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**A note on dates. Dates are pretty important, but we have no idea how Silvermoon reckons time, so I’ve used the WoWWiki Unofficial Timeline dates for most of it. As such, all years are measured with the beginning of the First War as “Year 0” even though that makes fuckall sense for Blood Elves. You […]

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Back in the Swing of Things
comment 2 Written by on September 29, 2008 – 1:24 pm

So what do you do when you’ve been away from the game for 3 weeks?  How do you decide what to do first?  (Also, when you’ve totally rearranged your desk, so your keyboard is in a different place?)

Me – I checked my mail on all of my characters, and then hopped on an alt to go do something silly and not level 70.  Being that I got internets back on a Saturday evening, farming wasn’t really possible and dailies were really unappetizing.

So Annylais is now 45, and Annie Mae is 26.

Oh – and Angoleth got to go back to Molten Core.  THAT was fun.  Being 7/8 Giantstalkers has always bugged me, and she’s saved all her old MC gear (even that Gladiator’s Crossbow and her Rhok’delar)… so she wore all of it – minus her gloves – for the Shazzrah fight.  No gloves (boooo!), but I had a blast anyway.  It was the perfect way to hang out with people I’d not gotten to talk to in 3 weeks, and get back into the feel of playing and raiding in a totally non-stress environment.

This week will be more Archie and Black Temple, and that’s not exactly a low-stress way to figure out how to play again!

Playing again over the weekend was interesting though – and brought home a lot of what was talked about here in the WoW Blogiverse a few weeks back.  I missed having something silly to do, sure.  But I missed the people a great deal more.  And I missed blogging.  Other than two short breaks, I’ve posted nearly every day since February – taking a 3 week break was tougher than I thought, and I’m *really* glad to be back.

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2 Responses to “Back in the Swing of Things”

  1. I regret deleting my Giantstalker set on my Hunter Ozeb but I still kept Rhok and Lok cause I cant destroy those due to the trouble it took me to get them.

    Ozebs last blog post..Enyx in Orgrimmar

  2. I still have all my molten core stuff too! (I’m sure you remember shoeless Luna- still no boots either hehe.) I even have some of the fire resist set…

    <– is a packrat

    By Lilivati on Oct 4, 2008 | Reply

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