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It didn’t take long to get from Thunder Bluff to the Echo Isles – Ankona took advantage of a wyvern so she could think and plan before getting to her destination. She had information to confirm with the spirits – was Gromnor dead? Was he really in the northern part of the Eastern Kingdoms, somewhere […]

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Meta Post: Blogging Resolutions
comment 4 Written by on January 3, 2009 – 5:43 am

Too Many Annas has become a very large (and enjoyable) project for me over the last 11 or so months – and since it’s that time of year, I figured it might be good to get some of the meta business of blogging out in the open – at least when it comes to making goals.  I didn’t start blogging until the end of January of last year, so I didn’t have any resolutions – but I did have some goals I hoped to meet by the end of 2008.

Unfortunately I botched most of them.  Or at least, I botched some, and circumstances totally beyond my control botched others.

Goal Analysis for 2008

  • 500 Feedburner Subscribers (currently at about 450 – close, but no cigar)
  • 1 post every weekday, and one post per weekend (again close, but thanks to Hurricane Ike, family funerals, personal medical emergencies, and other associated shitfan stuff, I didn’t quite make it.)
  • Participate in NaBloPoMo – utter failure, again thanks to stuff outside my control.  Perhaps I’ll do this in January?
  • Sustain both PVE/raiding and roleplay content weekly (Success!)

My goals for 2009

  • 1000 Feedburner Subscribers
  • Average 5 unique comments per post
  • 1 post every weekday and one post per weekend
  • Participate in NaBloPoMo for at least one month, if not November
  • Have at least one teaching/guide post per week – of any type.
  • Have at least one creative writing post every two weeks.
  • Continue to hilight PVE/Raiding and Roleplay content, both in my own posts and through links to other blogs.

I reserve all rights to update this post for the next week or so, as I solidify these goals.  I’m trying to avoid “write more of X” because that’s not a definable goal.  I know it is very likely that some time this year I’ll be moving out of my current residency and into one that’s both more permanent and less likely to get obliterated in a hurricane – but hopefully I’ll be able to plan in advance for that!

Overall, though, I’m pretty happy with how things have gone around here – I really enjoy blogging, and it’s nice to see little measures of my own success at doing it.  So here’s to 2009, and whatever excitement it may bring.

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4 Responses to “Meta Post: Blogging Resolutions”

  1. As far as goal #2 for 2008, that’s bound to happen. Real life happens. I’ve only been a reader for a couple months but really enjoy reading here and hope ya continue. 🙂

  2. Personally, I would love if I could put up 312 posts a year, but I know theres gonna be days like xmas, boxing day, birthdays, where I’m not gonna want to drag myself onto a computer

  3. @loko45:

    I actually schedule posts in advance, especially for stuff like christmas – I was out of town all Christmas week, but I had posts go up every day that I’d written the week before. WordPress’s post scheduling feature is really nice for that.

    By Anna on Jan 3, 2009 | Reply
  4. If we actually get to do RP night, as we hope to, I’m sure you’ll have tons of creative writing content and RP Fives to ask.

    Good list of goals!

    Bricus last blog post..Anticipation

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