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It didn’t take long to get from Thunder Bluff to the Echo Isles – Ankona took advantage of a wyvern so she could think and plan before getting to her destination. She had information to confirm with the spirits – was Gromnor dead? Was he really in the northern part of the Eastern Kingdoms, somewhere […]

It’s the end of the world as we know it
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So, as most of you probably have noticed, the pre-Cataclysm world event has started.With Wrath of the Lich King, we had the Zombiepocalypse. The jury is still out as to what fun and invented word we can use to describe this event (There’s a separate post for suggestions about that!).

Regardless, one of the things I keep hearing about is how much “cooler” the previous world event was. And on some level, I have to agree. The sheer amount of RP that was created in the Wrath event, as well as the “fun” of playing zombies, plus the various invasion spots and the ever looming Necropoli was pretty impressive. I think it set the stage well for the kinds of things that Wrath would bring, and it did an excellent job of reviving the RP in the group of people I am privileged enough to write in. It was, with very little exception, epic.

(This is not to say that the Wrath event had no problems, etc. Those are for another thread though.)

But we all need to remember that, aside from all the awesome that was the Wrath event, the zombie part was only one step that ramped up over time. The various phases were separated by “lulls” and downtime (presumably to allow everyone a chance to play). The Wrath event got exponentially bigger as it went on, but it did so slowly and in stages. All we’ve seen so far of this event is “Phase 1” – elemental rifts and cultists in the major cities – and there is definitely more to come.

However, it will not be the same event – and that’s a good thing. Even from an RP standpoint, our characters have already lived through the Zombies and the invasion of Northrend and the end of the War in the North.

More importantly, the biggest part of what I remember about the Wrath event is not actually the event itself, but the roleplay and character development that happened because of it. Whether that will happen because of THIS event remains to be seen – and my ability to participate is part of that. Aely was a huge participant in the defense of Stormwind, and even now The Longest Night is a tale that she gets asked to tell. She wears the Black and Red because of that event, and so it was character changing for her.

Spoiler alert: She’ll wear a wedding ring because of this event. So it’ll be character changing for her /again/, but in a different way and on a different timetable.

And while the wrath event was really all about Aely, this one is a lot more applicable to my other characters.

Angoleth was never all that involved with the undead, but demons and cultists piss her off, and she’s old enough to have been around when the original Sundering wasn’t that far gone (at least to an immortal people like Elves). She’s nervous, and remembering her days fighting at Hyjal and in Molten Core. Annorah is a farseer and a pretty well connected Shaman – and she’s kind of wigged out about the rifts and the way the summoned elementals are behaving. Other characters, like Annie Mae, are pretty convinced that the Doomsayers are a bunch of wingnuts, and if the world was going to end, it wouldn’t bother warning us, so who cares? (That opinion may change, of course) Aely will be involved, of course, but she’s not the only character that will participate.

We’re just getting started with this event, and people ARE talking about it – which is a good sign. (And it’s pretty fun to do too!)

So I’m reserving judgment until after it’s all over with, and trying to keep some perspective about it. The Cataclysm event will, by design, be different than previous events – and it will trip different reactions in different characters. The RP opportunities are still there, and I’m looking forward to participating.

What have your characters thought or done in reaction to the earthquakes and the recent cultist and elemental activity? Are you planning any major character development because of this event? *


*If you’re finding (as I have) that stagnation over the last few months is making it hard to connect to your characters, Bricu’s “Taking Stock” post is a good place to start.

*fizzle* *sizzle* *pop*
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No Post today. On Fire! Elementals Everywhere! YEEEEEEE!

The Return of the Beast(s)
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So, I’ve not had a whole lot of time to play WoW lately – and when I do, it’s usually after work, when I am le tired, and not really looking to spend a bunch of time in PUGs.

As such, most of my characters still don’t have a new spec, and NOBODY has all their glyphs yet (Aely is mostly done for her holy spec, but not her ret spec, Annylais has a kitty-DPS spec but no glyphs, and Angoleth has a beastmastery spec and maybe 2 of her glyphs? (more on that in a minute)).

I’m not really going to say much about classes or balance or wrath heroics jumping the shark or any of that stuff.

I will, however, say that hands down, my favorite change in 4.0?

The stable.

Thanks to the new pet stabling system, Angoleth has been able to go back and re-tame all of the pets she’s let go over the last almost 5 years (yikes!) because of limited stable space. At least, all the pets I can remember… ( way back in my noobpie days, I didn’t realize you could teach your pets new levels of skills, so I just retamed a new pet every 8-10 levels or so. I figured it out around level 45.)

