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**A note on dates. Dates are pretty important, but we have no idea how Silvermoon reckons time, so I’ve used the WoWWiki Unofficial Timeline dates for most of it. As such, all years are measured with the beginning of the First War as “Year 0” even though that makes fuckall sense for Blood Elves. You […]

Belphzooka’s Huntard Cliffnotes – Leotheras
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In an effort to bring you Drama-Free and EZ-Mode-Lewt ™ on behalf of Totally Raiding, Inc., I bring you one in a series of class-specific addenda for the boss fights you may encounter. Previous entries include Karathress and The Lurker Below.

By reading this strategy addendum, you accept that the tactics set out herein are by no means foolproof, depends very much on you not being said fool, as well as other exogenous factors including but not limited to getting swiped by the whirlwind, properly dealing with your inner demon, shaking your bon-bon and damn right, it’s better than yours.


The pull

misdirect Three summoner mobs need to be pulled and killed first, just focus fire them down in sequence, and be ready for a big MD on Leo for your tank as soon as he gets free.

The fight

Positioning: stay at max range, and mobile. It is imperative that you avoid getting swiped by the whirlwind – while the whirlwind damage (~3000) is mitigatable, the bleed DOT that comes with (~2500 a tick for 15 sec) will most likely kill you, or at the very least unnecessarily stress out your healers. Note that the whirldwind graphic is not accurate, and you may get swiped even if you think you’re far enough away. Pretending to be a corpse on the ground will not save you from getting swiped.

Aggro issues

Leo will wipe aggro between belf and demon phase, so your job is to coordinate with the tanks to slap aggro on with a well-timed MD as soon as the transition happens. The transitions happen far enough apart to be able to have just two hunters on the case: one for belf-to-demon, the other for demon-to-belf. Leo will also wipe aggro after a whirlwind (forgetful fella, isn’t he?), but since the transitions are more important, it’s usually better to keep your MDs for those. Even if you have a third hunter handy, I’d keep that third MD for any OHSHI- situations.

The pet corner

feedpet Leo’s whirlwind bleed DOT will absolutely kill your pet, and you may need him for the inner demon phase. You’re better off keeping your pet by your side for Leo’s belf phase, and let it go to town on Leo during the demon phase.

One more thing

As a hunter, the inner demon phase should be cake. The demon is susceptible to all forms of CC – trap, wingclip and so on. Sic your pet on him, or do the hunter dance if you like. Try laying down a freeze trap when you hear that Demons are imminent, so if you get a demon you can quickly get to max range and start the pummeling without being touched. Then wing clip dance until he poofs.

Note that you need to have the killing blow on the demon, or you will still end up MCd. You’re best off putting your pet on passive at ~15% – your pet should still have enough residual aggro at that stage – and burn down your inner demon yourself.

**Belph’s posts are featured here every Thursday after Anna’s Resto Shaman vs. Boss posts, in an attempt to be both consistent and informative. Belphzooka (aka Belphegor) is the fearless hunter lead of Totally Raids, Incorporated, and together with Harvey the scorpid and Fang the bear, keeps us all on our toes and the bosses misdirected to the tanks. Or occasionally to Annorah. *shifty eyes*

Anna’s Top 6 Favorite Instances
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Absolutely in NO particular order. Keep in mind that these have more to do with the atmosphere/lore of the area and less to do with the actual mechanics. And whether or not I farmed them for 8+months.

Dire Maul and AQ are not on the list for one simple reason – I have never, on any of my characters, completed any wing of Dire Maul, and I’ve only seen the first boss in both AQ20 and AQ40. I have, with my hunter, gotten to the first boss of Dire Maul West, and helped a paladin with his epic mount quest once. I loved the look of both DM and AQ, but I can’t call them favorites because… well I’ve never actually seen more than a fraction of what’s there to see. *sadface*

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Resto Shaman vs. Leotheras – A Healing Guide
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This is one in a series of posts covering resto-shaman-specific information for tier4 and tier5 boss fights. It will NOT be a boss kill strategy, rather a list of tips and tricks for your friendly neighborhood shaman to make these fights run a little more smoothly.

Other Tuesday guides: Karathress, The Lurker Below, Hydross, Tidewalker.

notebook2 by woodsy

Leotheras the Blind is a corrupted demon hunter who now has serious personal space issues from the demon that has taken up residence in his body. He is rumoured to be one of the first five Blood-elf demon hunters trained by Illidan, but of those five, Varedis (in the Ruins of Karabor) is the only one that is known to have made it out alive and with his sanity intact. (Leo obviously left his sanity behind awhile ago.) Demon hunters bind a demon into themselves as part of the initiation where they ritually blind themselves – Leotheras apparently lost himself in the process, and now can’t decide if he’s a demon, an elf, or both.

Oh – and when you show up, he’ll be banished. For some reason, unbanishing him in order to kill him is a good idea. I don’t get it either.


Leotheras Basics:

  • Leotheras is a big emo elf. As such, he has emo elf form, and big scary demon form.

  • When he is an emo elf, he whirlwinds periodically. This hurts. He also pings around the room like he’s playing pinball. Avoid it.

  • When he is a big scary demon, he shoots demon chaos blasts at someone. Ideally, that someone is a warlock wearing a lot of fire resist gear. Don’t stand near the warlock either.

  • Approximately 15 seconds into Demon phase, he will whisper up to 5 members of the raid and “draw out their inner demon”. These will show up in black, and ONLY YOU can kill your own inner demon. If you don’t kill it by the time he’s done being a demon, you get mind controlled and your raid will have to kill you.

