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It didn’t take long to get from Thunder Bluff to the Echo Isles – Ankona took advantage of a wyvern so she could think and plan before getting to her destination. She had information to confirm with the spirits – was Gromnor dead? Was he really in the northern part of the Eastern Kingdoms, somewhere […]

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Sunburned Monday
comment 3 Written by on April 27, 2009 – 9:30 am
  • Mr Anna and I spent yesterday at the beach!  It was lovely, though quite windy, and I’m a little windburned.  He got a little more than that, so he’s working from home today.  The temptation to log in and quest/instance will be very high!
  • TRI took down Kologarn, Auriaya, and the Iron Council this week, along with the usual first four bosses, putting us at 7/14 Ulduar.
  • I finally got to bring Annorah to a Naxx25 raid, in the hopes of getting some tasty loot and then swapping over to Aely for Kel’Thuzad since he is a bastard and I still am using the badge shield to heal in Ulduar (/sadface).  KT still didn’t drop anything anyone wanted, but I had a BLAST healing with Annorah, and feel kinda like I have my shaman groove back.  I really enjoy large raid healing with the Shaman – not so much 5 mans.  But it was a ton of fun and I hope I get to go and do it again.
  • I want to get Aely the “Crusader” title.  Exalted with 5 alliance factions isn’t hard – all of them are at least halfway through revered already.  Exalted with Argent Crusade also isn’t that hard, though I’m baaaarely at revered there.  The championing, however, is going to be a little annoying (mostly because I find the Valiant dailies to be a real pain in the rear).
  • Then I get to choose – will she be Aelflaed the Argent Champion or Crusader Aelflaed.  Or Aelflaed the Explorer.  Gah!  Too many appropriate titles!
  • One thing she won’t be, is Aelflaed the Noble.  I want a bunny pet.  I’d like to be able to turn into a bunny.  But Aely is a country bumpkin, the daughter of a dirt poor miner in the mountains west of Stratholme.  She might have some noble qualities, but Nobility she ain’t!
  • On the advice of a friend, Annie Mae is now specced protection.  I’ve not had a chance to really play with the new spec yet, but I’m looking forward to it, once I no longer have all my game time sucked up by Argent Crusade/Argent Tourney stuff!  (and looking for bunnies)
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3 Responses to “Sunburned Monday”

  1. My shaman has the worst luck with shield drops. In Karazhan I was sporting the Crystal Pulse Shield forever. This shield is my own personal enemy. When I finally got the shield from chess event I’d swap it out for the ZA shield some weeks later.

    Now I’m still stuck with that ugly badge loot shield. On my warrior, I have seen the Kel’Thuzad Shield drop 5 times (I counted!) during our alt runs.

    drugs last blog post..Enthusiasm, I have it.

  2. Go go prot gnome!

    Lewiss last blog post..So you want to be a prot warrior: Levels 41-50

  3. I feel your pain. As drug has already commented, that f’n shield is never going to drop for me. I can’t even get the one that drops off Maxenna in 10 man Naxx to drop for me.

    Hopefully your luck is better then mine!

    Good read

    thedoctors last blog post..Resto Shaman – One Stop Guide to Mastering the Power of Nature

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