea of my Rogue, and her personality. I love the potential she has for RP… I just don’t love leveling her, and there’s other stuff going on that keeps me from bringing her to RP night. Not least of which is that just about everyone seems to be hanging out in the Doldrums with me, so RP nights have been thinly attended and forced.

Maybe the Doldrums are contagious. I hear a lot about them lately, and though I usually don’t have trouble keeping myself interested in game (see: lots of alts!), it’s been harder for me with this go around.

Maybe the Doldrums are raid related. TRI is winding down for this expansion, having killed Arthas, gotten a handful of hardmodes, and killed Halion. We’ve “won”, as it were.

Maybe the Doldrums are a symptom of real life stuff. I’ve got lots of other hobbies, and some of them are kicking into full swing (or will be soon, and I’m getting ready for that).

Maybe it’s all three, or some other reason.

Either way, I’m there.

Are you?


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