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It didn’t take long to get from Thunder Bluff to the Echo Isles – Ankona took advantage of a wyvern so she could think and plan before getting to her destination. She had information to confirm with the spirits – was Gromnor dead? Was he really in the northern part of the Eastern Kingdoms, somewhere […]

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Resto Shaman vs. Karazhan – A Healing Guide Part 3
comment 6 Written by on June 1, 2008 – 5:11 pm

This is one in a series of posts covering resto-shaman-specific information for tier4 and tier5 boss fights. It will NOT be a boss kill strategy, rather a list of tips and tricks for your friendly neighborhood shaman to make these fights run a little more smoothly.

You can see other guides (includes Karazhan, Gruul’s Lair and all of Serpentshrine Cavern) here.

notebook2 by woodsy

Welcome to raiding! You’re on your way to Karazhan, likely the first step into a raiding group of more than 5 people you’ve made since level 60… or at all, depending on when you started playing Warcraft! Karazhan is a large castle full of cool lore and cooler music… and about ten thousand bloodthirsty undead. This will cover the last three fights of Karazhan – that is the Chess Event, Netherspite, and Prince Malchezzar. Click for parts one and two!

Before we get started – Make sure you have your Consumables, and that you know enough about Totem Synergy to buff your group appropriately. Also – remember Earthshield and Heroism/Bloodlust!

Chess Event:


This is, by far, one of the most fun parts of Karazhan for me. There isn’t any real strategy to this other than kill the other guy’s king before your king dies. (Each faction controls the appropriate pieces, so for me, it’s always King Llane). Most pieces move only one step in any direction, with the exception of the two Chargers/Worgs, that move like Chess Knights (two spaces up and one space diagonal, etc.) and the Human Conjurer/Orc Warlock that move like a Chess Queen – in any direction for up to 3 spaces.

Make sure you move enough of the Footmen/Peons to get the cooler pieces out of the way – you can drop them by clicking off the “Controlling Chess Piece” aura in your buffs, and make sure that both healers are being controlled and utilised. And have fun!

Oh – and Medivh cheats, but, as in all the old sayings, cheaters never prosper, and it doesn’t often affect the outcome of the game.



Before you bother with reading any of my notes, the best Netherspite strategy I have *ever* read or encountered can be found here. Illithias used to raid with TRI and his explanations are fantastic and funny. (warning for some adult language)

Now that you know all about how Netherspite works, a few things to keep in mind.

  • It is possible for one tank to take an entire red beam using what is called beam dancing. The “exhaustion” debuff does not apply for 5 seconds after you leave a beam, so the tank can hop in and out (3 seconds in, 3 seconds out, 3 seconds in, 3 seconds out) to keep some of the stacking debuff off of him/her, and take an entire beam.
  • It is NOT POSSIBLE to beam-dance in ANY of the other two beams. DO NOT dance the green beam, just soak it.
  • When you have to run away to the back of the room (if you are not healing the tank/melee who are staying to DPS the banished Netherspite), drop a searing totem. Hooray for DPS! When you get to the back of the room, drop a Mana Spring totem. Hooray for Mana!
  • Make sure you earthshield whoever is tanking, and do not get caught in a Void Zone!
  • If you have to soak a green beam temporarily, make sure to use Mana Tide afterwards, to recoup your healing.


Prince Malchezzar

During all three phases of this fight, Prince summons infernals. For the first two phases, they show up every 45 seconds. In phase three, every 15 seconds. These guys have a stationary hellfire AOE and cannot be killed or damaged. There is technically no limit to how many can be up at one time, but eventually they will make positioning the raid nearly impossible.

Infernal management is key. Bad infernal placement coupled with a raid that does not move well as a unit and has poor communication is a guaranteed wipe. Sometimes even raids that have good communication and movement skills will get pwnt by bad infernal placement.

