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It didn’t take long to get from Thunder Bluff to the Echo Isles – Ankona took advantage of a wyvern so she could think and plan before getting to her destination. She had information to confirm with the spirits – was Gromnor dead? Was he really in the northern part of the Eastern Kingdoms, somewhere […]

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We’ve Come a Long Way
comment 13 Written by on July 1, 2010 – 7:47 am

My first character wasn’t a hunter, but a hunter was my first main. Yesterday, I got that first main – the character I learned how to play WoW on – to level 80. Going back through, I discovered I’d unintentionally managed to take a few screenshots that show her “growing up”.

There have been times over the last five years that I’ve thought about deleting the character, when I couldn’t get her RP to work or the class mechanics made me nuts (or both). But I didn’t, and I’m glad.

It’s been a long, strange, crazy fun trip, and I’m looking forward to whatever else Azeroth has to offer.

angoleth ferelasLevel… 40 something, in Feralas. Back in the days when a hunter’s pet stayed summoned even when mounted, and when you got your very first ground mount at 40.

An 57
Level 52, Greens of the Something. This is the first screenshot showing Angie’s predisposition for armor that is red. This preference continues.

firepoleLevel 60, and enjoying the first midsummer celebrations. This was either before I started raiding or just as our raids were beginning.

Level 60, post raiding. Note that the gloves don’t match in this screenshot. >.>

Level 70, with a new haircut thanks to the barber shop.

Angoleth 80Level 80 – June 30, 2010

angoleth 80b

It’s kind of strange to think that I’ve been associated with this character for over five years, but looking back, I can’t say I really have much to complain about. I’ve had a blast leveling her to 80 (something I can’t really say was true of all my level 80 characters), and I’m really enjoying running heroics and whatever else shows up.

Am I likely to be a hunter again full time? No, not really. I still like healing, and Aely will still be my main in Cataclysm.

But there’s something sentimental about still slipping into that role that is the first one you ever tried out. Even now, when I look back, the image of her that remains in my head is one that still has elements from the original World of Warcraft. Her mental image, though it does update, always retains a little throwback to the Stormpike Tabard and refrigerator shoulders that made up her Tier 1 gear (Angoleth’s level 70 in that picture; I didn’t get my Tier 1 gloves until a legacy raid late in Burning Crusade. Oops!)

What about you? Do you still play the first character you “stuck with”? If you don’t still play them, have you kept them around (as a banker or crafter), or have they met with the Character Delete option? Are you sentimental about any of your characters in particular?


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13 Responses to “We’ve Come a Long Way”

  1. Over 3 years later and my first character is still (arguably) my main. When I have an active account, that is…

  2. Yes, my original main is still around, though sadly she has been neglected and ignored. I raided full time with her back in the MC / BWL / Naxx 40 days. However, I got so burned out on her (esp due to the stupid Razuvious encounter) she has never really made a come back. I did brute-force level her to 70, but she’s never made it out of Shattrath. I don’t have the heart to delete her and yet dread picking priesting up again. I’m just not sure that SHE really came back from Naxx 40. She’s a different character … lonesome and dejected. Rather unenthusiastic. Can she go shadow? No, that’s not in her heart either.

    I’m still bonded to her and likely will never delete her (as long as Blizzard doesn’t require you log into a character ever again). Who knows, she may rekindle, but her Inner Fire hasn’t worked in a long time. Not an ember or a coal to be found. It’s rather sad.

    By Niyahti on Jul 1, 2010 | Reply
  3. As with Pike, my very first character I ever rolled is still my main. I have been a druid at heart since vanilla. I have quite a few old screenshots tucked away as well.

    Now I begin a new chapter with her, by transferring her to Feathermoon, where I intend to start roleplaying with her. I have a much better grasp of who ‘she’ is, even though I never meant to RP with her. Her backstory came together very easily.

    My second-ever is a dwarf hunter lass. I cannot stand the class. Should have deleted her. I have an inkling of an RP concept for her as well, but not the RL funds for two transfers.

    By Fallah on Jul 1, 2010 | Reply
  4. Corise is the very first character I ever rolled on my own WoW account. (I’d briefly played a human female warrior on my then-boyfriend’s account to try out the game.) I created Corise at a LAN party with my real-life friends. I don’t remember what exactly made me choose gnome rogue, but I do recall messing around with the character creation screen until I got her look just right. Her name came from the random name generator after my first choice, Faye (Cowboy Bebop ripoff FTW!) turned out to be taken. One of my friends (some of you FMers might know him as Aurorawind) looked over at my screen and said, “Oh hell no!” (Amusingly, he now has three gnome characters of his own!)
    Five years and three months later, Corise remains my main. Other characters have occasionally dominated my RP or reached the level cap first or gotten to see more raid content, but I have yet to roll another character who feels as real and alive to me as Corise.

    By Corise on Jul 1, 2010 | Reply
  5. Tif was the first character I rolled when I came back to WoW in the middle of BC.

    You know how that story ends.

    By Tif on Jul 1, 2010 | Reply
  6. My first character and main was Tsani, the Night Elf hunter. After a lot of solo and team adventures and even a leader role in army battles (class lead in the 40 man raids) she found herself teaching a young Draenei that being a hunter means more than just being a good shot. After showing her all she knew and passing on a deep love for cats and dragons, the young Draenei was eventually granted the use of the nickname Tsani, as the Night Elf retired from active duties. (Two server transfers and a lot of luck.)

