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Squire Benjamin William Sullivan stood in the middle of Light’s Hope Chapel in his underpants.

Actually, it was white linen pants and a shift, but the effect was approximately the same. The little chapel was warm, on the edge of …

A different kind of Heroic?
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Because you never know what’ll happen in an OOC channel full of roleplayers all struggling to deal with a scourge invasion…

**for the title reference, please see this wiki article on Heroic Couplets


Reynoldo (to the headless horseman):

Shut the Feck up, you self righteous twit!
I’m sick of hearing your stupid fire shit!

Reynoldo (as the headless horseman):

Stop it right now you worthless undead!
You’re far less important than ol’ Pumpkin head!

Delion (as the headless horseman):

Shambling corpses all crying for brains
This week is turning into a real pain
How can I threaten and frighten Goldshire
When nobody sees that the inn is on fire!

Reynoldo (as a zombie)

Sorry HH, it’s time to retire
Munching on brains is more fun than your fires!

Reynoldo (as the headless horseman)

How dare people call me a talentless hack!
I’m king of the pumkins… oh no wait, that’s Jack.

Andrick (as the headless horseman)

Before flames are extinguished and I must retire
I’d like a /g-invite to <Catgirl Vampires>

Delion (as the headless horseman)

What’s this, you heathens, rhyming is MY gig!
That’s it, I’ve had it – I’m off to the ‘Pig
I’ll show all you folk with my mightiest poem…
Oh wait – ACK!  chatspam!  it’s Aedis Brom!

And of course, it was all downhill from there…

Delion (to someone complaining about Ogri’la rep)

Dragons are cooler than Ogres, I’m afraid
If you fail at their quests, you will still get paid
Albeit it looks like you’re working for orcs
But when in Rome, well… <shrugs>  Work Work!

Andrick (attempting to keep up with Delion, our resident poncy (male) night elf priest)

Twas I all along, Yes Delion – Tailor!
I sew like a woman and sing like a sailor.
Twas always my dream to spread holiday passion
Instead I’ve resigned to sew horrible fashions.

Denne (throwing in his two cents to the roast)

Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
I got solo’d by Tarquin
And he only pressed [2].

RP Friday Five – ZOMBIES
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Alright – so here’s the obvious one!  As usual, you can post your answers here as a comment, in your own blog, or just use this as a mental exercise.

(There would be a cool wow modelviewer picture of zombies
and pumpkins here… but the modelviewer broke with 3.0.2.  Sorry!)

  1. What is your character’s favorite holiday?
  2. Is your character playing along with Hallow’s End festivities?  If so, which ones?
  3. How is your character reacting to the recent manifestations of the Plague?
  4. Is your character planning to go to Northrend?  Why or why not?
  5. If your character were a zombie… what kind of zombie would they be?  (examples:  braiiins.  (subdued zombie).  Braaains?  (curious zombie).  GRAAAIIIINS!  (angry vegetarian zombie) )

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Dear Feathermoon Zombies
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Feathermoon is an RP server.  This means that some people on Feathermoon are going to respond to things like world events in a character appropriate fashion.  If you see someone responding to a world event in such a fashion, it is not appropriate for you to curse at them in tells, attempt to manipulate them into flagging for PVP, or otherwise grief them – just as it is not appropriate for people who are roleplaying to grief you or intentionally ruin your fun.

For this reason, I let you keep your glowing plague to take it elsewhere if you like.  I have no qualms with you having fun being a zombie.  I won’t cleanse you while you’re still alive – if you want to create a horde of zombies, there are LOTS of NPCs to infect.

Aelflaed, however, has serious qualms with having to kill the 8 year old altar boy after he’s been reanimated from your plague, or four Stormwind Guards.  Therefore, seeing members of the Cathedral, orphans, and employees of the Pig and Whistle infected, she does her best to cleanse *them*.  And seeing you, as a zombie ghoul running around town spreading the stuff, she’s probably going to try to kill you – just like the guards do.

This is her reacting in character in the best way I know how, while doing my best to stay out of your way while you run around enjoying zombification.



Anna and Aelflaed

*With bonus thanks to Phileas for making last night serious fun, not letting the nasties get us down, and for some fantastic character building/interaction.

*artwork by Katharsis, who is awesome.

Nickname Help!
comment 17 Written by on October 22, 2008 – 11:12 am

I’m trying to find a good nickname for Aelflaed (pronounced ALE-flayed), whose name is a bit of a mouthful.  Other than Ale-wench (which is what her brother called her when he was mad), the only suggestion I’ve had so far is Elly.

Anyone have any ideas?


October 24, 2014 – 12:01 pm

Squire Benjamin William Sullivan stood in the middle of Light’s Hope Chapel in his underpants.

Actually, it was white linen pants and a shift, but the effect was approximately the same. The little chapel was warm, on the edge of …

Introducing the Newest Anna

June 29, 2014 – 4:39 pm

So I’m not really in a position where I should be creating alts. This, of course, does nothing to deter me from making alts when the inspiration strikes. I’ve been really enjoying my Alliance hunter, and she’s my raiding main …


November 19, 2013 – 4:46 pm

Bad things are happening in Stormwind – and beyond.

The Hand of Lothar, they call themselves.

Yva Darrows was their first target.

Tirith and Aely were their second and third.

They have since… expanded their reach and escalated their methods …


November 13, 2013 – 9:59 am

The cathedral bells stop ringing overnight, except for chiming the hours. Three bell strikes, and Angoleth padded softly around another corner of the Cathedral District, staying carefully in the shadows. Trained ears picked up Mogget’s soft breathing – nearly inaudible …

Riders in Lordaeron – Memory

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(Written by Jolly, Tarquin, and Annalea)

The highlands of Lordaeron were not for the faint of heart; be it the putrescence of the Scourge’s long-lingering remnant, or the rock-strewn hills and valleys that made farmers out of only the most …

Riders of Lordaeron – Logistics

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(With Tarquin and Annalea)

Once more, four people made their way through the thickets and hills of Lordaeron, this time in the crisp chill of late morning, seeking after the Rider. Aelflaed had snatched what sleep she could while Chryste …

Riders of Lordaeron – Problematic

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She hadn’t wanted to leave Jolly – not so soon after finding him again – but once away, it took about five minutes for Aely to figure out she had a problem.

That problem had just announced that …

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It was an uneasy goodbye for him, but it was agreed by both he and Aely that a stroll back to Hearthglen would not be very easy to explain, nor would the explanation needed for the three Argent soldiers once …

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