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It didn’t take long to get from Thunder Bluff to the Echo Isles – Ankona took advantage of a wyvern so she could think and plan before getting to her destination. She had information to confirm with the spirits – was Gromnor dead? Was he really in the northern part of the Eastern Kingdoms, somewhere […]

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Seven Sources of Hunter Pet Name Inspiration
comment 30 Written by on October 22, 2008 – 9:10 am

One of the most fun things about playing a hunter is choosing and taming your pets.  Unlike warlocks (whose pets come with names), mages and shamans (whose pets are temporary summons), we actually get to name our pets ourselves.

angoleth ferelas *

Sometimes, however, that’s not a bonus.

I once ran around for 2 months with “Scorpid” before I found a name for him.  But, in the last 4-odd years of being a Hunter in warcraft, I’ve found that each hunter has their own methods for naming pets – now made easier by the internet!  (also now made easier by Inscription, which can make a scroll that allows Hunters to rename their pets)

  1. Real life inspirations – name your pet after someone you know and like/hate in the real world:
    • Belphzooka has a ravager named Kevin.  Apparently his brother’s name is Kevin.
    • BigBearButt has a Devilsaur named AnnCoulter.
    • Russ, the big brown bear, is named after one of my little cousins’ favorite stuffed bears, whose name is also Russ.  (The stuffed Russ is considerably less “tank” looking than the in-game Russ)
    • Siana’s teal kitty, Mirya, is named for the main character of a good friend of hers.
  2. Silly/amusing names or names inspired by the pet itself:
    • Sometimes this works well – but sometimes not so well.  After seeing my 12th corehound named Stompy (especially now that they don’t stomp anymore), this can backfire.
    • Breana is famous for The Pookie (be careful, or he’ll chew your face off)
    • Angoleth had a ravager for awhile – he was called Tim… the ravager.
    • BRK’s big red kitty is named Hobbes – whether for the Philosopher or for the comic strip, we’re not sure, but either works!
  3. Just make one up!
    • Take a look at your pet, and just come up with something.  Obviously you may not strike on the perfect name right off the bat, but you never know!
    • Lunauviel, a good hunter friend of mine, has her pets named Crisolin (crab) and Zaethiir (nether ray) – she’s looking for a Corehound name now.
    • I’m pretty sure Dalbarr’s windserpent Myrgaith has a made up, but very awesome, name too.
  4. Use your character’s native language: get a friend of a different race, turn your character’s language to your race’s native tongue, and start spitting out words.
    • Head on over to the wowwiki.com page for your race and look at the available words for ideas too.
    • Angoleth’s windserpent, Ishura, is named for the Darnassian word for “Sparky”
  5. Go digging through the baby books until you find a name that means something like what you want your pet name to mean.
    • Google is a great resource for this kind of thing too
    • If you absolutely MUST have a name that you’re SURE is accurate – avoid online baby name books, otherwise they’re a great source of unusual names from around the world
    • Remember that historical names are fair game!
  6. Use the Pet-o-licious Namerator (or another online name/character name generator)
  7. Ask Mania to name it for you – her crew of naming experts are quite good at coming up with both serious and silly names for pets.

Just remember that things don’t have to be all that complicated.  Sometimes you’ll tame a pet and have no idea what to name it.  And sometimes you’ll tame a pet, and know his name is Spot, and name him that, and be perfectly happy with it!  Both methods (the research method and the “whatever pops into your head” method) are great ways to name your pet.

How do you come up with your pet names?

*yes – this is Angoleth back with her Stranglethorn panther, at level 40ish, back from the days when your hunter pet would run along side your ground mount.  I know it was easily exploitable, but I miss having my pet charging along next to me.  🙁

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30 Responses to “Seven Sources of Hunter Pet Name Inspiration”

  1. My pet names are based on creatures in the Star Wars universe that have similar appearance or could be of the same type. And you’re right. The first name that comes to you might not sound too fun at first, but it will soon grow on you after it keeps following you everywhere. 😛

  2. I love your posts. <3

    My hunter has the white and black lions. To name them, I grouped with someone who wasn’t a draenei and changed my language, then had them repeat what they saw to me. And that’s how I got Ghost and Darkness (Refir and Kirasath). It’s an obscure movie reference made even more obscure by the fact that nobody speaks Drae, but it makes me happy. I also saw a lion named Tsavo, which made me equally happy.

    With the patch, I have more pets (horray for stable slots) but my favorite has to be Percival the devilsaur. I almost went with Reginald, but Percival is just more fun to say.

    Egos last blog post..Biding Time

  3. My red lynx is called Cinder, as he was rescued from the Dead Scar area of Eversong and because whatever the interweb claims I’m sure cinders are red 🙂

    thorns last blog post..That’s one big Mother…

  4. Don’t forget the pet naming convention based off the hunter’s name as well.

    WowInsider has a neat example of this, a screenshot of a hunter named Activision, and his pet Blizzard.

