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An old story, reposted here as I’m shaking the mothballs off Ankona and needed an easy way to show people a little bit about the (batshit) things she gets up to. Enjoy, and don’t be too creeped out! It really was a pretty thing, now that she got a good look at it. The polished […]

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Eagle! Bear! Dragonhawk! Lynx!… Heart?
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Dear Hex Lord Malacrass,

Bite my shiny blue arse.


elenorah Yesterday evening I joined up with a Zul’Aman raid – I went with them Saturday as well, but that was more of a smattering of several groups. As the saying goes: we came, we saw, we conquered. About 3-4 minutes shy of the fourth chest, and I got an Amani Punisher and a Fury. Yay “offspec” gear that needs a few hundred gold’s worth of enchants. It was great fun, and the first time I”d seen Malacrass or Zul’jin (ever). Malacrass nearly had us – we’d have the coordination down, and then someone would get nuked and start a chain reaction. I think probably 5ish wipes before we finally corpsed him. (yay quest-reward badges)

Also the first time they’d downed Zul’jin. Oneshot, at the end of the night. We basically decided to give it a go for kicks and giggles, since we all wanted to see what the fight would be like, but nobody had time for any real attempts. Raid leader called out a 30 second strategy (do this, do this, avoid tornadoes, spread out, get mauled, die), and we all said a prayer and headed in to die.

When we realized he was at 8%, everyone had a little moment of clarity.

And then he died.


It’s quite fun – because all the NPC’s that are hanging around run up to his temple/platform/thing and have a party. With free beer!

We’ll see if I get an invite back, but I really did have a blast. Other than when I wanted to bash my face against the keyboard on Malacrass.

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2 Responses to “Eagle! Bear! Dragonhawk! Lynx!… Heart?”

  1. Gratz on the ZA fun! 😀

  2. Grats on the downs! We also had our troubles with Malacrass before getting him down, lol …

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