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It didn’t take long to get from Thunder Bluff to the Echo Isles – Ankona took advantage of a wyvern so she could think and plan before getting to her destination. She had information to confirm with the spirits – was Gromnor dead? Was he really in the northern part of the Eastern Kingdoms, somewhere […]

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Planning for a Pony
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So one of the challenges presented to Annie Mae is her upbringing in Westfall.  Namely, she’s not a gnome’s gnome, as it were – she finds herself more comfortable around the rural human folk.  And as such, she’s looking to buy a horse as soon as she’s allowed to.  She’s not a fan of mechanostriders – doesn’t trust them, as she’s seen what happens when Harvest Golems go bad.

So what is one to do with a tiny level 1 gnome that doesn’t get the human diplomacy racial, but who wants to hit level 30 and be exalted with Stormwind and be able to buy a pony?


Wowhead to the rescue!  Most of what you see on this list is pretty intuitive (guess what – you get a lot of SW rep for completing quests in Elwynn Forest, Westfall, Duskwood, and Redridge!), but there are a few things that aren’t.

For instance – if you remember Odysseus’ Landing in the Azuremyst Isles, the quests given by Odysseus and Cookie both give large chunks of Stormwind rep – and take about 15 minutes at level 25.  Not only that, but you get to pretend to be a tree!  The continuation of those quests on the ghostly island in the northeast of the Bloodmyst Isles ALSO gives a large chunk of Stormwind reputation, as do quite a few quests in The Wetlands, Ashenvale, and the Stonetalon Mountains.

Stormwind is also one of the easier factions to get a large amount of reputation with early, because of the Defias questlines that take you from Westfall to the Deadmines to the Stockade, and eventually out into Theramore.  The two instances give a HUGE rep buffer that you don’t have with, say, Ironforge reputation.  (Most of the instances that give large amounts of Ironforge reputation are level 30+)

So this, so far, has been my modus operandi with Annie Mae:

  1. Start planning early. Head to the faction of choice’s starting zone as soon as possible, and go from there.
  2. Use WoWhead’s faction page to find quests that are easily accessible but might be in other zones to bolster the reputation you’re gaining from “faction specific” areas.
  3. Use instances to your advantage. Deadmines/Stockade for Stormwind rep; Blackfathom Deeps for Darnassus rep, Gnomeregan for Gnomeregan Exiles rep.
  4. Remember that spillover rep is a good thing, and continues even past when a quest turns grey.   Doing a quest that gives 500 reputation with another faction will bolster the reputation of the faction you’re trying to seek out (though not as much as a dedicated quest).
  5. Don’t be in a hurry. Be focused on getting reputation from quests that are your level, and don’t worry too much about going being super fast.  The mentality for this is definitely different than the “level as fast as possible” mode that a lot of people advocate now.  It’s also easier if you’re not using the Blizzard Refer-a-Friend XP bumper (since leveling too quickly forces you to skip quests).
  6. Use world events to your advantage! The Lunar Festival, the Fire Festival, Children’s Week, Hallow’s End, and the Harvest Festival all have opportunities to pick up reputation for doing holiday quests.

So where does that put Annie Mae right now?

Annie Mae Spursparkle: Level 24 Gnome Warrior.  Stormwind Reputation: revered – 5103/21000

We’ll see how far she gets tonight!

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6 Responses to “Planning for a Pony”

  1. I thought that was you in the Pchat. I just sent you an email about the Other Annas. MOAR RPs!

  2. Basically, right now, other than Annalea and Ansharon, any character in PChat that starts with “Ann” is likely me…

    By Anna on Sep 9, 2008 | Reply
  3. <3 ponies, but I don’t like the armored epic horses. I wish we could still get the “old” epic mounts … they looked much better IMO. My draenei mage is going to get a horse because I do not like the elekks and Niyahti already has the sabre. What I *really* want is a zhevra, but I’m not going to spend RL money for one. Darn. =)

    By Niyahti on Sep 9, 2008 | Reply
  4. Woo hoo!! Go Annimae! Gnome power for the pony. 🙂

    Nauloeras last blog post..IC: Nauloera: An Anchorite’s Tale – Part III

  5. Don’t forget to do your wool/silk/mageweave turn-ins too!

    By Dalbarr on Sep 9, 2008 | Reply
  6. seconded dalbarr’s comment. They can go quite a long way, especially considering how easy it is for a main to farm cloth of any kind.

    Due to my small contribution to her backstory, I feel somewhat invested emotionally into Annie Mae, so I really hope to hear more from her! /cheer!

    krizzlybears last blog post..Just a Thought…

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