    Tsani the Draenei is very similar to Tsani the Night Elf in mindset, if a little more exotic and some traits tend to run deeper. Everything in Azeroth still feels new to her, and she’s even more protective of her new home than the Night Elf was. As a Draenei her training was also more military focused. Magic of all kinds fascinate her, with the exception of necromancy and Fel Magic… no Elf could match her loathing of that.

    Tsani the Night Elf is no longer around, but in my mind she’s living in a little hut somewhere in Ashenvale forest with a greying Cougar at her side. Sometimes she travels to Darnassus to teach the young ones of all races who are willing to listen, and occasionally she’ll help out the Sentinels. She’s always very happy when her old pupil comes by for a visit and a night of shared tales by the fire. Often accompanied with a bottle of something weird but very tasty from Outland.

    I’m suffering from a bad case of alt-itis, but have managed to keep it to one server. The only other character that will never have to face a Deletion is the now oldest, my Night Elf Druid Khyrra. She’s so stuck in my mind and heart that she’s not even an option for deletion. In a way Khyrra and Tsani (both versions)are just different ways of looking at the crystal that is the whole of me. Most characters are that way, but people who know me can recognize me or parts of me the best in those two.

    The rest have all had a round of Bank duty, and some are now on the “maybe” list for deletion if the new races and class options end up being too much fun. To be honest, most of them were created to try a class out, for a “change of pace” or as something to do to avoid burnout and only a handful of them really clicked and came alive in my mind.

    By Tsani on Jul 1, 2010 | Reply
  7. Was a dwarf. He lasted a day, ’til he realized he were wrong faction from me friends.

    Was a orc, made it to his sixth season before we realized he were on a different server than me friends.

    Then was me. Is I still the main? Here at Team Ratshag, we does not use such labelings. Leads ta discriminations and hurt feelings. But I’s the guild leader of our tiny guild, and the raid leader of our little raid, so I’s prominent enoughs I’d say.

  8. Your hunter will always be the “real” Anna! (Though, your paladin does help keep Cass from exploding and pretty sure you and Luna managed to get Cass killed a number of times… I guess you can keep her :D).

    By Cassamir on Jul 1, 2010 | Reply
  9. My first toon was my tauren druid. Taurros was my first to 60 and the only raider I had in vanilla. Then he was first to 70, and off-tanked/kitty-deepsed for my guild in Karazhan, until the guild fell apart. He is sadly neglected now- he did manage to be my 4th(?) to 80, but his gear is very meh, simply because he’s on a different server, one that I’ve grown very tired of. He’ll never be deleted, and may become my “first main” again come Cata (provided I can transfer him to FM by then), but for now he roams the Storm Peaks, waiting for me to find the spare time to play him again.

  10. My first character was never really a character. She was one I played on my ex-husband’s account for about.. 4 days. When I got my own account I had this grand plan to create a mule, take everything from that mageling and delete her then re-roll her on my account so I could keep the stuff. So I created my mule, human female by choice, mage by chance and name spewed forth from my brain right before I hit Enter World…

    We were on dialup at the time and passing the gear from the first one (can’t remember her name even) to the mule was so tedious and time consuming I got fed up and just decided to keep the mule.

    That mule was Merlinne. The character that chose herself. She made it to 70, might make 80, but will always have a very important place in my heart.

  11. Kelesaria the huntress was my very first character ever. She was actually rolled twice, because I started her on my sis’s account, then had to remake her when I got my own. She was my first level 60 and 80 (might have been my first 70, but I honestly can’t remember), and the only one of my herd of toons that I have ever seriously raided with. She was also my first character that began having her own personality, even tho her server is PvE, not RP.

    Kel still is, and always will be, the first character I think of when I think about my ‘main’. (And she will always have Sabre, her frostsaber pride watcher, by her side)

  12. Sadly, the very first characters I started playing (which were a human priest, and then later a Tauren Druid) had long since met the character deletion screen. The oldest character I have lying around is, oddly enough, a hunter (and a female dwarf hunter at that) whose still 60. At one time, I did have thoughts on charcater transfering her (as well as give her a make-over), but the cost would be a bit too much for my wallet at the moment.

    It does feel that I have come full-circle, as I’m once again playing a priest as a main after playing my warlock for three years. I’m still indecisive as to who will be spearheading the charge into Cata though, but there’s still pleanty of time to decide still.

  13. Interesting question with a complex answer.

    My very first character, Jayde, was a ‘lock during the very first open beta. Of course, she disappeared when the beta closed, but reincarnated on a PvP where friends of mine were playing. She moved with a Free Transfer to a less populated PvP server, stuck somewhere near L40. Meanwhile I’d started afresh on a PvE server and after some time moved little Jayde there. She’s a ‘chanter and her Alts had little use of what she could do.

    Then at some stage (still in Vanilla) I got a second account, as a friend of mine wanted to have a go at the game. Jayde moved to the other account, gained a couple levels, and did the odd enchant for my other toons. Some time during TBC she gained a couple more levels to DE the stuff her friends brought home, then early in WotLK she ended up at L60 able to DE whatever was needed.
    Her enchanting’s up to 435 or so and I recently decided to get het a few levels more under her belt.

    So, yeah, she still gets around occasionally, but it will likely take a while before she gets to 80.

    By Jayhawk on Jul 8, 2010 | Reply

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