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It didn’t take long to get from Thunder Bluff to the Echo Isles – Ankona took advantage of a wyvern so she could think and plan before getting to her destination. She had information to confirm with the spirits – was Gromnor dead? Was he really in the northern part of the Eastern Kingdoms, somewhere […]

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Belphzooka’s Huntard Cliffnotes – Lady Vashj
comment 3 Written by on May 15, 2008 – 8:04 am

This week’s Huntard Cliffnotes have been picked up by the stout and industrious Dalbarr, also of Totally Raids, Inc, since Belphzooka lives in one of those crazy timezone warp things that means he doesn’t always get to kill Vashj with us. Dalbarr and Myrgaith, his lovely windserpent, provide MQoSRDPS as well as nice survival hunter buffs for the DPS in the raid.


In an effort to bring you Drama-Free and EZ-Mode-Lewt ™ on behalf of Totally Raiding, Inc., I bring you one in a series of class-specific addenda for the boss fights you may encounter. You can find other guides here.

By reading this strategy addendum, you accept that the tactics set out herein are by no means foolproof, depends very much on you not being said fool, as well as other exogenous factors including but not limited to forked lightning damage, being in LoS of your healer and whether Kael and Vashj sit around braiding each others hair (or snakes) between raids.

Vashj is a pretty long and complicated fight. There’ll be a lot going on, but if you know your job and focus on getting it done it’s not so bad. Be aware of your surroundings and ready to react if help is needed somewhere.


The pull

Pretty basic stuff, all the hunters can Misdirect the tank to give them a nice boost on threat.

Phase 1

Phase 1 is fairly simple from a hunter perspective. After you’ve Misdirected the tank move near the area you’ve been assigned to for Phase 2. DPS Vashj down to 70% to get her into Phase 2.

Remember that this is not a DPS race, so go easy and feign often. Keep in mind that during Phase 1 she’ll cast a Static Charge on a random raid member. If that person is you get away from other people to keep from shocking them. Get near (but not too near) the healer designated to heal Charged people.

Phase 2

When Vashj hits 70% health she’ll put a shield around herself that makes her immune to direct damage. She’ll also be casting Forked Lightning. If you’ve been issued a Nature Protection Potion, you might chug it now, to help mitigate some damage, otherwise use healthstones or bandages if the healers seem occupied being dead or healing someone other than you.

This is also the point where shit hits the fan and the fight starts to get crazy. There are two jobs you might be given for Phase 2.

Job Option 1: Elemental Extermination

Throughout Phase 2 Enchanted Elementals will spawn at the bottom of the stairs all around the platform. They’ll start moving towards Vashj and can’t be slowed, rooted or CC’d in any way. If they get to her they’ll increase the damage she causes by 5%. For obvious reasons, we’d rather that didn’t happen. Hunters are well suited to this job because of our long range. You can cover a lot of elemental spawn points without having to move far. It’s best to stay in the middle of your area because:

Every 50 seconds a Tainted Elemental will spawn. It’s stationary and shoots poison at random raid members. It’s also only up for 15 seconds. If it’s in the section you’ve been assigned to it needs to be killed ASAP. The Tainted Core then needs to be looted and passed (like a Heavy Leather Ball) up to someone near a pillar so it can be dunked. The person who has the core is rooted, so try to stay in LoS of the folks in the middle in case you have to toss a core that way.

Job Option 2: Strider Slaughter

Depending on raid makeup you might be assigned to kill Striders. They spawn every 60 seconds and will be kited around the outside of the platform. A number of classes a capable of doing the kiting, the best options are probably an affliction ‘lock, a mage or a hunter. If someone else is doing the kiting it’ll be your job to Misdirect them, kill the strider as quickly as possible (without pulling aggro) and slowing it down with concussive shot or frost traps. Stay more than 8 yards away from the strider at all times to avoid it’s AoE fear. If you’ve been assigned to shooting striders try to stay near a pillar so that people can pass you Cores for dunking.

Belphzooka Sez:

IMHO hunters are the absolute best choice for elemental extermination. The best place is to stay near the lip of the platform, commanding a wide arc of fire. The elementals take about 10 seconds to move up the stairs, and then another 5 seconds to actually reach Vash’j – if they reach her, they will buff her (and that is not a good thing). Ideally, not a single elemental should reach her, but one or two for the entirety of phase 2 should be manageable. Each elemental has approximately 7000hp – probably too much for a BM pet to solo, but for a T5 hunter with a 800-1000dps output, easy enough to handle.

Once the tainted elemental spawns, make a beeline for it and kill it absolutely stone cold dead immediately posthaste right now (I think you get the idea). Run back up to the lip of the platform and prepare to receive the core from a melee DPSer who should have helped you take out the tainted elemental. While you wait for the core, catch up with those elementals that were overlooked.