Anyway, thanks to the stabling changes, I can now say happily that the following pets are back in action:

  • Karakum the Scorpid
  • Litha the Black Stranglethorn Panther
  • Rinna the Zulian Bat
  • Ishura the Windserpent
  • Talia the Owl
  • Tim… the Ravager **

And that they have been joined by:

  • Sriracha the Corehound
  • Squitterwit the Red Fuzzy Spider
  • and an unnamed red hyena, red raptor, and red silithid pets

I’m totally tickled, even though it means I have a metric ton of pets to level (probably literally, if you weighed them all… that Corehound is large). I couldn’t be happier with how things have turned out. I’ve always been a sentimental hunter, taking pets back to where they were tamed if I have to let them go. Being able to go back and “find” them there again? Totally awesome.

However, Pebbles the Devilsaur, Arsaelan the White Lion, Shan’re the Wolf, and Russ the Bear are none too pleased.

Because now?

I can’t pick which pets to have out when I wander around anymore.


**there are some who call him… Tim…

PS: If anyone sees Skoll or Loque’nahak, let them know I’ve got a business proposition to make them…

Ask Anna: RSP Websites
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(Rumors of my death have been premature. Rumors of my return may or may not be premature. But I’m ready to give this a whirl again. Dunno if I’ll ever get back to daily posting, but things have calmed down enough that I think I can manage something once or twice a week. We’ll see how it goes!)

A question from a reader:

Hey Anna!

Lately, there seems to be a trend of sites popping up that make fun of bad RSP flags. What are your opinions on sites like these that ridicule the rsp for either graphic content or minor nitpicking.

– A Nonny Mouse

To be quite honest, Nonny (I hope it’s alright that I call you Nonny), I’m not fond of sites devoted to making fun of RSP flags. For one thing, I don’t think they do anything productive, or offer any kind of help to any of the people that are “offending”. I also don’t think they’re all that useful, given that you can get everything from  the nitpicky “OMG Stormwind was destroyed and rebuilt, how could they not know that!!?!!eleventy1” to the more egregious examples of erotic content in RSP flags, posted for either shock value or validation.

Are there some really bad RSP flags? Absolutely. They’re often full of purple prose, gravity defying sexual organs, robotic body parts, and “I’m not really a …” types of silliness. But you really can’t tell much about a character – or how well that character is played – from an RSP tag.

Here’s why.

Aely, my main, whom you’ve all read about and who I’m quite confident is not a “mary sue”, is a 6 foot tall, red-headed warrior goddess built like a professional beach volleyball player. If you read her RSP, you could come away with that, and I could show up on a website getting made fun of for playing such a stereotypical “mary sue” character.  Except that Aely is more than just her appearance, and I’ve never had anyone tell me that she’s a hollow shell of a character created for my own self aggrandizement.

Bricu, who writes for WTT:RP (and who has given me permission to do this), plays a stereotypical “not your typical paladin” character. He’s gruff and unusual, and could easily show up on a website getting made fun of for not playing paladins “properly”. Except that if you’ve ever interacted with Bricu, you know that he’s a bastard AND a paladin, and he manages to wear both hats very well. The character fits and works and isn’t a shallow RSP tag.

Seylon, one of Yva‘s characters (who also knows about this post), is a tall, totally hawt night elf warrior with a gorgeous body, who wears really skimpy armor, flirts with anything that moves (of either gender) and drinks hard. If all you ever saw of Seylon was a brief encounter in the bar, you’d probably think she was worth writing up for one of those websites. Except Seylon is also a hard working single mom, an incredibly well developed character, and not at all a shallow RSP tag.

Yes, sometimes it’s incredibly frustrating to try to RP with people and get yet another “I’m not really a death knight and my boobs are so huge they’re like watermelons but gravity doesn’t apply to me and I sparkle and smell like jasmine” encounter. I’ve laughed those situations off with friends, in private, because there’s not really any other way to deal with the frustration. But, as I’ve mentioned before, not everyone starts out good at RP, and public humiliation doesn’t help anyone.

The best reaction, when confronted with something that makes you want to roll your eyes, is to either gently approach the person about it, or – if you don’t think it’s worth trying or don’t have the patience to try – to ignore it and move on. If the person is actively griefing YOU (and I have seen situations of extremely off-kilter RP turn into table dancing), then it’s time to get a GM involved.

If reading RSP tags makes you think that every roleplayer you encounter is going to be a terrible one?

Stop reading RSP tags.

You can turn the addon off, or just turn off “mouseover pop ups”, and then all the people passing by that you don’t actually interact with will never intrude on your screen.

You can’t judge a book by its cover, and you really can’t judge every roleplayer by his or her RSP tag.


For full disclosure, I’m not even running an RSP addon right now. I love them for their naming abilities, but I find that the description boxes aren’t that helpful. And besides, I’d much rather interact with people than have to read their RSP first!

Descent and Ascent

September 8, 2015 – 9:51 pm

It didn’t take long to get from Thunder Bluff to the Echo Isles – Ankona took advantage of a wyvern so she could think and plan before getting to her destination. She had information to confirm with the spirits – …

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