  • He drops aggro in between phases.

  • At 15%, he has a multiple personality disorder moment, and splits into his two selves, and you have to deal with both the angry demon and the emo elf at the same time.

  • After 10 minutes, he will wipe the raid

  • For serious strategery, check out www.bosskillers.com and/or www.wowwiki.com.

  • For comedic strategery – you can see a humorous illustrated guide here.

Group Considerations: Your usual group composition should be fine for this one.

totems, Totems, TOTEMS!: Whatever totems are appropriate for your group, with the addition of a searing totem as much as possible. Leo has a tendency, post whirlwind and post demon phase, to go after your searing totem before he goes after anything else – which gives the tank time to pick him up more before he wtfpwns a warlock.

Heroism/Bloodlust?:  Depending on the raids preferences, there are two options.  Either wait until the split at 15% to burn down the end of the fight faster, or heroism 5 seconds after the warlock tank has solid aggro during the demon phase.  The first pulls your raid through the toughest part of the fight quickly.  The second gets you WAY ahead of the enrage timer, giving you some breathing room for the rest of the fight.  Ask your raid leader which s/he prefers!

Earthshield: This is a fight where earthshield can make the difference between a win and a wipe. For EmoElf phase, it’s not that crucial – Leo’s hits on a tank are rather equivalent to a wet noodle flogging, so keep earthshield up on the tank to make things a little easier, but it’s not going to affect the outcome too much.


However – when he goes into Demon phase, things change. 15 seconds into this phase, any raid member can become a potential inner demon killer. Even you, my dear resto shaman, or your tree-druid and healy priest friends. These demons are susceptible to nature and holy damage (so paladins don’t have much trouble with them), but they can wreak havoc on your healer camp because they cause spell pushback.

BUT WAIT! You have earthshield! Throwing an earthshield on a resto druid or holy priest that gets an inner demon will help them not die, and help their wrath/moonfire/smite spam kill the demon faster. Which means fewer mind-controlled/dead healers. Which means you’re more likely to win.

My priority is usually on resto druids before priests, since our priests tend to need more healing and our druids tend to get mind controlled, but your raid may be different.

Also – don’t be afraid to earthshield YOURSELF in this situation.

Don’t Stand In The… Whirlwind. It applies a bleed-DOT that hurts. Don’t stand in the chaos blasts either.

Heroism?: Either at the very end, during the split phase, to help burn him down faster, or about 10 seconds into the first Demon phase, to put yourselves WAY ahead of the enrage timer.

Shaman Friendly or Unfriendly: Unfriendly, except for the earthshield part. As a resto shaman, I feel like a gimmick on this one, with the earthshield and the searing totem tricks. Everyone is standing WAY far apart, and running around like idiots. Without a HOT spell, and with our main healing spell relying on splash heals to nearby damaged players, this fight is one of the most frustrating fights in SSC for me. Fortunately TRI has a KICK ASS team of other healers, so I can often throw a few DPS spells in here and there, which breaks up the monotony of running away and having all my chain heals not bounce.

Other things to keep in mind:

  • <Smokey the Bear Voice> Remember! Only YOU can kill your inner demon.

  • To kill your inner demon, you must be able to consistently hit it. This is one of the fights where I tend to wear a combination of healing, stamina, and spell-hit gear, since I don’t lose too much healing, and being able to polish off my demon in very little time is nice and lets me get back to healing. Also – use chain lightning, earthshock, and lightning bolt – NOT flameshock. Inner demons are resistant to fire and susceptible to nature and holy damage – so use all the nature spells you can. Don’t worry about healing yourself – just kill your demon.

  • The warlock tank will likely be a soul-link spec – meaning somewhere in the room he’ll have a parked felpuppy to eat some of the damage he takes. Keep an eye on the puppy – don’t let it die.

And really – don’t stand in the whirlwind.

Gamer Personality Types?
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So I took the gamer personality type quiz over at Game Cafe

Based on my answers, I’m an:


ESAK players often see the game world as a great stage, full of things to see and people to meet. They love teaming up with people to get to the hard-to-see places, and they relish unique experiences.

Breakdown: Achiever 40.00%, Explorer 93.33%, Killer 0.00%, Socializer 66.67%

Very Interesting…
The game that has the highest proportion of people like you (ESAK) is Entropia Universe. You chose which which is not amongst the top 10 choices for your type. Perhaps you’re a unique snowflake, or maybe we just don’t know enough people like you.

Overall – this is spot on. Though I do have a bit of PVP experience, I largely do it for the honor upgrades and not for any love of killing another player. (I generally feel that I get enough anger and stupidity in real life, and entering BG’s only ups my frustration level, not lowers it). I *love* the history and lore in Warcraft, especially when it means doing quests that have historically-involved storylines and let me go exploring around spiffy places.

I even love exploring spiffy places that I’ve already seen/done 10 times before! And I *particularly* love exploring when it means I get to do it with fun people that I know and like. Go go TRI! I’d definitely say that “seeing and killing new things” is tied for #1 with “cooperating with an awesome team” on my list of reasons why I raid.

So what kind of a gamer are you?

Security Clearance

December 13, 2016 – 5:45 pm

**A note on dates. Dates are pretty important, but we have no idea how Silvermoon reckons time, so I’ve used the WoWWiki Unofficial Timeline dates for most of it. As such, all years are measured with the beginning of the

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