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Squire Benjamin William Sullivan stood in the middle of Light’s Hope Chapel in his underpants.

Actually, it was white linen pants and a shift, but the effect was approximately the same. The little chapel was warm, on the edge of …

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You Receive: [White Ribbon]
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Trigger Warning: Sexual Assault, Suicide. This post is rather upsetting to write and has the potential to be upsetting to read.


The White Ribbon Campaign
International Resources

It came to my attention today that a fellow WoW blogger has been posting from the hospital after suffering a vicious attack. She is, understandably, shaken and in a lot of mental turmoil, though fortunately physically seems to be doing alright.

As someone with at least a little bit of understanding of how hard the healing process can be, I’m posting here in support of the Gold Queen. She will be in my thoughts, and hopefully the thoughts of the greater community, for as long as she needs that support.

To anyone who thinks “that’s just not right for her to talk about it” – how dare you decide what the proper response is of someone else who has been through an extremely traumatic event. The Gold Queen herself has spoken about how much of a difference “play” can make, and if playing WoW and blogging are things she can do to help cope with and heal through what’s happened, I have nothing but happiness that she’s found those kinds of outlets. There is no “right way” to respond to something horrible, just like there is no right way to grieve the loss of a loved one.

Trauma sucks, and each person heals as best they can. Ultimately, healing is an inside job. It’s up to everyone else to support that. From a healing standpoint, it’s important that Alyzandehas all the support and safe spaces she needs – as her community, that’s our job. (And I’m really impressed with the way the wow gold making community has pulled together for her, especially the White Ribbon campaign. It’s not a segment of wow blogging that I’m particularly part of, but their response has been outstanding.)

I learned about this through the Mental Shaman, the Apple Cider Mage, Matojo, and Misaweha - all of whom have good posts that you should read.

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