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It didn’t take long to get from Thunder Bluff to the Echo Isles – Ankona took advantage of a wyvern so she could think and plan before getting to her destination. She had information to confirm with the spirits – was Gromnor dead? Was he really in the northern part of the Eastern Kingdoms, somewhere […]

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The Last Monday (before Wrath, that is)
comment 10 Written by on November 10, 2008 – 9:19 am
  1. This last weekend was both good and very very stressful, and I’m glad to be home.  Thanks to all of you that sent notes and encouragement.  I think I’m going to hide away from everyone for a few days to recharge my batteries, but at least I can blog again!
  2. Aelflaed and Annorah are stocked with mana and health potions, bandages, extra netherweave to level first aid, and lots of tasty food.  Still need to fill out their elixir stacks.
  3. After finding a random Bog Lurker last night ( a rare elemental dude in Zangarmarsh) Aely is finished with all currently available exploration achievements.
  4. My gold goals for Thursday are not quite in place (and likely won’t be fully so) – but I’m close enough that I’m comfortable.
  5. How much gold do you leave on your individual characters, as opposed to sending it to a banker?
  6. All four of my 70’s are finally exalted with the Shattered Sun – people are, however, still jerks willing to train demons onto the priest that just buffed them.
  7. Annylais will not be 70 by Thursday.  And really, I’m OK with that.  I’m going to want a break from Northrend, and there is lots of druidy stuff in Outland to do.
  8. I’ve not decided if I’m waiting in line at my Game Stop or not.  Probably not, since I am not a night person, and I can just as easily hop over there the next morning and pick it up.
  9. After reading Aurik and Sephrenia’s posts, I am reminded of what leveling with healing classes is like.  And of my rule – I warn people nicely once that they need to turn off the “heal me” addon/macro.  I warn them sternly the second time.  And then I just stop healing them.  /evil
  10. I’ve not seen any big ending event to the Scourge invasion, and I’m really hoping *something* is coming.
  11. Darrowshire used to be bugged, anyone know if it still is?  (there is RP (and possibly a story!) to be written)
  12. I may break my own decision (made this spring) not to roll a Deathknight.  I’ve a character idea for a female Forsaken, and I’ve been contemplating having a legit horde alt, since it seems that 90% of my friends on Feathermoon have characters on both factions.
  13. The LHW/shaman tank healer thing seems to be pretty usable at 70, but spell scaling tests by level 80 peoples on the beta suggests that it won’t be nearly as useful then.  Still, an interesting idea for leveling, and something I intend to try.
  14. And, for FimlysIf you regularly ask your guildies, friends, RP buddies, and random people in channels if they’re OK with that becoming a blog post… you might be a (this) WoW Blogger.  (I love all you guys!)
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10 Responses to “The Last Monday (before Wrath, that is)”

  1. At least you stayed a healer. I got tired of it on my shaman and now have an elemental shaman instead of a resto shaman.
    Gunsnbutter Excelsior/Uther

    By Gunsnbutter on Nov 10, 2008 | Reply
  2. Its funny how my todo list complete shrunk the closer we get to wrath. Right now its:

    – Help folks through instances
    – Run Strat over and over in the vague hopes the barons mount will drop
    – Con people into getting me past the summoning room in UBRS fo I can farm for the Lightforge BP and complete that set again

    All my poor alts suddenly completely lost my interest and the only toon that I can even be bothered logging right now is Mac.

    Did you manage to get the LF pants? If not, I’ll be back there later tonight after work and a few beers if you wanna come along.

    By Mac on Nov 10, 2008 | Reply
  3. Darrowshire worked for me shortly before 3.0 hit, I don’t know if it still works.

    Egladors last blog post..Plenty of titles

  4. I keep about 150g on Belph. Bran, on the other hand…

    By Belph on Nov 11, 2008 | Reply
  5. @Belph:

    Yeah – Bran is the richest little gnome in all Ironforge. Well, except maybe for Talvash del Kissel…

    By Anna on Nov 11, 2008 | Reply
  6. I try to leave no more than 1k on individual toons, with the banker holding the rest. Keeps me able to train/repair/buy reagents and cooking materials, but not able to give in to any impulse shopping…this will be most important once we get to Dalaran, which is full of expensive toys…

  7. Gold-wise, I’m sitting on about 10k between all my characters. I tend to leave the gold with the character who earned it, though my warlock is my dailies character so she is *this* close to 5k, my goal. Niyahti’s sitting at 3k and I’ve got about 1k on my bank and priest. I tend to horde my money though, so I’m hoping I won’t be too tempted in Wrath. I’ll likely be dumping large amounts of gold on herbs to level both alchemy and inscription since my herbalist will be my 3rd character to level in Outland. =/

    By Niyahti on Nov 11, 2008 | Reply
  8. I’m not bothering to stock up on gold. At all. I’d rather spend what little I’ve accumulated buying tBC blacksmithing recipes before people stop running the content any more and the world drop recipes become extremely rare. I figure that I’ll be able to earn whatever gold I may need through leveling or just playing at level 80.

    And you’re not the only one without a real Horde character. All my Horde alts seem to get abandoned somewhere around level 25 or so. The fact that I have any alt above level 40, and any Feathermoon alt above level 30, is still quite astounding to me.

  9. I think I have TdK beaten. I was aiming for 100k before Wrath but fell woefully short =(

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