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It didn’t take long to get from Thunder Bluff to the Echo Isles – Ankona took advantage of a wyvern so she could think and plan before getting to her destination. She had information to confirm with the spirits – was Gromnor dead? Was he really in the northern part of the Eastern Kingdoms, somewhere […]

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Belphzooka’s Huntard Cliffnotes – Morogrim Tidewalker
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Belphy’s Hunter Notes

In an effort to bring you Drama-Free and EZ-Mode-Lewt ™ on behalf of Totally Raiding, Inc., I bring you one in a series of class-specific addenda for the boss fights you may encounter. Previous entries include Karathress, The Lurker Below and Leotheras.

By reading this strategy addendum, you accept that the tactics set out herein are by no means foolproof, depends very much on you not being said fool, as well as other exogenous factors including but not limited to murloc placement, watery graves, choking on quesadillas or your mom.


The pre-pull

Once the murlocs are cleared, a hunter will have to go in there prior to the fight to pull and feign. The reason for this is to despawn the patrol in the corridor at the other end of the room – ostensibly the end at which we will be doing most of the business. Of course, the raid could decide to kill the patrol, but why risk spastic chaos if a hunter is present to do the honors?

The pull

misdirect Nothing special here. Just a nice vanilla max-aggro 3 shot combo (aimed, steady, arcane/multi) MD onto the MT to stack up aggro so everyone can open big.

The fight

Positioning: stay at max range, within sight of the healer camp, of course. I personally stay on the ramp between Tidewalker and where the murlocs will end up gathering for AOE. That said, your main target is Tidewalker. Stay on the big fella, and help out to drag stray murlocs back only if they stick to the melee group. Your DPS is required in what is a hella long fight. If you get graved, bandage and run back – the healers will be busy enough with other things, so you’re going to need to be quite self-sufficient in this fight.

Aggro issues

Tidewalker has an aggro debuff – by slowing the MT’s attack speed by 400%. So it’s important to keep the aggro stacked up as much as possible. Work out a MD rotation among the hunters and stick it to the big guy whenever cooled down.

feedpetThe pet corner

Standard spank mode. Pet wails on Tidewalker. Bestial Wrath (if BM) spam.

One more thing

At 25%, the group normally collapses into the tunnel to avoid the globes. Throw down a few snake traps in the closing stages of the fight when it gets all murloc crazy. And blow all your cooldowns and trinkets to finish up what will have been a 9-10min throwdown.

**Belph’s posts are featured here every Thursday after Anna’s Resto Shaman vs. Boss posts, in an attempt to be both consistent and informative. Belphzooka (aka Belphegor) is the fearless hunter lead of Totally Raids, Incorporated, and together with Harvey the scorpid and Fang the bear, keeps us all on our toes and the bosses misdirected to the tanks.

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One Response to “Belphzooka’s Huntard Cliffnotes – Morogrim Tidewalker”

  1. Yay for more Cliff notes! 😀

    Interesting read. We do it slightly differently in my raid – in that we enter from the other side where that group of gargling murlocs roam and let a rogue go in and do the despawning task while the lovely hunter ladies of our raid stand around discussing the merits of Blackened Trout over Clefthoof Ribs as pet food. We then sneak around the outside of the room to the tunnel just before old farty pants.

    I was chatting with our MT the other night and he mentioned that he had discovered the awesomeness of Scorpid Sting and really appreciated it’s use when fighting Alar, Tidewalker and one other boss who I forget because of how hard they hit. Since I’m the only hunter who uses it at all in our raid (AFAIK) and it doesn’t actually do anything for my dmg I felt all warm and fuzzy to know that some utility I was bringing to the fight was appreciated. Of course it takes a bit of heat off of the healers which I like to translate to me getting a nice fat heal when sent to a watery grave 🙂

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