    Or my own current Hunter, Kotaku, and his pet Joystiq.

    krizzlybears last blog post..AoE Grinding in the New WoW: Leveling Talents 1-18

  5. I tend to name my pets something that has a sort of… background wit to it that not everyone will get. At least, I like to think the wit is there (we can only hope).

    Pikes last blog post..Can I Has DPS?

  6. @Pike:

    I tried to find a good place to stick Locke – I guess he fits under Historical names 😀

    By Anna on Oct 22, 2008 | Reply
  7. My hunter ran arround with a Westfall Carrion Bird for a while, and after listening to the “screech screech screech” noise they made in combat, he realized that the bird would be named “Ruckus”.

    It fit well.

    (Alas, “screech” doesn’t fire as often post-patch 3.0, so Ruckus doesn’t make quite as much of a ruckus as he used to.)

    By Jacob on Oct 22, 2008 | Reply
  8. My character names (other than surnames) are all universally Hungarian while I draw on Latin for the pets. That way, I get to draw on my Hungarian heritage and my love of names that are difficult to pronounce by melding it with my ill fated childhood interest in dead languages.

  9. My baby hunter Ithrene has KaeAskavi (big, white, farty bear) and Kaelas (crotch-sniffing ghost cat) and I freely admit that I blatantly stole those names from Kindred in the Black Jewels Trilogy. 😀

    Of course all of my characters have also named their vanity pets and mounts, and sources for those names are extremely varied.

    Nauloeras last blog post..Role Play 101: Emote Crafting

  10. I started a naming convention for my ets by accident when I named my first Windserpant Tesla, and all my pets (and mounts) after him have been named after scientists/philosophers of one type or another: Heisenburg, Fauste, Planck, Hawking and Keplar

    By Rigel on Oct 22, 2008 | Reply
  11. My 42 Hunter is Desdemonia, and I tried to name her Tiger Othello but it was already used So I settled for Iago – thought it was kind of fitting while keeping it withing a shakespearian theme.

    Zahrahs last blog post..Divide and Gear up..

  12. Thanks for sharing these ideas. =)

    I definitely take time to think up a name for my pets (and with a bunch of hunters that gets quite difficult sometimes…). I try not to tame a pet until I know what it’s name is supposed to be.

    For me the names should suit the character and the draenei “Indian” background resulted in a black armoured boar named Akshay (immortal, indestructible), a dragonhawk named Syenah (eagle), a red lynx named Sholay (ember) and recently a corehound name Sarameyas (the name of Yama’s four eyed dogs).

    Sometimes references are more obscure as my NE hunter shows, having a pet raven named Quoth, and owl named (Uruburu, from a Dutch kids show).
    Other times they describe the animal, like her blue windserpent Lazuli, or my Tauren’s owl Whispering.

    I must say I haven’t tried the “translate into race X language game yet…

    By Jayhawk on Oct 23, 2008 | Reply
  13. I showed Cris his name in a blog post, and he was quite excited! On the downside, he now requires twice as many biscuits as before, due to his inflated ego.

    The ideas were really good. They gave me some starting points for that pesky hypothetical corehound. *crosses fingers that she can kidnap helpers tonight*

    By Lilivati on Oct 23, 2008 | Reply
  14. My hunter’s name is Stewpid and my pet is either named Imwithstupid or Literacola. They seem nice. People always comment on them. 🙂

    By Rico on Oct 23, 2008 | Reply
  15. My naming ranges from using obscure navajo words (mosi = cat, shimosi = my cat, tsah = needle) to even more obscure references toadkiller = toadkiller dog in the Glen Cook Black Company series.

    it depends on my mood when I tame a pet, I suppose. I try to avoid the silly, or being TOO silly. I like to have the name relate to purpose or a memory jog (tsah is the name of my ravager).

    naming is interesting, certainly.

    By shibumi on Oct 23, 2008 | Reply
  16. Ravager named Ieatbabies

  17. I have a bear named TankUVryMuch, a wind sperent named NeedzLegz and a cat named URWelcome (it went well with the bear’s name) – my hunter has been basically retired from duty – haven’t even logged on to her since the patch – I was survival build for 25’s but don’t know what I’m going to do with her now – I find my resto shaman more satisfying to play.

    By Elennia on Oct 24, 2008 | Reply
  18. Myrgaith is actually named after a hunter in my guild. She’s had a windserpent named Sathagoreth forever, so when Dal decided to tame one for himself she came to mind.

    By Dalbarr on Oct 27, 2008 | Reply
  19. Beltar has two pets. He still has his same black Dun Morogh crag boar that he tamed at level 10, and named Squealer, because every time it ran off to attack something, it squealed. Easy enough. He also has a windroc named Browncoat; yeah, I know, Firefly reference, but also, it’s brown! (Browncoat was also the name Beltar used for his level 40 ram, which was brown. His level 60 ram is named Mountain–gray on the bottom, white on top.)