Phase 3

Once four Cores have been dunked Vashj’s shield drops and she’ll be at 50% health. Your first priority should be to finish any elementals off, then help kill any striders that are still up, then help the melee kill naga. When all the adds are dead it’s time to slay the Snakelady. Phase 3 is similar to the first, except Sporebats will fly in one at a time and start spewing green goo on the raid. Make sure to move out of it (because every fight needs a version of DON’T STAND IN THE FIRE).

If you’re spec’d for improved range (Hawk Eye), you might have success killing off the sporebats as they come in, at least while this is manageable. They always come from the west, and you may need to turn your camera way up to be able to see them. Basically, you’re buying the raid some time on the enrage clock by removing some of the green goo puddles and alleviating pressure on the healers.

If you’re not spec’d for improved range, you’ll probably have trouble hitting the bats before they get too far away. Your best bet is to point your DPS at Vashj since the longer she’s alive, the faster bats spawn. This functions as a soft enrage timer – you’ll all die horribly in a massive pool of green goo if you take too long killing her.

The pet corner

  • Phase 1: Fire and forget on Vashj, Mend Pet if some melee jerk stands around with a Static Charge.
  • Phase 2: Use it to help kill elementals or naga. I’m told if you’re BM your pet can solo an elemental before it gets to Vashj.
  • Phase 3: Back on Vashj, depending on the luck of green stuff and roots it may die. Mend Pet as needed. Training for nature resist might be worth considering.

One more thing

If you’ve lost DPSers going into Phase 3, it may not be worthwhile to bother with killing sporebats, even if you have Hawk Eye. Help bring down Vashj as quickly as possible and don’t stand in green stuff!

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3 Responses to “Belphzooka’s Huntard Cliffnotes – Lady Vashj”

  1. Yay! This one I’ve been waiting for! We’ve been using hunters in the same way in our raid. We are currently in the process of dying repeated horrible deaths to Vashj as we learn the fight and work through the kinks. One question I have is how you handle striders. We pinpointed taking those guys out as our current weakness today (our best attempt is 3/4 cores in phase 2). Do you have several DPS assigned to the striders or is it ‘moar dots’ as it passes you by while getting kited? Do you have a specific kiter assigned to the strider. We currently have our afflic spec lock doing the kiting but are thinking of changing it up so that it is the job of whichever ranged DPS is able to lay some kind of slow down and damage on the strider when it spawns to pick it up first and then our lock can come along and searing pain and etc until he picks it up. Would love to get some insight as to how TRI handles this aspect of the fight 🙂

  2. We have the fight setup like so:

    2 Sides (NE and SW)Each have:
    2 melee DPS, one hunter, one healer. Healer and hunter stand at the top in the middle, the melee split up (one more north, and one more east, for example). Any elementals that get through are called out and the top platform deals with them.

    Top Platform – 3 healers (shaman, druid, priest/pally), 2 tanks

    Killing Striders:
    Warlock – kiting (with help from slow, frostshock, earthbind)
    All other ranged DPS (2 mages, extra warlock, shadowpriest, boomkin)

    Killing Nagas:
    All Melee DPS (2 rogues, cat druid)

    The Melee DPS also take care of any loose elementals that get through. Any loose striders get netted by various tailors, frostshocked by various shamans, or stunned by anyone who has a stun until the kiting warlock can nab them.

    Striders were our weakness as well on that fight, but this setup puts the focus on them. We usually have our spell/ranged DPS DOT up the Naga if they start to get a little frazzled, but it’s much easier to have two Naga up at once than two Striders.

    Hope that helps!

    By Anna on May 17, 2008 | Reply
  3. Re Phase 2

    It’s worth noting that we (at TRI) do have the absolute bare minimum of DPS covering the sides. A high-damage hunter is essential for elemental control; the melee elemental handlers will spend just as much time getting to the elemental as actually hitting it. Your hunter will pretty much be pewpewing nonstop.

    Drop everything when you see the tainted elemental and get some early fire onto it; your melee DPSer will catch up, kill the tainted elemental and loot it. You’ll then be in a perfect position to catch the core and pass it to the dunker.

    At that point, you’ll be slightly overrun by the regular elementals and will have to do your utmost to catch up before they hit Vashj. You can only depend so much on the naga and strider teams to help you take out the regular elementals as you busy yourself with the tainted elemental.

    Elemental tracking is a boon – your tracker will show up before the elementals spawn and you can head over to that spot. Also, it’ll give you an idea of which sectors start getting overrun so you can call out for assistance.

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