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It didn’t take long to get from Thunder Bluff to the Echo Isles – Ankona took advantage of a wyvern so she could think and plan before getting to her destination. She had information to confirm with the spirits – was Gromnor dead? Was he really in the northern part of the Eastern Kingdoms, somewhere […]

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Belphzooka’s Huntard Cliffnotes – Astromancer Solarian
comment 4 Written by on June 12, 2008 – 6:56 am

In an effort to bring you Drama-Free and EZ-Mode-Lewt ™ on behalf of Totally Raiding, Inc., I bring you one in a series of class-specific addenda for the boss fights you may encounter. This is not a comprehensive fight guide, and should be read in addition to such; this is merely a guide for hunters as to what you should be doing during the fight to maximize your effectiveness in the ruckus that is this boss fight.

By reading this strategy addendum, you accept that the tactics set out herein are by no means foolproof, depends very much on you not being said fool, as well as other exogenous factors including but not limited to blowing up the raid, being in completely the wrong place and not stacking on your healers and the incredibly potent and fertile contents of Rogue Pants.


If you can remember the Baron Geddon fight, this will be a walk in the park, skipping hand-in-hand with your favorite Teletubby (note: actually doing this may damage your credibility and coolness). Hunters will be slavering for the Star-Strider Boots dropped by the old girl.

The pull

We usually have two anchors for this fight – an AOE anchor (eg. pally AOE tank) and a healing anchor. The reasons for this will be clear in just a second. This is a straightforward pull; everyone rushes in on the shoulder of the main tank, at which point you should stop short and stack on the healing anchor. This is because Solarian’s main attack is Arcane Missile spam – since the will deal a fair amount of damage, your healers will thank you for being close.

The fight

The fight is split into two distinct, alternating phases – with a final third phase at the end (which is trivial).

The first phase: The single reason for wipes in this fight is the other attack. The Wrath of the Astromancer is a single-target debuff on a random raid member – the affected player immediately deals continuous AOE damage to everyone nearby for six seconds, then explodes (5400-6600k arcane damage to everyone in a 10-yard radius).

Just like the Baron Geddon fight in Molten Core, if you get Wrathed, you run away. Away from the rest of the raid. Which is why if everyone is stacked on the healing anchor, there’s plenty of room to find a quiet place to go ka-blooey, and not wipe the raid, and not incur that other rather longer-lasting debuff, the Wrath of the Rest of the Raid.

The second phase: Every 50 seconds, Solarian will disappear, and a dozen or so non-elite adds will spawn and run into the middle of the room. Collapse onto your AOE anchor at this point, and try to do what pitiful AOE damage you can – explosive traps, Volley, whatever. Your raid members rather better at AOE will handle this more impressively while you bemoan your lack of utility in this aspect, but you can help by picking off the remaining adds with focused fire.

After 15 seconds, Solarian will re-appear with two elite priest adds. Focus-fire down the two adds, as these will endeavor to heal themselves and Solarian. Your melee DPSers will interrupt the heals, so your job is to finish them off before returning to Solarian herself. And then it’s back to Phase 1.

Phase 3: When Solarian hits 20% health, she will turn into a giant Voidwalker. This is pretty much game over for her at this point, and it’s standard spank n’ tank from hereon in until the end.
Watch your aggro, FD whenever possible throughout the fight, and you’re golden.

The pet corner

Standard spank mode. Fire and forget, Kill Command whenever you can. When the priest adds spawn in Phase 2, send your pet over to burn them down fast. Bestial Wrath and trinkets here do help.

One more thing

Avoid blowing up the raid at all costs. Stay sharp, and run clear of the others.

And that, Laides and Germs, brings us to the end of the strategery here on Too Many Annas – at least for a week or two.

TRI is taking their first cracks at Kael’thas this week and heading back into Hyjal to hopefully take out 4 of the 5 bosses there as well, but until I feel a little more comfortable with just exactly what’s going on there, I’ll postpone attempting to teach someone else how to do it! I hope you’ve enjoyed this series of guides and maybe even learned something.

And – if you have other guides you’d like to read, please Contact Me and let me know what you’d like to see! I’ll do my best to accommodate you!

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4 Responses to “Belphzooka’s Huntard Cliffnotes – Astromancer Solarian”

  1. Thanks for the guide, we’re (my guild that is) looking to take out this boss next week. Took out Void Reaver for the second time last night.

  2. Yay for Belph guides! Good luck with Kael and in MtH guys 🙂

    We’re working on Kael at the moment. I really enjoy the encounter because it is *tough* and complicated and needs everyone to be bringing their A game. We’re getting there – slowly. Would love to discuss huntery technique for the fight any time.

  3. You’re certainly not kidding when you say that Wrath of the Rest of the Raid is a long-lasting debuff. A fresh prot warrior blew up melee a month ago when we last did Solarian, and it got brought up a month later when we went in to kill her again! Lol.

  4. BTW, best of luck to TRI on Kael’thas!

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