    My blood elf hunter Illithanis originally had a dragonhawk, but then I realized that dragonhawks made poor pets. I tamed a venomous cloud serpent in Thousand Needles and named it Jadewing, because it was green (and her last name is Jadehawk anyway). Later I replaced Jadewing with a Feralas vale screecher named Bloodwing, because it’s red. I freely admit to switching windserpents only because, at that point, almost every bit of armor Illy had was red Brigade Armor of the Whatever. And apparently, blood elves really like red. They paint everything red, don’t they?

    Lewiss last blog post..A look into our world

  20. @Lewis: It’s not just blood elves. Angoleth LOVES red. If there is a choice between a sidegrade and her current red armor, she’ll wear the red armor. If you make her take an upgrade, she’ll wear the red armor around town. Her windserpent is red, and all her other pets (until Russ) have been red, white, or black. Russ, however, is brown. Maybe that’s why she likes him so much – he’s different.

    By Anna on Oct 28, 2008 | Reply
  21. Update: The corehound has been obtained, and her name is Pericula. Fire mages should be wary about her, because if she sees fire in your hands, she will want to play too, and a tide of lava is most difficult to sidestep!

    By Lilivati on Oct 29, 2008 | Reply
  22. krizzlybear mentioned basing the pet name on the Hunter’s name. One hunter on my server got very creative (and funny) with this. He called his char “Fish” and his pet “Chips”.
    Not RP names but amusing IMHO 🙂

    I named my pet “Notallthere” since he’s a ghost saber (from Darkshore). But it’s a lousy name, I’m really bad at naming things 🙁

    Solidstates last blog post..Preparing for Wrath

  23. @Solidstate:

    Fortunately, all you need to do to fix that is find a friendly neighborhood Scribe. Inscription has a scroll called “Certificate of Ownership” that allows hunters to change the name of their pet (one week cooldown)

    By Anna on Oct 30, 2008 | Reply
  24. heya! I read this and just had to throw in my 2 coppers.

    My twink on feathermoon, Fäe, has a boar for a pet(big suprise). One day in the gulch, me and my unnamed boar were running around killing things when someone in vent started complaining about boars named boar So, in order to a funny jerk abotu it, I named my boar Bore. I know, terribly original and all, but it made me and the folks in vent laugh ^_^.

    By Chrysillus on Nov 11, 2008 | Reply
  25. ive seen alot of ninja turtles then i caught a turtle and called it dnoatello

    By Hans on Dec 29, 2008 | Reply
  26. one of my friends cald himself spaghetti and his pet meatbals

    By hoksomax on Aug 21, 2009 | Reply
  27. I won’t get into all my hunters, because I have a lot, but my 2 favorites have some interesting pets. Kelesaria is on the normal server Gilneas (randomized name btw), and her best friend in the world is a frostsaber pride watcher called Sabre, named after something as beautiful but potentially deadly as he is. The old fasioned spelling was to make it more unique. She also has the ghost hydra Spirit, Verdan,a jade owl from the green dragonshrine , an ironhide devilsaur Tyran, mostly because I love their blue eyes, and the other love of her life which I camped for about 6 months off and on to find, Loque’nahak, renamed Loq.
    I have a theme for my hunter on Feathermoon. I /love/ Mercedes Lackey’s fantasy series on Valdemar, so Tad and all his pets are named after gryphons in her books. Tadrith the hunter, with his wolf Keenath, bear Treyvan, dragonhawk Aubri, and newly tamed Shy-Rotam, now known as Skandranon, or just Skan. Tad is getting a spirit beast too, preferably Loque, which will be named Kelvren.
    Stopping with that to avoid a Massive Wall o’ Text, but I do have, at last count, I think 3 other hunters, each with at least 3 pets.
    And yes, I am just a little bit obsessed with hunters… >.>

    By Kelesaria on Oct 12, 2009 | Reply
  28. My pets used to have more serious names when I roleplayed but now their names are more of a joke.

    I figured wolves would be big in Wrath (and boy was I right) and I wanted to name my wolf after my brother’s dog Loki, but went for his WoW counterpart Loken instead. Questhelper had the best glitch with him for months- it kept telling me to kill my own pet and take his tongue for one of the HoL quests.

    Quick-tame tanking pets have been Uncle the gorilla and Iliké the turtle.

    By eddy on Feb 17, 2010 | Reply
  29. My hunter is named Urist, for all the many Urists (the dwarf equivalent of John or Bob) of Dwarf Fortress. DF is a cross between a city simulator, a roguelike ASCII-graphic dungeon game, and hell on earth. In DF, cats are dangerous. They breed like crazy, slowing the game, and due to convoluted reasons a cat overpopulation can spell death for a whole fortress. Naturally, Urist has a pet cat, the ghostsaber (Named Kheled – tolkein’s dwarfish for Glass), and a second noncombat pet cat.

    I’ll probably have to get a non-cat when I hit 60 and learn beast mastery, but exactly what, and which obscure and nerdy thing I use for the name is undecided. A corehound named Boatmurdered would be fitting (Another DF thing), but hard to obtain at 60.

    By Urist on Mar 11, 2010 | Reply

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