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**A note on dates. Dates are pretty important, but we have no idea how Silvermoon reckons time, so I’ve used the WoWWiki Unofficial Timeline dates for most of it. As such, all years are measured with the beginning of the First War as “Year 0” even though that makes fuckall sense for Blood Elves. You […]

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U kiil?
comment 5 Written by on August 14, 2008 – 7:17 am

Reading Nasirah’s post yesterday over on Alt’s Ahoy, I was reminded of a conversation I had in Theramore while Annylais was questing…

Person invites you to a group.  Accept/Decline?
/who person
[Person] <large guild>  level 17 night elf hunter


Hunter invites you to a group.  Accept/Decline?

Hunter Whispers:  u help me?
Annylais:  with what?
Hunter:  come
Annylais:  no.  what do you want?
Hunter:  u help me?
Annylais:  help you with what?
Hunter:  kiiil
Annylais:  … no.  you’re level 17, everything here is too big for you
Hunter:  i no u kiil.

The best part was, there were 12-15 people in his guild online at the time, ranging in levels from 13 to a few 70’s in Shattrath.  I’m not sure if he was kidding, new, very young, or just didn’t speak English, but I’ve wondered if I shouldn’t have asked his guild leader about him.  Either way, I don’t remember him or his guild now, and it’s too late.  I did at least tell him to go to Darkshore or Westfall where he’d be able to kill things by himself before I put him on ignore.

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5 Responses to “U kiil?”

  1. People are weird. I dunno what else to say. Or freaky…

  2. Weird. I’m imagining this person with a Voidwalker’s voice. “i no u kiil!”

  3. Sorry that was me. I was still trying to figure out how to communicate to alliance players. I wasn’t sure if you guys knew the concept of big words and complete sentences.

    j/k =)

  4. If you wern’t on a low alt…I would have suspected it was someone trying to steal a raid ID…

    Random invite to a group with 3 other of his friends ready to “jump” into a raid as soon as the invite goes through.

  5. I get that all the time. What I don’t get as well is when people have a guild, and ask everyone else because they just made a guild to make one….and this was before guild banks.

    I wish people would stop making guilds that are only one member strong and join the good solid ones that are not too large.

    /meh 🙂

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