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It didn’t take long to get from Thunder Bluff to the Echo Isles – Ankona took advantage of a wyvern so she could think and plan before getting to her destination. She had information to confirm with the spirits – was Gromnor dead? Was he really in the northern part of the Eastern Kingdoms, somewhere […]

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Cat Herding in Naxx25: Spidery Things
comment 4 Written by on February 4, 2009 – 5:17 am

This is the first in a series of posts on how to arrange your healers in Naxxramas 25.

I’d highly suggest reading up on Herding Cats in general, especially if you’re filling in for heal lead and aren’t usually the one with the job.

Otherwise, this is just a quick overview of how and why I arrange our healers the way I have been – which isn’t to say that it’s the end-all, be-all of healing assignments for Naxx! Just how things have worked for us.  Most fight’s I’m going to assume six healers, though some I’ll recommend an off-spec/hybrid healer to help out (or possibly picking up a seventh healer), and you can almost always safely substitute classes.

Yes, Naxx25 has been done with only two healers, but I’d venture to guess that those raids are experienced and not just starting out, and those new ones are the raids that this guide is primarily written for (’cause if you’ve got the place on farm, you don’t need my piddly advice on how to set up your healers!).

This is not, in fact, a raid-wide, boss killing strategy – if you want one of those, I recommend looking at www.wowhead.com, www.wowwiki.com, and www.bosskillers.com!

Spider Wing Boss the First: Anub’Rekhan

  • Main Tank (on Anub): Two healers, usually a paladin and a disc priest or two pallies.
  • Off Tank (on Adds): One healer (pally, disc priest, or druid)
  • Raid Mans (and wommanz): Two to three holy priests, shamans, or trees – sporadic raid healing when Anub impales someone and makes spiky things poke out of the floor.

When Anub does his locust swarm and your tank is dragging him around the room, it’s beneficial to have raid healers help with tank healing, in case of weird range issues (or someone getting silenced). Obviously, not getting hit by the locust swarm is pretty important. Also, make sure that, in general, the healers are spread out, so that everyone doens’t get ground spikes all at the same time.

Spider Wing Boss the Second: Grand Widow Faerlina

  • Main Tank (on Faerlina): Two to Three healers (if not doing the achievement), if you’re doing the achievement to not dispell Farelina’s enrage, an extra healer may be needed on the main tank.
  • Off Tank (on Friends): One healer, preferably a druid that can also help with raid healing
  • MC Priest (MCing things to remove Farelina’s enrage – optional, depending on acheivements): Assign one of the raid healers – a priest is excellent (for bubbling) – to keep an eye on your MCing priest, in case one of the MCs breaks and the add goes looking for tasty priest snax.
  • Raid: Two to threeish healers. Holy Priests, Druids, Shamans – depending on how good your group is at getting out of fires, this can be a stressful job.

Cleansing Poisons is absolutely crucial in this fight, so your healers with the ability to do so will be kept busy, especially since Faerlina also has an AOE Rain of Fire.  DO NOT STAND IN FIRE.  Posion cleansing totems are great for this one, but remember that they only apply to the immediate group and not the entire raid.

Spider Wing Boss the Third: Maexxna

  • Main Tank (on Maexxna): Two healers.  We usually use a paladin and a disc priest.
  • Off Tank (rounding up spiders): One healer, usually a paladin, who will back up tank heal and cleanses when there aren’t millions of tiny annoying spiders running around
  • Raid: Threeish healers, usually holy priests, shamans, druids – designate one healer specifically to keep an eye on people that get Web Wrapped up against the back wall. Most raid healing will come from web sprays and tiny annoying spider adds.

There are three important healing mechanics on this fight – first, at 30% Maexxna will enrage, at which point, she will hit the tank very hard. Periodically, she will also coccoon the entire raid (web spray), incapacitating everyone for 6 seconds. You want to make sure that she does not hit the enrage while everyone is web sprayed, and also that during web sprays the tank has many HoTs and is at full health going in.

The final mechanic you will absolutely need to watch for is a necrotic poison that reduces healing done by 90% for 30 seconds.  Obviously, this is death for your tank if it stays on him or her. Cleanse plz!


Hopefully that’ll help get your raid started into Heroic Naxxramas!  Obviously, these are flexible assignments, and you can adjust them to your own raid compositions as necessary. Bringing an assortment of healing classes and specs is a plus, especially in a place like Naxxramas where you’ll have diseases, poisons, magic effects, and curses flying at different times in the raid. Just don’t cleanse that disease from Grobbulus!

Good luck, have fun, and may the Loot-Fu be with you!

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4 Responses to “Cat Herding in Naxx25: Spidery Things”

  1. Anna, any possibility of seeing some alternative assignment type things? For instance the Anvil normally goes with five healers instead of 6 out of necessity.

    I’m also curious about who you have placing judgement of light on the bosses and how much healing that does. (Dorri is JoL wench and I normally rank as doing 6 to 10% of raid healing over the course of a run)

    Itanya Blades last blog post..Slacker is slacking

  2. @Itanya Blade:

    I’ll see what I can do to edit in some 5 healer vs 6 healer assignments – most of the time though, it’ll mean that one of your raid healers is also a tank healer, or you have a tank healing druid/priest also doing some raid upkeep.

    As for JoL – Daug does that, our ret pally does JoL if Daug is off tanking something else and JoW the rest of the time, and the rest of us do whatever we feel like – which is usually JoW and we just overwrite the ret pally sometimes. We run with four paladins most nights (prot, ret, holy, holy).

    By Anna on Feb 4, 2009 | Reply
  3. We normally have three to four ourselves, pretty much the same combination.

    Itanya Blades last blog post..Slacker is slacking

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