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It didn’t take long to get from Thunder Bluff to the Echo Isles – Ankona took advantage of a wyvern so she could think and plan before getting to her destination. She had information to confirm with the spirits – was Gromnor dead? Was he really in the northern part of the Eastern Kingdoms, somewhere […]

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Why I hate Daily Quests
comment 4 Written by on March 30, 2008 – 7:51 am

(pardon me while I rant a bit. Regular, sane, well thought out Anna will return in 5 minutes)

soapbox Ok – you’re all probably looking at me funny right now. I know – dailies are how you make MONEY, you say. They funded my epic mount and now I have speedy birdy and all this stuff that I can do so much *faster*, plus I’m like super duper special loved by all these people so they give me cheap repairs, crafting patterns, cookies, and free beer.

(ok, maybe not so much on the free beer…)

Alright. Yeah. They make money. That is one of, if not the sole reason that I, occasionally, do them. (The other reason being reputation, which is really just more farming)

That said, I hate them. With a deep seated fiery passion. In fact, it could be said that I hate them more than I hate farming – which is saying something – even though I end up doing them more often than farming (because farming with a holy priest/resto shaman sucks). Even though most of them are little more than glorified farming…

Anyway – I figure there are a few things that could account for this.

  1. I suck (This is probably the most likely reason)
  2. I play classes that can’t do enough damage to kill two stupid respawns without going completely OOM and/or dying, nor do they have good instant-tag abilities.
  3. Everyone on my server that does dailies the same time I do is a crackass nutjerk.
  4. I don’t have an epic flying mount
  5. I have a “kite all your adds to me and then feign death/die/vanish” sign on my back.
  6. I have a “steal my mobs with your instant damage ability” sign on my back.
  7. All of the above.

Anyway. Shattered Sun? Yeah. Die in a fire. With all your enchanting patterns. I’ll get someone else to split the shards for me.

(We now resume with the regular, sane, well thought out Anna that everyone expects around here. Also, in case anyone was wondering, daily quests, when done in a group/with a friend are decidedly less evil and verge on the edge of downright tolerable, I have discovered.)

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4 Responses to “Why I hate Daily Quests”

  1. hehe I am not so keen on farming either, although it does make a huge difference what spec I am. When I was resto specced farming SUCKED, whereas when I’m balance specced (which I’m geared for) then it’s easy 😉

  2. I hate the SSO dailies with a passion.

    The ones that are Outland based aren’t really -that- bad ( except the battle plans, rot in hell elves ).

    However, the ones based on Quel’danis? There’s few things more frustrating in this game to me right now than trying to get those done.

    Bombing run? Forget it, not unless you’re with 5 other people in a tight cluster.

    Killing the demons that come out of that portal? Ha!

    The quests themselves aren’t that bad, but Blizz so totally didn’t plan this properly for the amount of people that are out there.

  3. I hate all dailies, but special passion is reserved for all bombing runs. Especially the ones that can hit you so hard that you forget how to be a bird (wtf?)

    Bizarrely, I generally prefer to do them on my resto-druid-pretending-to-be-boomkin than my hunter. It’s not that he’s better at it.

    Anyway. I don’t do them much. I’ve been trying to more lately because I’m starting want my epic flight form enough to do them. >_> This may or may not have something to do with my tanky boyfriend (complete with enormous repair and consumable bills) managing to get his first. 😛

    By Lilivati on Apr 1, 2008 | Reply
  4. My luck with the dailies themselves has been so-so. Sometimes I’m really lucky, and sometimes I’m not (but more often the latter than the former—I’ve been doing the cooking daily at least twice a week since it went live and I still don’t have a Delicious Chocolate Cake recipe. =(

    Also, the daily involving getting Battle Plans from the Netherstorm elves seems to have been designed to play games with your mind. On the day it came out, I was killing elves for over an hour before it finally dropped. On the second day I thought to myself “well, time to farm some signets, and maybe the Battle Plans will drop.” The first elf I killed dropped the plans…and no signet. =\

    Thankfully, I haven’t had any bad luck with the other people doing daily quests yet. The worst I’ve ever seen was an Undead who /spit and /rude spammed me for saving a Gnome Warrior’s life while he was working on the Skettis escort daily. She proceeded to follow me around (on her epic flyer) and camp any spawn point I would go to in order to try to steal the escort out from under me. Too bad her attention span was as rotten as her attitude (and her everything else =P)—just as she left one point the captured Skyguard (Corki’s big brother, perhaps?) spawned and I nabbed the quest while she flew away, unawares. (Of course, she came back and /spit and /rude spammed me some more, but there was nothing she could do. >=) )

    Finally, make sure you always try to group up for the dailies, if you can. Even if it’s with random strangers. I’ve noticed that with quests such as the Skettis escort, if someone sees you as competition, they’re more likely to don their hat of assery, but if they see you as willing to cooperate with them, they’re usually much nicer. This is especially important for the Quel’Danas bombing run, since there usually aren’t enough mobs to go around for each individual (plus, players in a group share credit =) ).

    By Gryphonheart on Apr 1, 2008 | Reply

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