Phase 1 – 100-60%

  • Periodically Enfeebles a up to 5 characters that are not #1 on the aggro list. (not who are the tank. If you out-aggro the tank without actually pulling aggro (ranged) , the tank CAN GET ENFEEBLE). This causes no damage, but temporarily reduces your hit points to one.
  • Casts a 24 yard AOE Shadow Nova that deals 3K damage and knocks players back. This should be avoided if possible, and absolutely MUST be avoided if Enfeebled. Shadow Nova is the enfeebled melee-killer.
  • Periodically casts Shadow Word: Pain

Phase 2 – 60-30%

  • Continues to Enfeeble and cast Shadow Nova
  • Adds Thrash (two rapid fire melee attacks), Parry (which speeds up the next attack… including thrash), and Sunder Armor to his complement of tank-smashing moves.
  • Phase Two is the Tankbuster – your tank is going to take spikes of damage, and you will have to continue to dodge Infernals while healing through it.

Phase 3 – 30-0%

  • No more Enfeebles! Yay! But continues to Shadow Nova and cast Shadow Word: Pain.
  • Summons his flying axes on random targets as separate (but not attackable) entities. You will have to heal through this damage. Earthshield is useful if you or another caster get axes.
  • Casts a random, undispellable amplify damage.

What you need to keep an eye on: Enfeeble. If you get it, make SURE you’re out of range. Also, watch the Infernals and move proactively – don’t wait until you’re boxed in, or it’ll be too late.

This can be a long fight, so bring the standard complements of mana pots and mp/5 buffs. Totemically, anything that will help your tank is good on this fight, particularly Grace of Air during phase 2. Your Fire Elemental is a nice DPS boost during phase 3, when the raid will be trying to burn Prince down before they all get lit up with Infernals.

Congratulations! You have now beaten all the bosses in Karazhan! With luck, you and your raid will be able to team up with another raid (in your guild or not in your guild) and tackle the 25 man bosses soon! Welcome to Tier4!

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6 Responses to “Resto Shaman vs. Karazhan – A Healing Guide Part 3”

  1. Assuming you haven’t taken Storm’s Reach, and you use click casting to heal (thus can keep the boss targetted), on the Prince fight, an easy range indicator is looking at your Lightning Bolt. Heals etc have a 40yds range but your Lightning Bolt is 30yds. Therefore if you can reach the boss with your Lightning Bolt, you’re going to get hit by Shadow Nova, so move back. Healers should be at the back of the pack anyway to avoid any need to move.

    (Druid’s have it easier, we use the Thorns spell to check range, so we can maintain target on the Tank and look at it.)

    By Brent on Jun 1, 2008 | Reply
  2. Prince is the sux. Of all the fights in Kara this one pisses me off the most. One night you can be up there and never see an infernal anywhere near you the whole fight the other time an infernal drops where you are every freaking time. I am all for luck in the game, but this game of chance just really btohers me. If I wasn’t such a badge whore I would refuse to do tis fight ever again.

    By jagerbombz on Jun 2, 2008 | Reply
  3. @Brent – excellent point. You also may have a designated “range” person – a priest or hunter or druid – that marks how far away 30 yards is to avoid getting shadow nova’d

    @Jager – Prince gets better as your raid learns to move. Yes, you can still get gibbed, but as you get used to working as a group, your tank gets used to moving proactively (rather than reactively), your DPS/Healing group gets used to moving proactively, and you get more DPS (since the faster you kill him, the fewer elementals you have to deal with).

    So yeah – Prince is a *beast* to learn, and sometimes you still get crap luck on the infernals, but the idea behind this fight (much like learning Vael) is that you overcome the luck aspect – at least most of the time.

    Still sucks though.

    By Anna on Jun 2, 2008 | Reply
  4. I don’t recall ever having had any trouble with Prince, but then again… is it considered an exploit to have all healers and ranged DPS stand just inside the door? The infernals can’t land there…

  5. I gotta say my raid used the door strat for a long time. The problem with it is you end up with folks not used to needing spatial or situational awareness and not used to heal and DPS on the run.

    You really need these traits for later encounters and so I think its worth doing it the hard way just for that alone.

  6. I just wanted to say thanks a ton for this guide. My Resto Shaman finally hit 70 after this latest 3.0 patch, so Kara has been significantly nerfed(sadly), but that doesn’t mean we still won’t wipe if I(one of two healers) don’t know what I’m doing!

    By River Tam on Oct 27, 2008 | Reply

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